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Key issues for ICSU PowerPoint Presentation
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Key issues for ICSU

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Key issues for ICSU
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Key issues for ICSU

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  1. Key issues for ICSU Thomas Rosswall Executive Director, ICSU IGFA Annual Meeting, Mexico City 1-3 October 2008

  2. ICSU: Quo Vadis? • ICSU’s Strategic Plan 2006-2011 • 2008 ICSU GA: mid-term review • Post GA - 2011 IGFA Annual Meeting

  3. Action items2008 ICSU GA in Maputo • Reviews of ICSU Environment Programmes • IHDP (published in 2006) • ESSP (published in 2008) • IGBP and WCRP (in parallel; published early 2009) • Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE; published in 2008) IGFA Annual Meeting

  4. Action items2008 ICSU GA in Maputo • International Polar Year (IPY) • Proposed New Programmes • Integrated Research on Disaster Risk • Ecosystem Change and Human Well-being • Health and Well-being in the Changing Urban Environment IGFA Annual Meeting

  5. Action items2008 ICSU GA in Maputo • Reports from Regional Offices • Enhancing the Involvement of Social Sciences in ICSU • Report from Strategic Committee on Information and Data • Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CFRS) • Planning for the next Strategic Plan (2012-2017) IGFA Annual Meeting

  6. ESSP review • Recommendations: - strengthened ESSP- develop a transparent process for a science strategy- fusion scenario over the next 10 years • ESSP’s response: - strategy document- ask ICSU for IB status IGFA Annual Meeting

  7. WCRP and IGBP Reviews • Aim was to determine the value added • Carried out by Review Panels appointed by sponsors and IGFA • IGFA ex officio had members on Panels (H. De Boois and K. Brock Mathiesen) • Draft report will sent to sponsors and IGFA for review on 7 October • To be completed in January 2009 • ICSU will invite to a high-level GEC meeting, once the IGBP and WCRP Reviews are completed IGFA Annual Meeting

  8. WCRP Review • Chair: D. James Baker • Key findings: • WCRP should update and implement its Strategic Framework (“COPES”) • An on-going programme-wide prioritization is needed • A one-year process to explore and initiate a mechanism for GEC-wide priorities should be started IGFA Annual Meeting

  9. IGBP Review • Chair: Sir John Lawton • Key findings: • IGBP should develop and implement a strategic plan at the programme level with focus on key questions • On-going review of programme-wide priorities needed • Need for a high-level GEC meeting to determine the future framework for GEC-wide priorities • Role and need for ESSP requires critical examination IGFA Annual Meeting

  10. Other Reviews • SCOPE - Review proposed several option • - Executive Board has recommended to close down SCOPE as an ICSU Interdisciplinary Body after a suitable transition period (i.e., <2 yr) • DIVERSITAS- Review in 2010-2011 IGFA Annual Meeting

  11. International Polar Year • Hugh success! • Celebration of the end of intensive field phase, Geneva February 2009 • IPY Oslo Science Conference in 2010 • Science-policy and synthesis meeting in Canada in 2012 • Data management continues to be an issue • IPO extension uncertain: Mid 2009-Sept 2010 (Cambridge?) IGFA Annual Meeting

  12. Integrated Research on Disaster Risk • ICSU GA is expected to approve a new 10-year programme • Co-sponsored by ISSC and possibly UNESCO • Search for an IPO • SC to be approved in November • Linked to UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction IGFA Annual Meeting

  13. Ecosystem Change and Human Well-being • ICSU GA is expected to approve a new 10-year programme • To be co-sponsored by UNESCO and UNU • Search for an IPO • SC to be approved in early 2009 • Linked to the proposed Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) IGFA Annual Meeting

  14. MA Follow up • ICSU and DIVERSITAS engaged in follow-up activities of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) and the International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMoSEB) • UNEP has invited to a governmental consultation in Kuala Lumpur 1012 November on IPBES • ICSU and DIVERSITAS are members of the IPBES Advisory Group IGFA Annual Meeting

  15. Health and Well-being in the Changing Urban Environment • Aim: provide integrated policy info on this subject • Scoping Group defined ICSU’s niche • ESSP and Unions involved • Focus: public health and policy relevance • Systems Approach • Working in partnership with IIASA, with links to Unions and ESSP IGFA Annual Meeting

  16. The Challenge • To agree on a strategic approach to the future of the GEC programmes and ESSP • To ensure a functional Global Terrestrial Observing System • To strengthen links to IPCC, IPBES and IRDR • To reach out also to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification • To successfully launch IRDR and ECHW • To plan for the Second ICSU Strategic Plan 2012-2017 IGFA Annual Meeting