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Ursa Major & Orion

Constellation Connection Pressents. Ursa Major & Orion. What is a constellation?. A constellation is a group of stars. What is a circumpolar constellation?. A circumpolar constellation is a constellation that is in the sky year round. Meet a circumpolar constellation. Ursa Major.

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Ursa Major & Orion

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  1. Constellation Connection Pressents Ursa Major & Orion

  2. What is a constellation? A constellation is a group of stars.

  3. What is a circumpolar constellation? • A circumpolar constellation is a constellation that is in the sky year round.

  4. Meet a circumpolar constellation • Ursa Major

  5. Ursa Major is also known as Great bear • Ursa Major is known as Great Bear because in Latin Ursa means bear and major means great.

  6. Stars that make Ursa Major • The three brightest stars are Alkaid, Dobhe, and Alioth.

  7. Where can you find Ursa Major in the sky? • Constellations next to Great Bear are Leo Minor, CanesVenatic, and lynx. • +50 Ursa Minor booties Ursa Major

  8. Myth of Great Bear • Characters • Gods: Zeus, Hera, Arcas • Monsters: the bears

  9. Myth of Orion This myth comes from Greek mythology. Zeus fell in love with Callisto and when Hera found out she turned Callisto into a bear. She roamed the forest until she saw a hunter who she knew as her son. She jumped up to greet him but he saw a bear Zeus then turned Arcas into a bear then grabbed their tail and flung them into the sky.

  10. What is a seasonal constellation? • A seasonal constellation is a constellation that is in the night sky part of the year.

  11. Meet a seasonal constellation • Orion • You can see Orion from October to March, but it is best in January

  12. Orion is also known as The Hunter • It looks like a hunter so it is called the hunter.

  13. Stars that make up Orion • The three brightest stars are Rigel, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix

  14. Where can you find Orion in the sky? • 3 constellations that border it are Lepus, Monoceros, and Pleides • It is located at +5 degrees

  15. Myth of Orion • Characters Mortals: Orion Gods: Hera, Poseidon, Artemis, Apollo Monsters: Scorpius

  16. Myth of Orion Orion was a great hunter. He bragged that no beast could kill him. So the goddess Hera sent a tiny scorpion to sting him and teach him a lesson. Orion and Scorpius were set in the sky, but the two enemies are never seen in the sky at the same time. Orion, the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, was a great hunter. The goddess of the moon and hunt, Artemis, fell in love with him and stopped lighting the night sky. The other gods begged, but she wouldn’t listen. One day Artemis’s twin brother, Apollo, tricked Artemis into shooting Orion with her bow. Artemis was very sad and to this day, the night is still dark and the moon still cold and lifeless. Orion still hunts Pleiades the seven sisters, around the night sky.

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