the first americans native americans n.
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The First Americans: Native Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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The First Americans: Native Americans

The First Americans: Native Americans

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The First Americans: Native Americans

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  1. The First Americans: Native Americans

  2. Northwest Indians • The Northwest Indians Culture was in what is today the states of Washington, Oregon, and northern California. • They lived in log homes that were made from cedar trees.

  3. The Northwestern Indians fished and hunted whales from canoes. They used every part of the salmon and whale.They ate the fish, whale, and gathered berries and nuts to survive. The Indians put a totem pole outside of each home. The totem pole told a story of the history of the family. Families also have a potlatch to show wealth and importance.

  4. Southwest Indians • The Southwest Indians lived in dry desert area of the southwestern US. • They lived in stone or adobe, dried clay, houses. The Anasazi Indians built their homes into the side of the mesas. They were called cliff dwellers.

  5. Because they lived in the desert, the Southwestern Indians had to work hard to grow crops and preserve water. They grew corn, beans, and squash, The Three Sisters. They also tamed wild turkeys. The Three Sisters

  6. Plains Indians • The Plains Indians lived in the area of our country known as the Great Plains. • This culture group is known for the importance of the buffalo, the use of the tepee, and their war path customs.

  7. The buffalo was the most important natural resource of the Plains Indians. It provided them with all their basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter. The Plains Indians lived in tepees so that they could easily follow the migration of the buffalo. Powwows and Sun Dances were ceremonies of the Plains Indians.

  8. Eastern Woodland Indians • The Eastern Woodland Indians lived the forest in the eastern portion of the US. • Their food, shelter, clothing, weapons, and tools came from the forest around them.

  9. The Iroquois Indians They lived in longhouses and wigwams. They found their food by hunting, fishing, and gathering berries, fruits, and nuts. They used the pelts of animals for their clothing. Wigwam Longhouse The Cherokee Indians They lived in homes made from wattle and daub (twigs and mud). They hunted small game and were farmers. They wore cloths made from plants and breech cloth. Cherokee Indian decorated with feathers and paint

  10. The Mound Builders They were Indians who built large mounds or hills. These mounds were built entirely by workers. The Mound Builders were like the Pueblo Indians. Mound Builders were not their name, just a name given to them because of the type of community they lived in.

  11. Indian Culture Areas