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Kristian Murphy Mark Logue Dan Meng Yang Alessandro Galeone PowerPoint Presentation
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Kristian Murphy Mark Logue Dan Meng Yang Alessandro Galeone

Kristian Murphy Mark Logue Dan Meng Yang Alessandro Galeone

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Kristian Murphy Mark Logue Dan Meng Yang Alessandro Galeone

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  1. Kristian Murphy Mark Logue Dan Meng Yang Alessandro Galeone
  2. CCS is an online and offline retailer in the industry of alternative apparel, skateboarding equipment and snowboarding equipment.Their operations based out of California and they claim to be the largest retailer within their industry worldwide.The company operates primarily through their online store but there are also a number of physical store locations throughout North America.CCS is actively involved in social media based marketing initiatives and sponsors a team of professional athletes that represent the company with pride.
  3. Strategy and Alignment

    Strategy The company’s business strategy is the method used to define its position in the competitive market that differentiates its product and attracts target customers. CCS’s corporate strategy is to provide the biggest and best selection of skateboards and apparel. CCS build various channels, such as face book, my space, you tube and twitter to advertise CCS. Offline: they have very limited physical stores and their stores placed in select major cities in states. Online: CCS provide convenient services for customers. Alignment Business activity at CCS is aligned with the overall mission statement. One business activity choice that demonstrates CCS’s overall alignment is the design of the website.
  4. Targeting And Segmentation Strategy Market targeting is the process of selecting market segments that are most attractive to the firm. CCS targets skateboarding and snowboarding enthusiasts as their main target market. From the demographics aspect, their targeted customers are young generations, ranging from 12 to 25 years old. From the geographic aspect, their target customers are all over the world. From the psychographics aspect, CCS targets the people who have the similar interests and lifestyles. They use a lot of differentiation strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors. (environment; order processing; pricing; customer relationship management) CCS has a quite loose return policy. (90 days)
  5. 7 C’s Analysis Context Content Community Customization Communication Connection Commerce
  6. Facilitating Customer Experience Stage 1: FUNCTIONALITY Ease of Navigation Speed Stage 2: INTIMACY CustomizationCommunication Consistency Trustworthiness Value Stage 3: EVANGELISM
  7. Marketing Levers Social Media Communications CCS is active in social-media based communications via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace. They use the “like” feature on Facebook extensively and also uses professional athletes on their page for promotions.Their goal is to provide consumers with a constant flow of relevant information regarding product availability and sales promotions.A constant feed of photos showcasing the newest and nicest of their products fills their news feed in social media communications.Furthermore, during live events such as in-store autograph signings or competitions, CCS casts the events through text via Twitter.
  8. Marketing Levers Social Media Communications CCS strives to create a community feel within the brand online. They often upload videos and photographs to mediums like YouTube and Facebook involving their team members, host contests and actively interact with fans to generate a buzz.Using the ‘community feel’ approach to online marketing is also employed by Zumiez and West 49 who engage in similar e-marketing initiatives.
  9. Brand Equity (1) Brand equity is the value attached to a brand name and is key to business success Developing a strong brand is a long process, it is much more than a catchy picture or phrase Providing value to customers though service, quality, community, pricing, convenience or other similar factors is crucial
  10. Brand Equity (2) CCS is a brand leader in skate/snowboarding equipment and apparel market Strong suit is their business model, they sell over 190 top brands in mostly online Their brand uses the strength of these other brands such as Nike and Adidas instead of competing against them
  11. Brand Equity (3) Having many top brands in one place is convenient for customers CCS has been in this market satisfying customers for a long time (1985), this is a main reason for their strong brand equity
  12. Brand Equity (4) There are many competitors to CCS some small but some very strong such as West 49, Zumiez, and KarmaLoop These three as well as several other competitors have very similar business models to CCS and even carry many of the exact same brands as them on their site and in their stores This leads to the marketplace being very competitive for these firms, each looking to gain advantage on the others These 3 main competitors have also been around for a long time, allowing them to build brand equity
  13. Recommendations/Analysis (1) Highly competitive market and very similar competitors means CCS should be constantly looking for new ways to differentiate itself from the competition Providing something of value to the customer that the competition will not or cannot match, such as CCS exclusive top brands for example, would further enforce their role as a top firm to the public Exploring the option of opening up more physical stores in select locations could be profitable Raising awareness about their brand with non-snowboarders or skateboarders could be profitable