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Time to GET SERIOUS!!. Summer Opportunities and Internship Possibilities … your geologic future awaits. Outline. Other opportunities out there for YOU! How to get there…advice on getting in. What else is out there for YOU?. Decide on your goals Research experience?

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  1. Time to GET SERIOUS!! Summer Opportunities and Internship Possibilities …yourgeologic future awaits

  2. Outline • Other opportunities out there for YOU! • How to get there…advice on getting in.

  3. What else is out there for YOU? • Decide on your goals • Research experience? • Independent study / senior project / thesis? • Money? • Presentation for National Meeting? • Location? • Recreation?

  4. Summer Options Internship Programs • Government • Industry • REUs • KECK Geology Consortium • Field Camps and Abroad Programs • Self-Developed Internships • Faculty Research • Independent Research

  5. Internship Programs (Faculty Favorites) • Lunar and Planetary Institute – www.lpi.usra.edu/lpiintern • Planetary Geology Research Programs – www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~tgregg/pggurp.html or www.surf.caltech.edu • Mining Jobs • search: RoundUp2010 or SME internship • for advice on internships at Victor/Cripple Creek Gold mine e-mail eric.daniels@coloradocollege.edu • IRIS (seismology) Internship - http://www.iris.washington.edu/internship/ • RESESS (GPS research) Internship (Colorado Based) - http://resess.unavco.org/resess.html • NEIC (National Earthquake Information Center) Internship in Golden, CO – talk to Megan Anderson • Bishop Brogden and Associates – Water Consulting Internship, Denver – www.bbawater.com

  6. REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)Picks I think you might like… Polar Research in the Arctic, Svalbard Islands (ask Dirk for more on sicky Svalbard) - http://www.mtholyoke.edu/proj/svalbard/welcome.shtml Marine Science Internships at Oregon State - http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/REU/ Planetary Geology – Univ. of Arkansas -http://spacecenter.uark.edu/97.htm Structure and Geophysics – Univ. of Minnesota (pending funding) http://www.geo.umn.edu/dept/programs/intern.html Severe Storm Research – Oklahoma -http://www.PathwaysToScience.org/programhub.asp?sort=REU-UOklahoma-WeatherCenter Marine Science/ Coastal Hydrology –Austin -http://reu.utmsi.utexas.edu/about/ Global Change Research – Austin - http://www.esi.utexas.edu/research/reu/ Science of Sustainable Agriculture – North Carolina - http://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/ Environmental and Desert Science – New Mexico - http://infohost.nmt.edu/~reu/ Estuary Science – Florida - http://www.mote.org/index.php?src=gendocs&link=REUhome&category=Shark%20Research Atmospheric Sciences – Puerto Rico – www.naic.edu/science/summer_set.htm But that’s not all…Find more REUs at - http://www.PathwaysToScience.org/Summerresearch.asp

  7. Other Options • KECK Geology Consortium • Structure and Geophysics in the Bighorn Mtns. Wyoming with Christine and Megan • Interdisciplinary studies in the Critical Zone, Boulder Creek catchment, Colorado w/ Will Ouimet (Amherst) • Find other options at www.keckgeology.org • space is limited for CC students • Field Camps (many qualify for CC course credit) -Hydrology, Geology, and Geophysics- -search online – many options available -New Zealand (geo semester abroad) - http://www.frontiersabroad.com/

  8. More Options • GeoCorps America • PAID GEOSCIENTIST OPPORTUNITIESON NATIONAL PARKS, NATIONAL FORESTS, AND BLM LANDS • Discreet project areas include geology, hydrology, paleontology, mapping and GIS, minerals, soils, glaciology, geo-hazards, karst, and education. • Positions posted at http://www.geosociety.org/GeoCorps/ • Student Conservation Association Internships • work at a National Park or Forest • be a Researcher or Interpretive Ranger - http://thesca.org/positionview

  9. Self-Developed Internships • Network!!! • Find someone somewhere that is doing what you are interested in and hit them up with an e-mail displaying your interest and credentials…and if you don’t get a reply…follow it up with a phone call • See if they have money for an intern…or if they would be interested in doing an unpaid internship (then find your own funding) • If not, see if they know of anyone else in their field who might have space for an intern

  10. $$ Finding Funding $$ • REUs and other established programs – apply to program (funding included + stipend) • Venture Grants from CC ($1000) • Academic merit and supporting faculty required • Buster Grants from CC Geo Dept. ($1200 + stipend) • find faculty advisor and project • write your grant • 4 weeks when school is not in session required (i.e. summer) • All can lead into research or independent study blocks back on campus (for credit) • Transitions Fellowship Grant – only for unpaid internships after senior year - apply in spring through the Dean’s Office

  11. Landing the Internship • Build your background base of knowledge • Take classes in your field of interest • Read-up on current research • E-mail or Call potential internship advisors • display your knowledge and interest of their research • and it never hurts to attach a brief resume with your skills and background • Ask for Recommendation Letters • ~1 month in advance • Provide recommenders with • information on the program you are applying to • a copy of your application essay • both are good so they can write a tailored rec. for you • Apply early to show you’re on top of your game • Proof-read application essays • The writing center is great at helping make your writing concise and engaging • Proof-read ‘em again…make ‘em snap! • I personally spend more time on application essays than final papers

  12. Suggested Application Timeline • Block 4 – Research internships & narrow down some top choices • Prepare a geo resume • End of Block 4 • Talk over your top choices with your advisor • Christmas Break, Half Block, and into Block 5 • Prepare applications and ask for Rec. Letters • E-mail or call potential summer advisors • Don’t miss deadlines • many of the more competitive internships have deadlines as early as January • transcripts take ~ a week or more to get sent through • Good Luck! • Any more questions feel free to stop by the paraprof office, I’d be happy to give you more advice anytime (but preferably at Rastall)!! • Or e-mail zion.klos@coloradocollege.edu

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