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CAB Distinguished Visitors Program PowerPoint Presentation
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CAB Distinguished Visitors Program

CAB Distinguished Visitors Program

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CAB Distinguished Visitors Program

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  1. CAB Distinguished Visitors Program How SAB can help provide speakers to IEEE-CS chapters David Schultz CAB Liaison

  2. Objective • To provide qualified members of the Standards community to address IEEE-CS chapter meetings • To present the criteria that the Chapters Activities Board (CAB) uses to identify qualified speakers

  3. IEEE-CS Distinguished Visitors Program • A roster of qualified speakers who address IEEE-CS professional and student chapters • List of speakers and topics is updated annually

  4. Logistics • Prospective speakers apply for inclusion in the Distinguished Visitors Program (DVP) • Chapters submit requests for speakers on topics of interest • Neighboring chapters are encouraged to collaborate, so that a speaker can visit two or more chapters on a single trip (to reduce traveling expenses) • Visit requests, nominations for speakers, and comments or questions are submitted to the Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC)

  5. Logistics (cont.) • All DVP visits must be approved in advance by the DVP Chair • IEEE-CS reimburses up to $700 for inter-city travel for approved visits to professional and student chapters • Chapters pay local expenses (hotel, meals, rental car, etc.)

  6. Selection of Speakers • The DVP Committee selects speakers • The DVP Chair solicits nominations for new speakers every Spring, but nominations are accepted at any time throughout the year • Nominations are reviewed and approved only in October of each year • DVP, however, is running late this year, so we may still be able submit nominations

  7. Nomination of Speakers • To nominate (or self-nominate) a potential DVP speaker: • Submit the DVP Speaker Nomination Form (available from the CAB web site) • Attach a curriculum vitae for the nominee • Include two or three abstracts of proposed topics

  8. Qualifications for Speakers • Speakers are recognized authorities in their field, as indicated by: • A record of public speaking at conferences or technical meetings • Articles in technical or trade journals • Books published

  9. Qualifications for Speakers (cont.) • Speakers offer topics of interest to the general CS membership, as determined by: • Topics represented in publications, trade journals, and books • Reader/member interest surveys

  10. Qualifications for Speakers (cont.) • Speakers’ schedules permit them to respond positively to requests from chapters • Speakers have the support of their employer to participate in the DVP • Speakers must be members of the Computer Society

  11. Proposed next steps • SAB discusses this matter and determines whether to move forward • SAB members are invited to submit nominations (or self-nominations) for DVP speakers on standards topics • SAB is available to review, or help you prepare, these nominations before they are submitted to Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC)

  12. Proposed next steps (cont.) • Speaker nominations are submitted to VSC • In October of each year, DVP Committee appoints new DVP speakers • DVP is behind schedule this year; it may not be too late to nominate speakers for consideration this fall

  13. Contact for correspondence • Send all DVP correspondence to the Volunteer Services Coordinator (VSC) at • Address: DVP Services c/o IEEE Computer Society Volunteer Services Coordinator 1730 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20036-1992 • Phone: 202-371-1013