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Dear Abby

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Dear Abby

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  1. The Prole Times Thursday, 19 January 1984 Dear Abby Top Story Dear Abby, I have a simply annoying neighbor who never ceases to perspire and appears to reason far less than he sweats. He , like so many others, believes everything he is told without questioning the information. What can I do to make him see the truth in the world before its too late? -A Concerned Comrade Dear Comrade, It sounds as though your fellow comrade is somewhat of a conformist willing to accept the preaching and teachings of others. While there is little that you can do to change this, you can maintain your position as an individual and hope for the best for your doomed comrade, whose malleability may one day make him a threat to those in power. -Abby A local man received the annual Webster Award. This prestigious award is given to fine individuals who have contributed to the expansion of vocabulary with either words or expression. This year’s winning entry, submitted by Arnoldo R. Valey, was the Party-approved verb Big Brother, which can mean “to dominate completely,” “to evoke complete adoration,” or “to observe continuously,” depending on the context in which it is used. In addition to the inclusion of his contribution in the newest edition of the national Oldspeak dictionary, Arnoldo will enjoy a two week vacation travelling through Eurasia and Eastasia alongside other international winners of this award. Congratulations Arnoldo! Arnoldo Valey Writer’s clinic After receiving numerous letters demanding that we include a segment on how to use devices in literature, we are pleased to introduce our first writer’s clinic. This clinic will focus on how to use such devices to create suspense in a text. *Symbolism can be used to create suspense by foreshadowing future events with the help of associations. For example, a rhyme involving decapitation, when linked to a picture of a church, can foretell of a violent or extremely negative event taking place near the picture. *Character interactions can also be used to create the mood of the text. An example could be a pair of lovers who are unable to find satisfaction in their unity because they are too worried about what could happen to them in the future. Other news We are sorry to report that a dear friend is no longer with us. It appears that Syme Diction has disappeared. Once a well-known face around this part of town, Syme would frequent this quarter searching for cheap razors and other trivial necessities, but never lost focus on his mysterious job at the Ministry of Truth, where it was said that he was working on the Eleventh edition of the Newspeak dictionary. A witness who claims to have been the last to see Syme reveals that the missing man confided in the witness a thought that was clearly bringing him much grief: he had unintentionally created a new word.

  2. Movie Reviews Writer’s clinic cont. Today’s edition features reviews for two of the most recent films to hit the local theater. While parents are cautioned that these movies contain material not suitable for young children, we know that, because there will be no penalty for bringing the youngsters along, most readers do not heed this warning. The Deception of the Big Red Dog This film is about a totalitarian government that is able to gain complete control over a people thanks to the help of a single supreme figure of leadership (Vladimir S. Josef) and the devastation that war has caused for the citizens of the nation. The story focuses on one man’s struggle to find the truth that the government has hidden in order to prevent civil unrest and a possible fall from power. The film’s acting is superb, but one cannot shake the feeling that one has already experienced this story before. P3: Persecution in a Puritan Province The third part in our multicultural festivities, this film shows how the rigidity in an ancient society appeared to have the power to spread sameness throughout a group of people until a couple shatters this perception after they break from tradition and engage in strictly prohibited, unlawful behavior. While the storyline is decent, the plot is too dragged out. A shorter, more realistic version of the film would not permit the nonconformists to remain in the society and inspire notions of rebellion in others, but instead include their swift disappearances. Classifieds *Metaphors can be used by characters in a text to give the story a subtle dash of depth. For example, having a character describe his or her life as being made of the same substance as a glass paperweight can give the story a mysterious feel as the reader awaits action that will justify this comparison, whether it be the breaking of the paperweight and the characters’ spirits, or the preservation of these entities. *Themes can be expressed to add depth to a story and help create distinguishable characters. An example would be using the theme of seeking satisfaction to demonstrate the ideological differences between characters whose desires differ only in the sense of who is being satisfied. In other words, one character may only desire self-satisfaction while the other may want everyone to experience some satisfaction. This enrichment and contrast of the characters contribute to the depth of the story. WANTED: Dashing gentlemanGentleman Man who would like to bring down Big Brother discuss important Party matters in a nearby meadow with lovely loyal female Party member. Chocolate and real Folgers coffee will be provided (sorry, but no donuts). Visit 639 Mistletoe Street for more information. FOUND: Copy of The Book, written by you-know-who. Copy is like new except for minor chocolate stains on the front cover. Item can be retrieved from Mr. Charrington’s shop at any hour of the day. Win a date with Big Brother Recent capture Send your name, address, and a picture to the following address for your chance to win: 1349 Euwish Street DoantCowntonit, Oceania Yesterday, in the antique district, two Party members were caught by the Thoughtpolice performing unknown acts against the Party and Big Brother himself. An eyewitness testimony claims that an aging male and a young female were dragged out of a local shop and into an official black van. The witness also commented on the looks of defeat and resignation that each displayed. However, a special source tells us that the female captive was released shortly after for reasons listed only as “Unthreatening: Plusaction, unthought.” Our source interprets this classification as being used to describe an individual who is “not a threat (to the Party) in thought and thereby not a true threat in action.” No word has been released on the condition of the male captive.