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How many of you are here to learn about the products? How many of you are here to learn about a financial opportunity?

WELCOME TO Sea lutions  , Inc. How many of you are here to learn about the products? How many of you are here to learn about a financial opportunity? How many of you are here because you have to be? (Smile.)

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How many of you are here to learn about the products? How many of you are here to learn about a financial opportunity?

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  1. WELCOME TO Sealutions, Inc. How many of you are here to learn about the products? How many of you are here to learn about a financial opportunity? How many of you are here because you have to be? (Smile.) Over the next 30 minutes, you are going to find out why Sealutions is the industry’s best kept secret.  
  2. you could never get fired? you could never get laid off? you were in control of how much money you could make today or this week? you could plan your own work schedule? What if…
  3. Breakthrough in mineral nutrition occurred in 1968! Republished from the Ogden Standard Examiner Newspaper Archives Newspaper articles written by Dr. George W. Crane, a syndicated columnist, M.D. and psychologist extolling the benefits of Sea Water
  4. Where Did All the Minerals Go?
  5. As the Soil is Depleted the seas become enriched Water only runs down hill and carries with it vital nutrients. We have an epidemic of mineral deficiencies The nutrition in foods have declined dramatically over the last forty years.
  6. The Earth’s major fluids and the bodies major fluids are very similar in mineral balance. Dr. Forest Nielson with the USDA explained that the more likely one was to find a mineral in sea water, the more likely that the mineral would be safe and essential for human health because life has always been closely associated with the seas.
  7. Replenish the Earth We haven’t done well replenishing the earth. Crucial minerals are depleted each year as they run off the land into our lakes and oceans.
  8. Modern farming practices and food processing further compounds the problem. NPK fertilizer (the most common fertilizer in modern agriculture) only replaces three minerals back into the soil, (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Modern Farming seems to focus on production rather than nutrition. Processing such as peeling, extracting, heat treating and early harvesting further diminishes minerals in foods The FDA has recognized 14 minerals as essential and others are considered by experts as important in human nutrition. Consider that in the early seventies zinc was not recognized by the FDA as essential.
  9. The perfect solution:
  10. How do I judge a mineral product? Balance Form - solubility Concentrated, is it economical? Quality / safety Guarantee
  11. Forms of Minerals Mined minerals, petrified vegetation “plant derived” Organic vs. inorganic Common misconceptions
  12. Colloidal Minerals

    Larger minerals in a suspension Not a true solution Not capable of passing through semi- permeable membrane. Generally from mined sources Sometimes high in aluminum Mineral Chelates A chelated mineral is one that has been chemically bound with a protein or amino acid
  13. Ionic / Electrolyte Minerals The body relies on ionic minerals in order to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. 2. Liquid ionic minerals are in true solution with positive and negative charges. 3. Thus liquid ionic minerals are easily absorbed. 4. Fluid balance - effects of imbalance 5. Acid base balance - effects of imbalance
  14. Concentrated / Economical The light bulb demonstration shows both concentration and solubility of the minerals A Hydrometer measures specific gravity or the density of a liquid mineral
  15. The Test That Blows Away The Competitors(The Truth Exposed) Sea M.D Utah’s Inland Sea The Competitors Almost Have Nothing to Show
  16. Products are Results Driven My mother is 87 years old and suffers from heart failure and is tired easily and could only walk 15 to 20 yards before having to stop and rest but since she has been taking Sea M.D. is energetic and can walk for an hour now.  Roy & Gloria With numerous testimonials - From around the world.
  17. SealutionsC.M.D. Natural balance Ionic and electrolyte in form Concentrated Great source of natural magnesium, lithium and boron Low in sodium Supports digestion, metabolism, brain function, proper elimination, bone and joint health, optimum enzyme function and more.
  18. Sealutions - Flexible Joints Flexible Joints includes Sea M.D.®, which is a good source of magnesium and boron (two minerals that assist with calcium assimilation). This proprietary formula also features:  ·chondroitin sulfate, a substance found naturally in the lining of the joints ·glucosamine sulfate ·MSM, an organic form of sulfur and a compound used by the body to form collagen ·Digestive enzymes ·Supportive vitamins and herbs
  19. Sealutions - Multi-Complete “The best, most complete daily supplement ever!” Contains Sea M.D., balanced minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, Enzymes, herbs and powerful concentrated food factors. So effective that many feel a difference the first day.
  20. Quality / Safety Sealutions Minerals are GRAS(generally recognized as safe) certified Sealutions Minerals are Kosher and Halal Sealutions has an independent GMP (good manufacturing practices) certification from world renowned NSF International Sealutions Products are tested and meet the US Food Codex Standard for heavy metals
  21. Sealutions So, now you have seen our trend setting products, and whether you just want to try them for personal use or share them with your family, doesn’t it make sense that if you are interested in these products then others would be too? There is an incredible market for these products and the timing couldn’t be better.
  22. Products Everyone Needs
  23. Opportunity Where would you like to see yourself? What do you really want out of life? What’s going to get your there?
  24. Answer To This Economy You can participate in the Sealutions Business Plan. You decide whether you want to create a part-time income through retail sales or build a full-time business–YOU control your destiny.
  25. A Way To Help Others With Sealutions the possibilities are unlimited because you are in charge.
  26. Getting Started Become a Consultant and receive a complete business kit starting at $249.00
  27. COMPENSATION Senior Consultant Manager Consultant Regional Consultant National Consultant Executive Consultant Senior Executive Consultant You You You You You You Executive Consultant National Consultant Total of 24 consultants Two (2) sponsored consultants Executive Consultant Senior Consultant Manager Consultant Regional Consultant National Consultant Executive Consultant Senior Consultant Manager Consultant Regional Consultant National Consultant Minimum 2 personal senior consultants Minimum 2 personal manager consultants Minimum 2 personal regional consultants Minimum 3 personal national consultants Minimum 3 personal executive consultants
  28. How Does Financial Plan Works? Sealutions financial plan is based around the number 2, which represents the maximum number of frontline associates that any business center can have. Any additional consultants must then be placed under one of your existing frontline consultants. This creates a very supportive environment for new consultants as the easiest way for associates to achieve success is by assisting their new consultants to build their organizations.
  29. Objective: The main earning objective of the compensation plan is to balance the amount of team volume flowing through either side of your business center.
  30. Goal: The goal is to balance the volume flowing through your organization-- this encourages Consultants to help their weaker team consultants to build their organization (promoting teamwork) to achieve a better volume balance and a more consistent (and higher) commission check.
  31. Volume Driven There are normally no depth restrictions to the financial structure and each level of your organization is paid out on a consistent commission percentage making it easy to understand. One of the main distinctions of our plan is that it is volume driven as opposed to level driven which means you do not have to have a large organization to be successful. This also means there is an incentive to help new associates in your organization no matter how deep they are.
  32. Limited Earning In the fairness of good math because there are no depth restrictions to our Plan, each business center has a limited earning potential, which maxes out at 7th level to ensure that both distributors and the company earn a profit.
  33. You Ask? If each business center has a limit to how much it can earn, how is it possible to earn millions of dollars through a network marketing business using our Plan?
  34. Levels Once you have achieved a certain level with your network marketing business where your organization has maxed out or has limited potential to earn you more money, the company rewards the Consultant with a new business center.
  35. Potential The company is happy because they have an experienced, successful Consultant opening another business center and the Consultant is happy because now they have a higher earning potential. The more business centers the Consultant has the greater the earning potential of the Consultant.
  36. Fast Track Bonus
  37. Volume Commission * When calculating volume based commission, system considers direct parent as next level.
  38. Team Norma Baena Bruce Anderson Susan Anderson Anmol S. ShamailaA. Mubasher F. Alisha S. Rachael Yolly Zoleta I Patel
  39. Founders
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