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Abby Parcell, MDC

Abby Parcell, MDC

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Abby Parcell, MDC

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  1. Designing a State-Level Response tothe Developmental Education ChallengePresentation for Southern Regional Education BoardJune 27, 2011 Abby Parcell, MDC

  2. First Things First: Definitions • Developmental education: comprehensive instruction that prepares students for success in academic coursework • Assessment: standardized tests and other diagnostic activities to determine level of academic preparedness • Placement: the process by which students are assigned to particular courses, based on the assessment process • Modular instruction: developmental course content that is organized according to specific skill competencies • Self-paced instruction: a delivery mechanism that allows individual students enrolled in the same developmental course to progress through course content at their own rate • Accelerated learning: the compression of developmental course work; pairing multiple developmental courses or completing developmental and curriculum courses at the same time

  3. Developmental Education Initiative Overview • DEI builds on the most promising institutional and state policy work of Achieving the Dream • Fifteen ATD community colleges and six states participating in a three-year initiative • Colleges taking promising developmental education practices to scale • MDC serves as managing partner and funding intermediary with support from TheBill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Lumina Foundation

  4. Promising Approaches • Acceleration: • Placement-test preparation • Compressed courses • Paired remedial and college-level courses • Contextualization • ABE-to-college models • I-BEST designs • Student Supports • Supplemental instruction • Intensive advising

  5. Policy Supports • Preventative strategies: reducing the need for developmental education • Assessment and placement: creating systems that are consistent, flexible, and relevant to a student’s chosen credential program • Performance Funding: designing funding formulas that support completion, not just enrollment

  6. Preventative Strategies El Paso Community CollegeEl Paso Texas • PREP program: Pre-testing Retesting Educational Preparation • Have served over 3000 students; on track to add 500 + students each semester • Paired with case management that tracks dev ed students through the attainment of their first 30 college credits • 2009-2010 Results: PREP students who advanced at least one level: 65% math, 65% reading, 47% writing

  7. Preventative Strategies North Central State College Mansfield, Ohio • Solutions, an adult transition program: self-paced, computer-based course, paired with individual tutoring • Includes a student success workshop that is credit-bearing • Solutions students’ performance on developmental course/sequence completion, English gateway course completion and persistence exceeds averages of a group of comparable FTIC students. • The college calculated almost $20,000 in savings to students from acceleration through at least one level of developmental course work.

  8. Assessment/Placement Strategies Florida Department of Education Division of Florida Colleges • The Florida Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.) was released in October 2010. • Twenty-four of Florida’s 28 colleges have implemented the P.E.R.T. • Two diagnostic assessments for each discipline are in development • Colleges will begin offering new courses with corresponding competencies and implementing the diagnostic assessments in the fall 2011 or spring 2012 terms.

  9. Assessment/Placement Strategies Virginia Community College System • System-wide redesign of developmental math completed • Taskforce comprised of high school, community college, and university faculty, along with administration • New placement system that includes customized placement instruments for the new developmental education structures • Curriculum design for English courses is underway

  10. Performance Funding Strategies Texas • In 2009, the state legislature appropriated $5 million to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for Developmental Education Demonstration Projects • Five grants of $750K per year for two years; 10 grants of $100K • Colleges required to meet best practice requirements in assessment & placement, student support, innovative curriculum, and data quality

  11. Performance Funding Strategies Ohio • Ohio Legislature approved performance funding for community colleges in their 2010-11 budget • Ohio Board of Regents and state community colleges charged with developing the new formula • Recommendation from OH Association of Community Colleges: allocate 5% of FY 2011 state funding based on “success points”; proportion allocated according to these factors would increase to 20% by 2015

  12. Contact Information • Abby • DEI Website • May 2011 Jobs for the Future brief: Driving Innovation: How Six States Are Organizing to Improve Outcomes in Developmental Education