early childhood services n.
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Early Childhood Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services

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Early Childhood Services

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  1. Early Childhood Services Final Assignment Due: June 8th Value: 20%

  2. Organization & Guidelines • There are five parts to the assignment • Be sure that each looks professional, neat, as though you paid attention to detail. • Submit together, on power point (email it to me). • Have one title page as your first slide that gives the following information: your name, the date, my name, the course name, “final project”. • Then, have a table of contents as your next slide, that gives the title of each of the 4 sections that are to follow, and the slide number(s) for each.

  3. Part One: Building Professional Skills • A positive attitude, listening, sense of humor, patience, flexibility, good judgment, knowledge, and dedication are all important skills to have when working with young children. • 1. Choose 4 (two that you feel are strengths for you and two that you feel you need to work on) read each of the definitions and the stories that follow (for those four). Answer the questions (in full sentences, with thought behind them). • 2. Which 2 (of the do you feel are areas of strength for you? Explain your choices with examples that explain your choices (be reflective). ½ page – 1 page long • 3. Identify two that you feel you will need to continue to work on, in order to be effective with children. Again, explain your choices with examples (be reflective). ½ - 1 page

  4. Part Two: Make a List • Fine-tune your list of the 100 things that you currently think about childhood and its many themes. Jazz it up with picture and images. • You likely don’t have 100 yet, so for the next two weeks we will list most mornings, so that you have more to choose from.

  5. Part Three: Get Creative • Make one craft – use pipe-cleaners, toilet paper rolls, paper, yarn, a box, tissue paper, socks, strings, acorns, rocks, whatever you like. Hopefully you will be able to use household items, but you may need to take a trip to the Dollar Store. • Make one musical instrument. • Make one keep-sake (or gift for someone else). a) Have a sheet of instructions for each one. b) Indicate which age group this craft is appropriate for and give reasons to support your opinion (fine motor, gross motor, understanding, interests, etc). c) Follow the instructions and submit your result.

  6. Part Four: Quotes • Find ten quotations about children, how they learn and play and grow and what’s so special & unique about childhood. Make choices that you think are really nice and that work with your personal philosophy. • Create a different slide for each one and use images and pictures to jazz them up. If you can use pictures of yourself as a child that would be great! • Be sure to give credit to the author (for each one)