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Cydney Jacob Abby

Cydney Jacob Abby

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Cydney Jacob Abby

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  1. Taiga Cydney Jacob Abby Mrs.Studebaker’s Science Class 2005-06

  2. Taiga Climate • Have you ever heard about the Taiga Biome? The Taiga is an arctic biome, and a biome is a large ecosystem. The Taiga’s climate enables only certain animals and plants to call it home.

  3. Taiga Climate • It’s also located in the mountain tops. So you know it has to be pretty cold. One thing though it’s coldest temp is –65 F! It’s highest temp is 70 F. Do you know how much rain it gets? Well it can get up to 12-33 inches a year. The Taiga has a short growing season.

  4. Animals of the Taiga • Many animals live in the Taiga. These are only a few of the many interesting animals. A Bohemian wax wing migrates south of their home to keep from freezing. There is an animal called the Lynx. Its color helps him blend in.

  5. Animals of the Taiga • A Snowshoe rabbits color changes from summer to winter. A Red trotted loon has adaptations too. One is his color change to help him blend in.

  6. Animals of the Taiga • A gray wolfs paw’s have fleshy pads and claws for traction. A long eared owl has long ears to help it hear in the dark. And last but not least the bobcat. It can run up to 30 miles per hour to out run its prey.

  7. Taiga Plants The taiga biome has a multitude of trees. All of the trees have long roots so they can stand up straight in the wet soil. The hemlock tree and the fir tree look the same at root. The jack pine to has long roots. White poplars are different. They don’t have long roots. They have short roots because they don’t live long.

  8. Taiga Plants • Balsam fir trees also have short roots. They to don’t live long at all. As you can see the taiga is a wonderful and beautiful place. Maybe you will get to visit it some day.