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Himedia Focused Cell Culture Products

HiMedia has ventured into intuitive medicine by means of PCR based detection of anti-microbial markers helping clinicians to decide their drug of choice. They are also enhancing the bioinformatics space for sequencing and post sequencing gene mapping analysis. HiMediau2019s insights, ambitions, and accomplishments, in many ways, compliment the stellar community of Indian scientists..https://www.gaiascience.com.sg/branddetails/himedia-laboratories

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Himedia Focused Cell Culture Products

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  1. LIFE FOR CELLS 20+years of experience in handling your cell biology needs EnVzyme Dissociation Reagent from Vegetable Origin Accutase® or Trypsin alternative - animal component free Gentle/ Fast dissociation while maintaining cell viability Highest efficiency and optimal yield with smaller volume Eliminates risk of viruses, BSE, and other adventitious agents Maintains membrane integrity and cell surface epitopes Perfect for surface marker expression analysis in flow cytometry and immunocytochemistry EnVzyme™ E asy Gentle - maximize viability EnVzyme™ Super Speed - 2x faster than Accutase® Mammalian Cell Culture Media Manufactured in GMP, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified facility Defined medium - enhances reproducibility, retains markers and assures purity Superior cell expansion capacity and faster growth STEMin1™ Complete, Serum free (SF), Xeno-free (XF) system for in vitro culture of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) Maintains trilineage differentiation potential through long term passaging STEMin1TM 10% FBS supplemented medium Competitor MSC-SFM smarT™ Complete, Serum free (SF), Xeno-free (XF) system for in vitro culture of primary T cell Perfectly supports activation and higher growth rate of T cells HiSep™ For separation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from blood Multiple density gradient separation media options: 1.073 g/ml, 1.077 g/ml, 1.084 g/ml, 1.119 g/ml Viral Vaccine Media Free from serum and animal component Time saving on potential downstream issues Reduces purification steps with the absence of serum Contact us for more details! Human Viral Vaccine Cellin1™ - Suitable for for production of inactivated COVID-19 vaccines and other viral vaccines with PK-15, MDCK, MDBK, VERO and MRC-5 HEKin1™ - For production of HEK-based recombinant COVID-19 vaccine Food-and-Mouth Vaccine Avian Vaccine PrimaVac™ - Initial isolation and propagation of viruses and the production of avian vaccines in chicken embryo fibroblast medium BHKin1™ - Designed for growth and maintenance of BHK21 cells GMEM media – Enhance the growth of cells for FMDV vaccine production (requires serum) Authorized Distributor: +65 6897 2772 Gaia Science Pte Ltd www.gaiascience.com.sg enquiry@gaiascience.com.sg Block 102 E Pasir Panjang Road #02-07 Singapore 118529

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