minor in international studies n.
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Minor in international Studies

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Minor in international Studies

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  1. An International Studies minor provides students with the tools necessary to better understand the complex and changing world of the 21st century. Major objectives of the minor are to convey knowledge not only of international relations but also of comparative methods of analysis (i.e., the similarities and differences between and among states, societies, and cultures); and to provide an interdisciplinary approach that integrates the knowledge and methods that history, political studies, economics, sociology/anthropology, women and gender studies, and geography/environmental studies have to offer. To earn a minor in international studies, students must complete a minimum of 15 or 16 credits of upper-division course work at the University of Illinois at Springfield. In exceptional cases, a student may petition the International Studies Committee to accept up to eight hours of transfer credit. Transfer students still must take the core course and follow distribution requirements. The Core Course is GBL 301-Introduction to Global Studies. Electives totaling 12 credits must be taken from two areas: courses that provide an international perspective and courses that provide a comparative perspective. Students may not take more than one course in their major field of study to fulfill the International Studies minor requirements. Students should consult with an international studies faculty member to ensure that they are meeting their individual needs and the requirements for the major. Minor in international Studies International courses include: CRJ 415 ECCE: Crime and Sentencing: Global Issues ECO 445 Economic Development ECO 447 International Trade and Finance ECO 449 International Business ENS 311 Global Change and Local Places ENS 412/HIS 459 World Environmental ThoughENS 446 ECCE: Population and Public Policy HIS 325/SOA 325 Latina/o USA HIS 375 ECCE: Conflict in the Middle East HIS 378 ECCE: Christian-Muslim Encounters HIS 470 Topics in 20th Century World History HIS 443 American Foreign Relations in the 20th Century MGT 485 International Management MPH 301 ECCE: Global Environmental Health MPH 471 ECCE: Emerging Diseases PSC 373 ECCE: Introduction to International Relations PSC 478 & PSC 483 Model United Nations PSC 428 Globalization and the Future of Democracy PSC 462 International Law and Organizations PSC 463 International Political Economy PSC 470 Terrorism and Public Policy Comparative courses include: BUS 381 ECCE: Business and Developing Countries. COM 425 Intercultural Communication CRJ 346 ECCE: International Criminal Justice Systems CRJ 415 ECCE: Crime and Sentencing: Global Issues ECO 302 Macroeconomics in a Global Economy ECO 421 Comparative Economic Systems ENS 461 Geopolitics: Geo. Aspects of International Affairs GBL 331 Cultural Geography HIS 476 Modern China PSC 371 Introduction to Comparative Politics PSC 477 Russian Politics SOA 302 Understanding Cultures SOA 353/WGS 353 ECCE: Women Across Cultures SOA 428 Culture, Health and Power SOA 455 Women in Political Movements Other courses possible! For more information please contact Prof. Hilary Frost, Chair of Global Studies, at, or University of Illinois Springfield Office of Admissions (217) 206-4847 or toll free (888) 977-4847,, 7/2014