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Expansion, Contraction, Diffusion Quiz PowerPoint Presentation
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Expansion, Contraction, Diffusion Quiz

Expansion, Contraction, Diffusion Quiz

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Expansion, Contraction, Diffusion Quiz

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  1. Expansion, Contraction, DiffusionQuiz

  2. 1. A metal lid was tightly fastened to a glass jar. To get the jar open, Hermoine held the lid under hot running water. Why did this work? a. Metal particles move more rapidly when heated so the particles moved further apart. b. Metal particles move less rapidly when heated so the particles moved closer together. c. The metal particles did not move. The water loosened the lid. d. The metal particles melted because the water was so hot.

  3. 2. When particles of a gas spread evenly throughout a classroom, this is evidence of a. expansion b. contraction c. diffusion d. participation

  4. 3. Particles diffuse from areas of ____________ concentration to areas of ____________ concentration.

  5. 4. A bimetal strip curls when placed in a flame and straightens when placed in a cool water bath. What inference can be made from this evidence? a. Metal reacts to heat. b. Metal particles expand when heat energy is added and contract when heat energy is removed. c. Metal is a good conductor of electricity. d. Bimetal strips are magic.

  6. 5. A balloon is inflated with 370C air then tied off. The balloon is then placed in a very cold car, filled with -150C air. Based on your schema (background knowledge) of particle motion, what will happen to the balloon?

  7. 6. Malfoy shined his wand in a dark cave and noticed particles floating and moving in the light beam. What conclusion can you make about this observation? a. This observation is evidence that air is in the gas phase of matter. b. This observation is evidence that heat makes air expand. c. This observation is evidence that warm air diffuses faster than cold air. d. This observation is evidence that air particles are in constant motion.

  8. 7. Explain why diffusion does not happen in solids.A. The molecules are moving too fast to combine.B. The molecules are not moving at all, so they cannot combine.C. The molecules are vibrating, but do not have enough motion to combine.D. Diffusion DOES happen in solids.

  9. 8. Explain why railroad tracks are placed with a 1 cm gap between rails.

  10. 9- True or FalseParticles of ice have enough heat energy to vibrate.

  11. 10. What type of graph would you create to represent the diffusion rates of water and food coloring? a. Bar graph b. Line graph c. Pie Graph d. What Graph?