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Business Plan

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Business Plan

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Business Plan

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  1. Business Plan Contact Person: Arman AtoyanWebsite: E-Mail: info@citybugs.amPhone: 00374 93 199 389Address: Abovyan 16, 2nd Floor, Yerevan, 0001, Armenia

  2. About Project CityBugs  is a social platform developed to raise and find solutions for socially critical issues in our immediate surroundings and fields, such as environment and clean surroundings, health and education, public services and transportation, constructions and civil services etc. This is a simple, but highly “wise” tool bringing closer the governmental structures and the general public, keeping the respective bodies responsible for their promises as part of various political campaigns. Under the slogan “Let’s make our city a better place to live in” and through participatory approach, every ordinary citizen is provided with a tool to pin the “bug” in the city and track the solution to the problem. The uniqueness of the start-up is also the fact that the “bugs” are filtered according to their thematic affiliation.  Every citizen with any device working on Android and iOS system has a chance to use either the web platform or simply the mobile applications. The link will guide you further to learn how easy and fast CityBugs works:


  4. …What is the bug • A software bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways.

  5. - Team

  6. Market and industry Our target market are city municipalities, donor organizations and local businesses with CSR programs. The further development of the platform can be envisioned both in public and private sector, which makes the tool even more applicable and usable , and in fact is not conditioned with the sector itself. Thus, the private partners and commercialized projects can cooperate with CityBugs as part of their CSR strategy and invest into social good enhancing tools, whereas the non-profit sector can adopt and cooperate with the project as a tool to mobilize community, strengthen stakeholder participation, promote volunteerism and use CityBigs as a free tool to reach out to their target groups. Our goal is to have platform scaled on cities all over the world, since we believe that despite the physical and geographic location , human beings experience social issues common to all , e.g. environmental challenges, transportation, health and security etc.

  7. Competition FixMyStreet is a mySociety website through which users can report potholes, broken street lights and similar problems with streets and roads in the United Kingdom to their local council or related organisation, and see what reports have already been made I Change My City - Bangalore I Change My City is your Social Network for Change. Don't just sit back and fret about the problems in your neighbourhood. Be a Champion of Change and transform the quality of life in your neighbourhood. Boston Citizens Connect Citizens Connect helps Boston residents make their neighborhoods more beautiful by reporting local issues such as potholes, graffiti, and streetlights. Reports are routed immediately to the appropriate city department. Residents can track status of their requests and tweet about them to their friends.

  8. Customers and end users Our customers and end users are the ordinary citizens of cities, who experience daily issues in their daily life. Every single citizen with a mobile device can easily become the end user and the customer of CityBugs, given the availability of mobile apps, video tutorials , website etc. In regard to the users, we believe, that this group is comprised of two major blocks: active citizens, who are using the platform to report the “bug”, and volunteers, young people aged 18-25, who are in the learning by doing stage of their career path. That is, when the bug is reported the group of volunteers undertakes the responsibility to check the bug, verify its accuracy and upon getting information from the Mayor’s office of the elimination of the “bug”, the volunteers take the verification mission again and report on already completed and eliminated “bug”. Our customers can also be businesses , which are looking for social responsible technologies to reach out to public . However, this very group is yet under consideration and the future strategy of CityBugs also considers businesses.

  9. Marketing strategy We are using all social media as marketing tools: YouTube Facebook Twitter Along with renowned social platforms, we have developed and widely shared PSAs /video-demo on “How to use CityBugs”, as well as we have well developed tutorials for the young volunteers on managing the website backend.

  10. - Web/Mobile

  11. Our Offers

  12. Future Steps... • Partnership Building – Mainly international community (IT, donors, investors, governmental bodies, private and public sectors) • Constant Learning (mentoring programs for the team, new methodology on volunteer motivation and learning mechanisms etc.) • Strengthening collaboration with local community active groups , NGOs, public projects • Private sector as a new customer as part of their CSR strategy • Collaboration with other similar tools and existing projects for experience sharing and common challenges solutions, best practices sharing and lessons learned