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Spring 06 ORF

Spring 06 ORF . Organizations Requesting Funds. The POT:. Current balance = $217.15 Expected fees = $37,000 TOTAL = $37217.15. Operations. Leadership retreat = $1500.

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Spring 06 ORF

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  1. Spring 06 ORF Organizations Requesting Funds

  2. The POT: • Current balance = $217.15 • Expected fees = $37,000 TOTAL = $37217.15

  3. Operations

  4. Leadership retreat = $1500 • Who: All presidents and vice presidents from each USGA recognized program, all senators, and possibly Deans? Dr. Ramsey? Dr. Orlin? • What: Dinner and mingling • Why: A special gathering of the campus leadership in order to facilitate communication, strengthen relationships, and function more synergistically as a whole. • When and Where: TBA Additional funding: $500 from Office of Student Services (this is the perfect time to give props to our Mom in the back)

  5. Rules and Guidelines • 2 week deadline from the date of the event to submit receipt itemization form • Must spend USGA funds on the specific items that the senate votes • Contact me, Jessie O’Kane, the treasurer, at jokan001@umaryland.edu if you need clarity or to schedule an appointment for office hours.

  6. Suggestions for presentation • Fundraising • Briefly mention the ways or amount that your organization fundraised for the event • Approximate the number of UMB students (from each school) expected to attend and the total number of attendees • Leave time for questions from the senate

  7. For ALL ORFs • Advertise, Advertise, Advertise • All funded events should submit a flyer or event summary to Kristy Ward prior to their event so that it can be added to the USGA website • Please send your campus-wide events for USGANews to USGAannouncements@yahoo.com by each Sunday night for weekly posting • Attendance • All funded events should have a sign in sheet for UMB students only to include: • Name • School • Whether or not they are a member of your organization

  8. Last semester standard recommendations • Lunchtime lectures (=/<100 ppl): $100 for refreshments, including food and beverages. • Expecting 50 – 100 students • On campus • On topic of interest to multiple schools • Advertisements (marketing): up to $50 • Prizes/gifts: $100 • Paper goods (plastic ware): $20/150ppl, • Security: Pay in full while on campus (and while reasonably comparable off campus) • Honorariums or gifts for speakers = $0 • Decorations = $0 (should be fund raised to keep cost effective) These are subject to change by the appropriations committee this semester in response to variance in applications

  9. ALL Organizations Requesting Funds (ORFs)

  10. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity (KY) Other funding: Variable: None as of yet, SOP SGA, Entrance fees ($13) for non-students. Price for non-students will vary based on funding

  11. ISO: requested by Jingyi Li 4 events: Total Cost = $10,760 Total Requested $8,435

  12. ISO: requested by Jingyi Li Other funding: none Indian Association: Holi Show, tentatively ~ March 10 Other funding: Income from Ticket Sales ($3 X 100) = 300

  13. ISO: requested by Jingyi Li

  14. Project Jump Start = $2,290 Dates: Feb 10, 17, 23 March 3, 10, 17, 31 April 7, 14, 21, 28 May 5, 12, 19; 5:30-8pm in Pharmacy Hall and Downtown Baltimore Requested by: Daniel Anderson and Julia Della-Maria

  15. Alpha Omega Alpha: AOA • Requested by: Robert Redfield • History of Medicine Lecture Series • Date of Event: Feb. 10th, March 3rd and TBD • Time of Event: noon • Location of Event: Shock Trauma Auditorium Other funding: none

  16. ABAE: A Bridge to Academic Excellence Requested by: Dean Howell Nature of Event: Tutoring sessions and awards ceremony Date/time of Event: 01/21/05 – 05/06/05; 10-12PM Saturdays Location of Event: Pharmacy Learning Center and MSTF • Other funding: Name of Sources & Amount Granted From Each: • Pharmacy School: $1000.00 • ABAE: $300.00

  17. Maryland Public Interest Law Project, Inc (MLILP) • Requested by Kelley Walsh • March 11, 2006: 6:00-11:00 pm • UMB School of Law Other Funding: SBA = $1300 for Spring, $300 for Fall (requested $2100)

  18. International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) • Satish Valluri • Date/Time of Event: 03/15/06 from 11:30 - 12:30 • Location of Event: HSF II Room no. 600 • Dr. Flowers will discuss about programs to improve access to medicines for the poor available through federal statute, Medicare quality initiatives and opportunities for collaboration with students. Other funding: none

  19. Student National Dental Association • Request by: April Johnson • UMOJA - Unity Celebration featuring food, music, poetry, dance, and history to inspire cultural sensitivity, awareness and unity amongst all students during Black History Month • Date/Time of Event February 23, 2006 at 5:30 pm • Location of Event MSTF Atrium Other funding requested: $250 from USAD (pending)

  20. 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Patient Management Competition ( IPMC) • Requested by: Sam Lee (co-sponsored by PLS and ASHP) • Date/Time of Event: TBA; a Mon-Fri prior to March 20, 2006 from 6-10pm • Location of Event: Bressler Research Building Other funds: $300 (PLS and ASHP fundraising ($150 each))

  21. MSSA: requested by Yasmeen Abou-Sayed Total $3825 Total requested $3675 • Welcome Back Dinner • 1/19/06, 6:30 PM at Egyptian Pizza in Baltimore • Outdoor spiritual retreat • Saturday in Spring '06, Date TBD • Patapsco Valley State Park, Elkridge

  22. MSSA: requested by Yasmeen Abou-Sayed Total $3825 Total requested $3675 Spring Festival Date: TBA: school night in the final week of March, after Spring Break Location: MSTF Atrim End of semester halaqah Date: TBA: End of finals for all students Location: The home of one of our members.

  23. Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) • Requested by: Latasha Weeks • Black History Month Forum w/ Irma Reeder • Date/Location: Tuesday, 2/28/06, 11am – 12pm, Room 120 and Lounge, Pharmacy Hall

  24. ASTHMA OUTREACH COALITION • Community Education Activities: to educate adults and children about proper care and management of asthma with the goal of decreasing the number of emergency room visits and asthmatic attacks • Dates and Location of Event: • FEB 2006 – Breakfast 9-10:30am, MAR 30, 2006 Dinner 3:30-5:00pm, APR 2006- Mini Health Fair 3:30-5:00pm • Samuel Coleridge Taylor Elementary, 507 W. Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 Wednesday 2/2/06 (Breakfast with parents & community members) Thursday 3/30/06 (Dinner with parents & community members) Tuesday 4/25/06 (Mini Health Fair) Note: other funding (not specified – collected by Maternal & Child Health/specifics unknown) is $300 and included within itemizations. Total cost = $7800 Total requested from USGA = $7500

  25. USAD: requested by Talita JordanTotal = $6,350 Total Requested = $6019 (minus $331 for last semester’s unspent funds)

  26. USAD: requested by Talita JordanTotal = $6,350 Total Requested = $6019 (minus $331 for last semester’s unspent funds)

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