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End of life care PowerPoint Presentation
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End of life care

End of life care

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End of life care

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  1. SUKINOIndia’s first Continuum Care Provider

  2. Welcome to Sukino Healthcare! Sukino Healthcare Solutions is India’s leading provider of long-term health care management for patients with chronic ailments including, post-stroke paralysis (hemiplegia), chronic kidney disease, total knee or hip replacement surgery, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cancer requiring pain management, palliative or end of life care. We act as the bridge between the hospital and the home, delivering out-of-hospital care that enables the patients to either achieve a speedy recovery in the best suited environment or achieve highest quality of life during their end stages. We believe that when it comes to taking care of those in suffering, good intent matters as much as expertise or legacy. Most out-of-hospital healthcare providers in India either deliver home care or have walk-in clinics for consultations. Patients discharged from the hospital have to depend on multiple unrelated providers, depending on whether they need care at home, in a rehabilitation center, or at a hospice. This makes continuity of care impossible and worsens patient outcomes. At Sukino, we take a holistic view of your health needs and tailor-make the solution to suit your specific health status. We assess your condition and advise you on what will work the best for you – care at your home or care in our fully equipped, rehabilitation facility with 24-hour nursing and medical care. We are India’s only continuum healthcare company that provides both managed care at home, as well as residential care at our “continuum care centers” in Bangalore and Kochi.

  3. VISION Our vision is to provide continuum care for patients, irrespective of wherever they are in the journey from the hospital to their home. We aspire to be the best provider of long-term health care, including home care and transitional care across India and currently provide services in Bangalore and Kochi. We work with the best hospitals in Bangalore and Kochi to support their patients with our care plans, services and facilities, designed to achieve the best health outcomes and highest patient satisfaction.

  4. OUR SERVICES • Sukino Healthcare provides continuum care services across the life-cycle of patients, once they are out of the hospital. Our services are focused on patients with chronic ailments, including complications from Kidney Disease, Neurological Impairments, Cardiac Disease, Cancer and Post-Operative Disabilities. These services span across the four main areas- • Managed Home care • Rehabilitative Care • Palliative Care • End of Life Care • Knee Replacement Rehabilitation • Neuro Rehabilitation • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation • Hip Replacement Rehabilitation • Stroke Rehabilitation

  5. Home Care Services Get the desired homely yet highly professional home nursing services in Bangalore in the comfort of your home. Sukino’s home nursing services in Kochi for patients recovering from illness, injuries, post-operative care. Loving and attentive home care services in Bangalore available at affordable prices.

  6. Rehabilitation  Centre  Recovery from an illness or surgery is care-intensive and multi-dimensional. Post discharge from hospital, one needs to have the right mix of care and supervision to ensure speedy recovery. Along with proper medical care, mental and emotional rejuvenation is equallyimportant. Sukino is a pioneer in providing best-in-class rehabilitation care through our chain of residential care centers across Bangalore and Kochi.

  7. Palliative Care Centres Sukino provides Palliative Care services at its palliative care centers in Bangalore and Kochi. At our Continuum Care Centre we support the psychological, physical and social needs of patients suffering from medical conditions that cannot be cured but can only be managed with comfort care. Our services help the family cope with the patient’s illness and provide a level of care that they would find difficult to provide at home, such as specialized care for patients with cancer, chronic kidney disease, tracheostomy or colostomy.

  8. End of Life Care Sukino provides End of Life care both at home or at our Continuum Care Centres in Bangalore and Kochi. In either case, our in-house doctors take overall responsibility for care. Our nurses visit the patient at home and provide required care under the guidance of the doctor. At the care centres, the nursing and care-taking staff work with the supervising doctor to customise the individual’s care plan and the family is kept informed at all times on the patient’s condition. A reliable services

  9. Knee Replacement  Rehabilitation Our knee rehabilitation centers in Bangalore & Kochi are designed and programmed so as to provide patients with all the supportive measures required for the faster recovery which are usually difficult to come by at home. This ensures that patients receive optimal care for knee replacement rehabilitation under expert guidance of doctors and a highly-skilled nursing staff.

  10. Neuro Rehabilitation Centre Neurological disorders are one of the leading ailments among ageing-related chronic disorders. Our neuro rehabilitation centers in Bangalore and Kochi are established with an aim to enable the patients suffering from chronic neurological illnesses preserve their memories by serving them with advanced neuro rehabilitation methodologies with utmost compassionate care. With the advancements in technology, Sukino is revolutionizing the way dementia rehabilitation care works. Sukino’s Alzheimer's care and rehabilitation is nothing but a structured combination of skilled nursing, effective physiotherapy and doctor-supervised treatment regimens. It is important to get paralysis care and rehabilitation after getting diagnosed with Neurological problems.

  11. Our Core Philosophy: • We believe that hospitals treat the disease/ illness and not the individual. We go beyond the disease and try to understand what the patient prefers from a quality of life perspective and try to achieve those goals. • We strive for the preservation of patients’ dignity and self-respect in a loving and caring environment. • We believe each of our centres provide high degree of patient care in a cost-effective manner. • We believe in working with each of our patient families to help them understand the long-term prognosis of their loved one’s ailments and counselling them on the best way forward. • We believe our employees are our most valuable resource. We believe in providing an environment in which our employees can reach their maximum potential. • We believe in recognizing and rewarding our staff for individual contribution so that they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

  12. Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Total Hip replacement is a major surgery and requires extreme care and precaution post-hospitalization. We, at Sukino, offer outcome based rehabilitation care plan at our continuum centers. Our structured rehabilitation programs are designed in partnership with your primary consultants, and executed by an experienced team of nurses and caretakers under the supervision of onsite doctors. The team provides constant monitoring and assists patients in performing daily activities to help shorten the recovery time and get back to normal life.

  13. Stroke Rehabilitation Centres Many researchers have found that patients who participate in post-stroke rehabilitation programs have a better life quality and perform better than those who don’t. There are a lot of things involved in treatment for stroke patients. Sukino’s physio for stroke patients program includes constraint-induced therapy, range-of-motion therapy, mobility training, etc in the aftercare for stroke patients. Awareness is the key. One has to be aware of the following important measures to help prevent any sudden onset of second stroke.

  14. Continuum Care Centers Sukino’s continuum care centers are envisioned as an intermediate care facility between the hospital and the home and provide the right medical and psychosocial environment for such patients to recover and rehabilitate. Each continuum care center is a fully-furnished, 15-30 bedded residential facility with 24-hour skilled nursing and physiotherapy unit that offers both short-term as well as long term care. They are conveniently located in close proximity to many major hospitals. This allows for our patients to easily move in from a hospital environment to a home-like environment for recovery. The proximity to the hospitals also allows us to engage with the hospital in case of any emergencies or follow-up review with specialist consultants.

  15. Physiotherapy  Rehabilitation Centre  We, at Sukino, epitomize the minimally invasive and painless care of the patients as the best route towards healing them holistically. Our physiotherapy rehabilitation centre includes a dedicated team of physiotherapists and physical therapy equipments to aid in achieving successful outcomes and earliest recovery.

  16. The Journey So Far:

  17. © 2018-19 Copyright: CONTACT US Bangalore Sukino Continuum Care Facility#1176, 21st Cross Rd, 14th Main Road, Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102. ✉ ☏ Bangalore : +91-7676 299 000  Operation Hours : Open 24 Hours Kochi  Sukino Continuum Care FacilityKariyappilly Apartments, VMB Rd, Koonamthai Pathadipalam Residence Association Block A, Pathadipalam, Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala 682024. ✉ ☏ Kochi : +91-7676 399 000  Operation Hours : Open 24 Hours