the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland n.
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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  1. The UnitedKingdomofGreatBritain and NorthernIreland

  2. GreatBritainissituated in the BritishIslesconsistingoftwolargeislands, GreatBritainand Ireland, and 5,000 smallislands,e.g. the Isleof Man or ChannelIslands, Shetlands, Orkneys GB consistsofthreeparts: England, Wales and Scotland. UK comprisesfourparts E, S, W and NorthernIreland. SouthernIrelandisanindependentrepublic. Geography

  3. Itsneighbours are SouthernIreland and France. The UK issurrouned by the seasand oceanlike the NorthSea, AtlanticOcean, IrishSea– separatesBritainfromIreland, CelticSea and EnglishChannel – separatesBritainfromEurope.

  4. Youcanfly– in Londonthere are 3 mainairportswhereyoucanland – Heathrow, Gatwickand Stansted • Take a coach - there are coach routes to BritainfrommanyEuropeandestinations. Althoughitmaytakemuchlonger, coach is a greatcheapalternative to flying • Takeanunderseatrain- in May 1994, the ChannelTunnelwasopenedbetweenEngland and France. How to get to GreatBritain?

  5. Youcantravel by ferryto manydestinationsallaround the Britishcoast, includingroutes to the ScottishIslands and the ChannelIslands. • Ferrytravel to the UK fromEuropeis a popular, goodvalueway to get to Britainwith a car or caravan. How to get to GreatBritain?

  6. Britainisanisland country and the surroundingseagivesEngland a varied and humidclimate. Itisdescribedasmildwithfewextremes. You never knowwhat the weatherwillbelikefromoneday to the other – itis a verychangable w. Itcanbesunnyoneday and rainy the next. So itisdifficult to predict the weather. In generalthere are warmsummersand coolwinters. Britishsummers are coolerthanthose on the continent, but the winters are milder. July and August are normally the warmestmonthsin England. Around the coasts, Februaryisnormally the coldestmonth, butinlandthereislittle to choosebetweenJanuary and Februaryas the coldestmonth. Climate in Britain

  7. Britishriversaren'tverylong, butdeep. The longestriveristheSevernand the largestriveristheThamesflowingthroughLondon. NorthernIrelandisalsohome to the UK'slargestlake, LoughNeagh, Other major lakesincludeWindermerein the EnglishLakeDistrict(is a mountainousregion in NorthWestEngland) and LochLomondin Scotland AnotherofScotland'slakes, LochNessisfamousforsightingsof 'Nessie', a mythical monster! Britishrivers and lakes

  8. The UK landscapeisveryvaried, rangingfrom the GrampianMountainsofScotland to thelowlandsofEnglandwhich are at or belowsealevel in someplaces. Scotlandand Wales are the mostmountainouspartsof the UK. The highestmountain in the ScottishHighlandsisBen Nevis (1343 m). In Wales the highestmountainisSnowdon(1085 m). The landscape

  9. Manycoastalareasare low-lying, especially in the east and southofEngland. Theseinclude the wetlands – moorsof the SomersetLevels, thatregularlyfloodduringheavyrain. The landscape

  10. The populations in Britainis over 60 millioninhabitants. Britainisdividedintocounties. Englandcomprises 46 counties. Englandis the most denselypopulatedpart of the UK. In Britain, wecanfind the followingethnicgroups: English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh. The majority ofpeoplespeakEnglish. Otherlanguages areWelsh, IrishandScottishGaelic. There are alsolotsofothernationalities– Bangladeshes, Pakistanies, Indians( peoplewhocamefromformerBritishcolonies), Chinese or peoplefromEasternEurope. Britainis a multicultural country. population