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End Of Life Care PowerPoint Presentation
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End Of Life Care

End Of Life Care

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End Of Life Care

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  1. Sukino Healthcare Sukino Healthcare Solutions is India’s leading provider of long-term health care management for patients with chronic ailments including, post-stroke paralysis (hemiplegia), chronic kidney disease, total knee or hip replacement surgery, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cancer requiring pain management, palliative or end of life care. We act as the bridge between the hospital and the home, delivering out-of-hospital care that enables the patients to either achieve a speedy recovery in the best suited environment or achieve highest quality of life during their end stages. We believe that when it comes to taking care of those in suffering, good intent matters as much as expertise or legacy. Most out-of-hospital healthcare providers in India either deliver home care or have walk-in clinics for consultations. Patients discharged from the hospital have to depend on multiple unrelated providers, depending on whether they need care at home, in a rehabilitation centre, or at a hospice. This makes continuity of care impossible and worsens patient outcomes.

  2. SERVICES Sukino Healthcare provides continuum care services across the life-cycle of patients, once they are out of the hospital. Our services are focused on patients with chronic ailments, including complications from Kidney Disease, Neurological Impairments, Cardiac Disease, Cancer and Post-Operative Disabilities. These services span across the four main areas- Managed Home care • Rehabilitative Care • Palliative Care • End of Life Care •

  3. • Knee Replacement Rehabilitation • Neuro Rehabilitation • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation • Hip Replacement Rehabilitation • Stroke Rehabilitation

  4. Managed Home Care Optimal care at home is crucial for speedy recovery and early return to normal life after discharge from the hospital. Sukino’s team of highly-qualified and experienced nurses and caretakers provide empathetic and appropriate care to your loved ones in the comfort of your home. All our nurses and caretakers undergo extensive background verification checks and go through periodic training modules to help them deliver care in a safe and effective manner. Whether it is general nursing or specialised nursing care, long-term or short-term, ICU at home, palliative care, wound management or intravenous (IV) therapy, our nurses are capable of providing the best care at an affordable cost. Rehabilitative Care Post stroke recovery or post-operative rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital is usually a long and difficult process. Often patients have to commute daily to a rehab centre near their home or undergo expensive rehab programs at a speciality hospital. Sukino’s pioneering in-patient rehabilitation programs at our stand-alone “Continuum Care” centres across Bangalore and Kochi are designed to deliver cost-effective, convenient and doctor-supervised rehabilitation care. Every centre is equipped with a full-fledged physiotherapy unit where patients are taken through graduated physical therapy regimens aimed at early mobilisation, regaining balance and coordination and avoiding long-term complications. All this in a homely and holistic environment.

  5. Palliative Care In critical illness or health conditions where treatment cannot assure cure, it becomes imperative that the patient gets the best quality of life possible. The multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pain management specialists and counsellors at Sukino’s continuum care centres are focused on delivering best-in-class palliative care to enhance and maintain the quality of life of our in-patients. Bed sore preventive protocols, skilled colostomy care, supervised medication adherence, proactive counselling and wireless patient monitoring are some of the modalities employed at our palliative care centres to facilitate empathetic and holistic care. We offer both short term and long-term care for people with cancer, chronic kidney disease, brain stroke, and other neurological ailments. End of Life Care People with terminal illness face various physical and psychological challenges, including the prospect of living with pain, mental anguish, fear and disability, even as they await inevitable death. The goal of end of life care is to ensure that they spend the last few months of life, relatively pain-free and as comfortable as possible. This is seldom possible without appropriate medical intervention and specialised nursing care.

  6. Knee Replacement Rehabilitation At Sukino, we ensure that the continuity of care after a partial or total knee replacement surgery is mediated through your primary orthopaedic doctor to our onsite doctors and physiotherapists. This helps us understand the complication better and also help us come up with an appropriate rehab care plan. Neuro Rehabilitation Neurological disorders are one of the leading ailments among ageing-related chronic disorders. Our neuro rehabilitation centres in Bangalore and Kochi are established with an aim to enable the patients suffering from chronic neurological illnesses preserve their memories by serving them with advanced neuro rehabilitation methodologies with utmost compassionate care. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation We, at Sukino, epitomize the minimally invasive and painless care of the patients as the best route towards healing them holistically. Our physiotherapy rehabilitation centre includes a dedicated team of physiotherapists and physical therapy equipments to aid in achieving successful outcomes and earliest recovery.

  7. Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Total Hip replacement is a major surgery and requires extreme care and precaution post- hospitalization. We, at Sukino, offers outcome based rehabilitation care plan at our continuum centers or at the patient's homes. Our structured rehabilitation programs are designed in partnership with your primary consultants and executed by an experienced team of nursing and caretaker under the supervision of onsite doctors. The team provides constant monitoring and assist patients in performing daily activities to help shorten the recovery time and get back to normal life. Stroke Rehabilitation Post-stroke care is critical for the patients who had recently been attacked. The first three months after the attack is considered to be the golden period for recovery. Survivors who have had one stroke are at high risk of having another one if the treatment programs and plans are not followed systematically, and having this care plan at home is not quite possible. We, at Sukino, manage the journey of the patient bridging the gap between hospital and home in a seamless and painless manner. At Sukino, we have rehabilitated many post-stroke paralysis patients and helped them managed their daily activities and get their life back to normal. The primary goal of our doctors and nurses team in post-stroke rehabilitation care is to retrain the muscles and nerves of the patients that have sustained injury after the event.



  10. CONTACT US Bengaluru 14th Main Road, #1176, 21st Cross Rd, Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102 Bangalore:+91-9902 576 888,+91-7676 299 000 Operation Hours: Open 24 Hours Kochi Kariyappilly Building,Door No. XXX1/191-1-11/543/14,VMB Road,Pathadipalam,Thrikkakara North,Kanayannoor Taluk,Ernakulam-682024 Kochi: +91-7676 399 000 Operation Hours: Open 24 Hours