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Gnu shampoo

Gnu shampoo

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Gnu shampoo

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  1. Gnu shampoo • Product Name: Shampoo • Origin: ToKiyo • Brand Name:Gun • Company: Gnu Catering And Hotel Supplier • 公司的简介: • We are willing to take the opportunity of introducing ourselves as a hotel amenities, buckets producer and marketing company located in Ankara / Turkey established for over 18 years. Our products are extensively used by hotels, chains, hospitals and by other private or state institutions. Some of them are : Shampoos, soap, bathroom, body lotion, sewing kits, matches, slippers and 150 kinds of products more

  2. AVE SHAMPOO • Product Name: • Shampoo • Model No:F-3697-4 • Unit Price:after • Price Terms:FOB  Port:Bandar Abbess/IRAN • Origin: IRA • Brand Name:AVE • Company: Farm Tejarat Co • 公司的简介: • we are Iranian export /import agency and business services company.we are looking to co-operate which worldwide importers and manufactures.we act about several area for example:marketing,trade consulting,buyer and seller guide etc..

  3. Model No:iso1100 Origin:china zhongshan Product Name:Shampoo Model No:iso8000 Origin: china zhongshan 公司的简介: We are manufacturer of fine chemicals in China, product exporter to Taiwan etc now. We can offer bulk goods at low price and high quality. Hope we can establish long-term friendship with your company. Contact us now. We supply washing liquid,washing powder,cleanser,clothes softener,washing soap, shampoo,bath lotion,air fashioner,hair spray,hair mousse,hair gel,facial cream are available in our factory.We can process chemical products according to your materials.They can be sold abroad.High quality,best service,reasonable

  4. GSO SHAMPOO • Origin: Australia • Brand Name:GSO • Company:Rapeseed Oil Australia Pty Ltd • Rapeseed Oil has one of the highest levels of vitamin E (powerful antioxidant) of any edible oil. Allowing it to be incorporated into many aspects of Health care as it nourishes and strengthens the bodies natural defenses. The versatility of the oil has seen it used from a cooking oil all the way to shampoo.

  5. Papilla Shampoo • Product Name: Papilla Shampoo • Company: Health & Prosper Co.,Ltd • 公司的简介: • Health & Prosper Co. is involved in the manufacture and distribution of healthcare and body care products. Based in the Philippines, it has the advantage of sourcing natural unique products and raw materials. We manufacture and distribute vegetable and fruit capsules, vegetable and fruit powder, robotic (lactobacillus) health supplements, probity body care products and other varied herbal products.

  6. Concord Enterprises • Product Name:Shampoo • Origin:Los Angeles,CA • Brand Name:Tres Colores • 公司的简介: • Founded in 1982 Concord Enterprises, Inc. has grown to become one of America's largest import/export wholesale distributors of general merchandise. We import thousands of items in many different merchandise categories from hardware to groceries, baby products to cosmetics. We also buy and distribute close outs, misprints, and packaging change products. We carry name brand products such as Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Revlon, Nestle, and M&M. We have over 10,000 different items for you to choose from. Because of our huge buying power and enormous warehouse facility, we can offer very competitive prices both here in the United States and all over the world to the many countries we export to

  7. Product Name:Shampoo Soberly Model No: soberly Origin: Italy I'm Eleanor Bong , Winner's Hairs manager.We are an Italian Company with accumulated years experience.We constantly research,develop and innovate to improve our productsWinner's is a trichological company whose objective is the treatment ofaesthetic problems and disorders of the scalp and hair,and the beauty ofthe hair.We produce a total line of hair care products to enhance the appearance andfor the revitalization of the hair and scalp. Winner's Hair

  8. ADVANCE SHAMPOO • Product Name:EMU Oil Hair Shampoo • Origin: USA • Brand Name:ADVANCE(rill) • Company:e-Longview Farms, Inc. • 公司的简介: • e-Longview Farms, Inc. has been in business 10 years, offering quality beauty and health products. We are exporters/wholesalers. We can also private label products and supply EMU oil in bulk to OEM customers. We are the inventors of the first fully encapsulated soft gel EMU Oil gel caps as a dietary supplement. Today, we have expanded our product offerings to include dietary supplements containing EMU Oil, Coral Calcium, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. We provide a variety of beautifying creams and skin care lotions.

  9. Baby Hair & Body Shampoo • Product Name:Baby Hair & Body Shampoo • Model No:WF-S204 • Price Terms:FOB • Origin: KOREA • Company:Neo Korea Trading Co., Ltd. • 公司的简介: • We are a general merchant in korea. So, we trade every articles in korea. So, if you have any article produced from korea, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our main articles which we trade now are like follows.1. Products for health:1>hair health(shampoo, lotion)

  10. Shied shampoo • Product Name: • Shiseido Shampoo and Conditioner Set • Origin:Japan • Brand Name:Shied • Company:WAN's International Development Company • 公司的简介: • WAN's is a leading International Development Company in Hong Kong offering perfume, cosmetics, skin care and toiletry products around the globe under the Japanese brand names. We carry well-known Japanese brands namely Shiseido, Kosei, Kanebou, Kiss Me, Poll, Nards etc. We are proud to have established a distinctive niche in the cosmetic marketplace. The solid reputation of our abundant and quality products is a key to our success. Our mandate dictates that we provide - quality, value, and style in every product for every customer.

  11. 雅宝珍珠活性洗发露(去屑止痒) YABAO PEARL ACTIVE AHAMPOO(ANTI-DANDRUFF FORMULA) • 产品卖点:雅宝新第二代珍珠活性洗发露,采用全新生化技术,具有全面营养秀发功效。 • 宣传口号:健康秀发,亮丽出众。 • 产品功效: • (1)珍珠活性精华,能及时补充发根至发梢所需营养,呵护秀发健康生长。 • (2)特效去屑成份,能有效去屑止痒,保持秀发爽洁亮丽。 • 主要成份:Octopirox、珍珠液、VB5、表面活性剂。 • 适用发质:各种发质适用。 • 使用方法:只按一般洗发程序,洗发、护发、养发同步完成。配合使用雅宝护发产品,更可做全面护理.

  12. 雅宝新第二代珍珠活性洗发露 • 珍珠活性精华,能及时补充发根至发梢所需营养,呵护秀发健康生长。 • 焗油滋润精华,用后会在头发上形成滋润保护膜,令秀发更加柔顺润滑、亮丽有型。 • 适用发质:中至干性及受损发质使用更佳。 • 使用方法:只按一般洗发程序,洗发、护发、养发同步完成。配合使用雅宝护发产品,更可做全面护理 • 品牌名称:雅宝

  13. 爱 生 活 爱 拉 芳 • 公司、产品简介: • 广东熊猫日化用品有限公司是由中、马、港三方出资兴建的中外合资企业。座落于素有“百载商埠”之称的海滨城市汕头。 公司引进世界一流的设备及配套设施,生产以洗发露和香皂为主,沐浴露、啫喱水、洗手液、膏霜等多品种多元化的系列产品。公司采用先进技术、科学配方,严格执行ISO9002质量体系。 广东熊猫日化用品有限公司