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CKMS Bands

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CKMS Bands

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  1. CKMS Bands Sarah Nelson Director “Because band makes your kid smart”

  2. III. Student Assessment Your grade in band will be based on two things: 1. Participation: 50% Your success and the success of the ensemble depend on your participation in class every day. You will start the day with 100 points. If I determine that you not are adhering to the classroom and rehearsal expectations described above, I will deduct points from your daily participation grade. 2. Playing tests/written tests/assignments: 50% These will be things like: • In-class playing tests (weekly or bi-weekly) • Written tests (in-class or take home) • Listening Assignments • Progress reports • Other assignments

  3. IV. Practicing Just like in all of your other classes, you will be expected to practice what you are learning in class at home. 20 minutes of practice a day is ideal, with at least 2 hours a week of total practice time. Here are a few practicing tips: 1. Try to practice EVERY day. 2. Practice what we are working on in class (in the book and the pieces we are preparing) 3. Try to move ahead a few exercises in the book 4. Practice what you DON’T know, not what you already know. We will have frequent playing tests in class (every week, or every other week), and individual home practice is ESSENTAIL for doing well on these tests. A lack of practicing will be reflected in your grade! If you are not sure what you should be practicing, ask me! I am happy to help you with practicing tips and what you should be working on. 6th Graders: You will be expected to turn in signed weekly practice records. I will hand these out at the beginning of the week. They will count as assignments.

  4. V. Uniforms This year the CKMS Boosters will be ordering red polo shirts with “CKMS Bands” embroidered on the front. The cost of the shirts will be $17.50. You will be expected to wear the: Red polo, black pants, black shoes, and black socks to all CKMS band performances, unless I let you know otherwise (eg. Fall City Days Parade). An order form will be sent home in September. *Update: BUY or CHECK OUT options

  5. VIII. Band Extras • Solo Ensemble • Jazz Band • Private Lessons • Smart Music • 8th grade: April California trip

  6. IX. Music Boosters • Get Involved! • First general meeting: October 18, 6:00pm • Fundraising • Program support • Email: me or Jill Rice

  7. Contact Information Feel free to contact me any time at school! I can be reached at: • Email: • Phone: 425-831-8246 • Sharepoint: (I check email obsessively- send me a note any time)