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Today we will …

Today we will …

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Today we will …

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  1. Today we will… Learn how to craft the right message for each of the five stages of travel. Discover new techniques for content research. Get hands-on with tools designed to make content creation a breeze. Get inspired with real-world examples.

  2. Meet the Team Michele Barnes Senior CRO Analyst Sandee Jordan Director of Content Marketing SVDM TEAM

  3. Rules • Participation is expected. • Use your journal to plan your next campaign. • ColLABoration is key to getting the most out of today. • If you have a question, so does someone else, please ask.

  4. What is the Digital Marketing cycle?

  5. Research: Awareness Identify some of the most basic words and phrases that describe your destination. Live Demo Page 6 of your journal

  6. Research: Consideration Jot down the most common question asked about your destination. What can I do with my kids? Is downtown safe after 6pm? Where’s the best place for seafood? What restaurant can I go to after the show? Is parking free at the stadium? Are their reptiles at your zoo? Do you have a skate park? Page 6 of your journal

  7. Research: Conversion 1,421 unique clicks to Call to Action At a 3% close rate, that’s 42.63 closes You can’t close .63 of a person ;) 42 closes times $110 per close If I sent 100 qualified leads to your business could you convince 3 of them to buy from you? Conservative estimated revenue generation from listing = $4,620 Page 6 of your journal

  8. Research: Experience Note what visitors say about your destination. Page 7 of your journal

  9. Follow Your Influencers • cheap flights to oslo (1,300 GMS) • oslo hostels (5,400 GMS) • free things to do in oslo (320 GMS) • solo travel (27,100 GMS) • beans for breakfast (2,900 GMS) Mining Social for content

  10. Sentiment Research Tons of data points paint a picture

  11. Research: Advocacy List a few social media profiles that often feature content about your destination. Page 7 of your journal

  12. People are still Glamping Research! don’t Guess.

  13. Create: Awareness Note exciting ways to convey basic keywords. Page 10 of your journal

  14. Create: Consideration 92% of consumers want brands to make ads feel like a story. The brain processes images 60x faster than words. The average US citizen consumes 100,500 words per day. Show don’t just tell. Always use picture and video. Content should have a clear narrative. Keep it short and attention grabbing. The Science of Storytelling

  15. Elements of a compelling story Outline a compelling Story on page 12

  16. Create: Conversion Turn your email newsletter into a customized conversion tool. Page 10 of your journal

  17. The NEW DMO Email Template Brief, yet exciting content with a strong call to action. Let your landing page tell the rest of the story. Create an Email wire frame on page 30

  18. Create: Experience Page 11 of your journal

  19. A Virtual Tour in No Time Select your template Edit or add scenes using StreetView or 360/180 images Include points of interest and descriptions Share on desktop, mobile or Google Cardboard Google Tour Creator

  20. Create: Advocacy Note social accounts or popular hashtags to follow to collect some compelling images or video. Page 11 of your journal

  21. GreenFly Social Content Creation

  22. Amplify: Awareness Note ways to reach your audience via specialized targeting on Facebook, Instagram or Google. Google Display Network (GDN) reaches over 90% of global internet users 360 million monthly active users 1 billion monthly active users Page 16 of your journal

  23. Amplify: Consideration What do users search on Google to find you? Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day Travel-related searches for “tonight” and “today” grew 150% on mobile devices over just a couple years Page 17 of your journal

  24. Amplify: Conversion What do users search on Google to find your partners? Page 17 of your journal

  25. Amplify: Experience List some of the pages on your site you want in-market users to see. Page 18 of your journal

  26. Amplify: Advocacy List some of the most Instagrammable points of interest in your destination. Page 18 of your journal

  27. Optimize: Awareness What are some possible variants to your existing advertising that you could create for your target audience? Page 23 of your journal

  28. Optimize: Consideration What are some landing pages you could create for current display ads leading to your website? Determine the pages’ topics and primary calls to action. Page 23 of your journal

  29. Optimize: Conversion Note pages on your site where you could add booking widgets and/or links to the hotel section of the site. Create a goal for visitors reaching hotel page or using booking widget Look inside Google Analytics for reverse goal path Conversions > Goals > Reverse Goal Path Page 23 of your journal

  30. Optimize: Experience What personas do you have for your destination? What attractions and activities could you feature for them? Look at the content on your website Evaluate Affinity Categories in Google Analytics and group together Page 23 of your journal

  31. Optimize: Advocacy What are some hashtags visitors can use to advocate for your destination? Page 23 of your journal

  32. And you will read this last You will read this first And then you will read this Then this one

  33. Heuristic Analysis Page 24 of your Journal

  34. Measure: Awareness Which are your best performing awareness campaigns? Are there any that aren’t performing as well? Brand lift is the direct impact your ads have on your customers perceptions and behaviors Use brand lift studies to measure: Brand Awareness Ad Recall Brand Interest Page 28 of your journal

  35. Measure: Consideration Which pages on your site get the most partner referrals? How can you get more visitors to those pages? Make sure you are tracking all external clicks from your website especially listings. Page 28 of your journal