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  1. DAUGAVPILS – DIVERSE TOURISM DESTINATION2017 Daugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency

  2. Content Daugavpils CityMunicipalityTourismDevelopmentandInformationAgency Daugavpils TouristInformationCentre (TIC) Daugavpils FortressCultureandInformationCentre Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Daugavpils BatCentre Theexpositionofhistoriccostumes «Thechestofmemories» ShmakovkaMuseum Daugavpils LeadShotFactory LatgaleZoo ScienceandCuriosityCentre «ZINOO Daugavpils» «Jews of Daugavpils and Latgale» MuseumandSynagogue Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum and Daugavpils Clay Art Centre The Exposition of Medical History LatvianHouse The Centre of theRussian Culture (Russian House) Polish Culture Center Belorussian Culture Centre Daugavpils Theatre Activetourism Daugavpils Olympic Center Daugavpils IceHalland Sports Hostel Accommodation

  3. Daugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency • Tour guide services; • Excursions in Smakovka Museum; • ToursaroundDaugavpils by tram (maximum 24 people); • Souvenirs; • Specialoffersfor businesspartners. Contact information: Ilona Maksimcika, ManagerofDaugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency, phone: +37165400515, +37125640999, e-mail:, Address: 22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils.

  4. Daugavpils TouristInformationCentre (TIC) • TIC is attended by more than 20 000 visitors a year. • There is available tourism information about Daugavpils, Daugavpils District, Latgale and other Latvian regions, as well as Lithuania and Estonia. • TIC offers guided tours around the city and Daugavpils Fortress. • TIC offers a wide choice of souvenirs, unique Latgale craftsmen and artists’ ceramic artefacts. Contact information: Ilona Maksimcika, Manager of Daugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency; Phone: +371 65422818; Mobile: +371 26444810; E-mail: Web: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:Daugavpils Travel Address: 22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils.

  5. Guidedtours "Daugavpils throughthetramwindow" Sightseeing tour Incredible opportunity to go on a tour on a retro tram and to see the architecture, cultural and historical buildings, the Church Hill and other interesting places through the tram window. Price: tour in Latvian or Russian language - 86.30 EUR; in another language- 96.30 EUR. Tour around the city, accompanied by a guide - 1 hour 30 min / 2 hours 30 min Opportunity to get acquainted with the historical centre of Daugavpils, theChurch Hill and Daugavpils Fortress - a unique cultural and historical monument of national importance. Prices are based on the number of people in the group. Contact information: Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre, phone: +371 65422818; +371 26444810; e-mail: turisms@daugavpils.lvweb:

  6. Church Hill A Church Hill is unique place where the churches of four confessions are located nearby- Martin Luther Cathedral (1893), Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1905), St. Boriss & Gleb Russian Orthodox Cathedral (1905) and the Old Believers’ Church of Resurrection, Birth of Mother of God and St. Nicholas built from 1908 to 1928. Opportunity to see the Martin Luther Cathedral as well as other churches during a city tour accompanied by a guide. Contact information: Daugavpils Tourist Information Centre, phone: +371 65422818; +371 26444810; e-mail: web:

  7. Daugavpils FortressCultureandInformationCentre • Located in the former water-lifting house. The Centre aims to popularise Daugavpils Fortress, contributes to the understanding and preservation of the culture and historic heritage, provides free information about the history, the present and the future perpectives of the Daugavpils Fortress. • TheCentreorganises public events such as Museum Night, theFestival of the Military Re-enactment Clubs etc. Contactinformation: Maris Grunskis, CustomerServiceSpecialist,phone: +371 65424043, +37128686331, e-mail: Adress: 5 Nikolaja Street, Daugavpils.

  8. Daugavpils Fortress CultureandInformationCentre Offers: • Theexhibition devoted to the history of the Daugavpils Fortressfreeofcharge, leaflets and information about the development plans; • Guided tours ofdifferent duration (45 min, 1h30min, 2h), thematic tours inthe Fortress. Prices dependon duration: • Wide range of souvenirs.

  9. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center is the multifunctional institution of contemporary art located in the Daugavpils Fortress. It is the only place in Eastern Europe where it is possible to see original artworks of world famous artist Mark Rothko, a founder of the Abstract Expressionism. Contact information: Darja Smirnova, Commercial Service Specialist, phone: +371 654 30279, e-mail: Address:3 Mihaila Street, Daugavpils Fortress, Daugavpils.

  10. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center • The Multifunctional Art Centre offers a chance to observe the permanent exposition “Mark Rothko. Life and Art” and the exhibition of original works created by Mark Rothko, temporary exhibitions of artworks by Latvian, European and world-known artists in the area of more than 2500m2. • The Rothko Center is used also for organisation of international symposiums of artists, workshops and master classes, meetings with artists and exhibition curators, concerts and other events. The Center also offers accommodation services, as well as premises for seminars and conferences, as well as a chamber hall. • Prices:

  11. Daugavpils BatCentre The Centre aims at popularisation of the nature values of the Daugavpils Fortress, education of the society and development of an understanding of significance of the nature conservation. Offer: • Day and night tours in Daugavpils Fortress about nature and bats; • Exhibition devoted to the nature of Daugavpils Fortress in Nicholas gates; • Public activities during events in Daugavpils Fortress (Museum Night, theFestivalofMilitary re-enactment clubsetc.) Prices: Contact information: ViktorsGallers, Project Coordinator, phone: +37120127472; e-mail.: MārisGrunskis, Scientific Coordinator, phone: +37126112386;e-mail: Adress: 3ANikolaja Street, Daugavpils(Nicholas Gate ofthe Daugavpils Fortress). Bilde

  12. Theexpositionofhistoriccostumes«Thechestofmemories» Expositionoffersthe dressed and accessories of the early 19th century. Visitors oftheexhibitioncan feel the atmosphere of the time of Napoleon. Working hours: from the 1st of May till 1st of November from 11am till 5pm (by previous appointment). Entrance: for adults 1.50 EUR, for students and seniors 1.00 EUR, for children under 5 years free entrance, for children from 5 years old - 0.50 EUR. Contact information: Irena Voitane, Managerofexhibition, phone: +371 22425156. Address:5a Nikolaja Street,Nicholas Gate,Daugavpils Fortress, Daugavpils.

  13. ShmakovkaMuseum • The largest and most contemporary Shmakovka Museum in Latvia. The museum offers modern and attractive story about the oldest Latgalian alcoholic beverage– shmakovka, which is an integral part of the culinary heritage. It is possible to learnthe process of shmakovka production with the help of the latest technologies. Souvenirs and degustations. • Opening hours: • Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm; • Sunday: 11am – 5pm; • Monday – Tuesday: closed. • Entrycosts: • The price for a group (from 9 people) with guide service: • Foradults - 3.15 EUR/person. • Forstudents, seniors, persons with special needs - 2.25EUR/person. • The use ofthe audio guide – freeofcharge. • Contactinformation: • Ilona Maksimcika, ManagerofDaugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency, phone: +371 65422818, +371 26444810, e-mail:, • web: • Address: 22aRigasStreet, Daugavpils.

  14. Daugavpils LeadShotFactory Theonlyammunitionproductionfactoryopenfortouristsinthe Baltics, foundedin 1886. TheFactory’sshotcastingtoweristheoldestandstillworkingtowerinEurope. Offers: • Guidedtoursinthehistoricalpartof Daugavpils ShotFactory (inLatvian, English, Russian); • Shootingrangeservices; • Guidedtoursaround Daugavpils Fortressandthecitycenter. Contactinformation: • Aigars Staks, MemberoftheBoard, phone: +371 27766655, e-mail:,web: • Address:28 VarsavasStreet, Daugavpils.

  15. LatgaleZoo Exposition of exotic animals in artificial jungles: crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, turtles, scorpions, fishes etc. Visiting and excursions: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 10am–18pm. Price: • Adults 0,60 EUR, • School age children 0,30 EUR, • Before school and teachers – free; • Excursion 5 EUR. Contactinformation: AivarsRimicans, guide, phone: +371 65426789, e-mail:, web: Address: 27 Vienibas Street, Daugavpils.

  16. ScienceandCuriosityCentre «ZINOO Daugavpils» Science center offers interactive exhibitions based on the physics principles, thematic lessons that reveal the physics, chemistry and natural science laws. Contactinformation: Viktorija Kozlovska, head of Centre, phone: +371 2695616, e-mail: Adress: 30 Vienibas Street, Daugavpils.

  17. ScienceandCuriosityCentre«ZINOO Daugavpils» • Interactive exhibition; • Excursions for groups, families and individual visitors; • Educational workshops; • Experimental shows; • Exciting camps; • Scientific parties; • Services available inside the center and outdoors. More information:

  18. «Jews of Daugavpils and Latgale» MuseumandSynagogue Daugavpils synagogue Kadish was built in 1850. Museum’s exposition tells about Jewish life and living traditions in Latgale and Daugavpils since 1935. The exposition represents the change in the number of Jews, sibling’s stories in photos, household and religious items as well as a variety of publications: magazines, calendars and books about Jews life in Daugavpils and Latgale. Guide services, individual and group visits during which there is opportunity to get acquainted with Synagogue and exposition of the museum and learn an amazing local Jewish family stories, historical aspects of Jewish life, prayer traditions, the importance of the altar, etc. Working time: visit by prior appointment. • Entrance: for donations. • Contact information: • JosifRocko, Manager of the Museum, phone: +371 29548760, e-mail: • Address: 38 Cietoksna Street, Daugavpils.

  19. Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum and Daugavpils Clay Art Centre The oldest and largest museum in Latgalefounded in 1938. It is situated in one of the most beautiful buildings of the town – art nouveau building that was built at the end of the 19th century and that is cultural and architectural monument of State significance. 15 halls contain exposition of local history and culture, exposition of local nature, art and other thematic exhibitions. Structural units of the museum are the Daugavpils Clay Art Centre, the Folk Applied Art Studio «Latgale», the National Studio of Decorative Applied Art "Klūga“. Contact information: Natalja Ivanova, SeniorSpecialist of the Public Relations Department, phone: +371 65424155, +371 20203713, Address:8Rigas Street(Museum), 8 18.Novembra Street (Clay Art Centre), 2 Patversmes Street(Studio«Klūga»). Bilde

  20. Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum and Daugavpils Clay Art Centre • Excursions at the exposition of history and culture, at the exposition of local nature and art exhibitions (at the permanent exposition audio guide in Latvian, Russian and English is available); • City tour (including by tram); • Educational and interactive programmes for children and adults at the Museum and the Clay Art Centre; • Thematic lectures at the Museum and outside it; • Special programme for the newly married at the Museum and the Clay Art Centre (including marriage registration in the yard of the museum); • Excursions at the Clay Art Centre; • Demonstrations of pottery and masterclassesattheClay Art Centre; • Willow weaving workshops at the National Studio of Decorative Applied Art "Klūga“; • Renting premises for different activities and exhibitions. Link to thehomepage to see the price list

  21. The Exposition of Medical History The exposition of Medical History is located in Daugavpils Medical College. This is the only one exposition in Latgale that reflects the theme of the history of medicine. The first part of the exposition is devoted to the 70th anniversary of the college. The second part of the exposition consists of the medical equipment of the 70-80s of the 20th century, work accessories and tools of various medical specialists, specialized equipment and nursing uniforms, the hospital bed of the 70s for adults and children, the incubator for premature children, authentic bedding and clothes for babies. There is a doctor's office in the exposition. This room is dedicated to the Joseph Markevich who was the well-known surgeon in Daugavpils. Working hours: by previous appointment. Entrance: free of charge. Contact information: LivijaJankovska, a Head ofthe Daugavpils Medicine College, phone: +371 65437943, +371 29341388, e-mail: Address: 26A Varsavas Street, Daugavpils.

  22. LatvianHouse Visitorscanexplore the handicrafts, rustic tools, household items of Daugavpils district of the19th and early 20th centuries. Visitorscanalsowalkinsideanapartmentofthemiddleclassfamilyofthe 20th century. Opening hours:  Wednesday: 10am- 6pm, Friday: 10am – 5pm. Contactinformation: GenovefaBarkovska, Head of the Latvian Society, phone: +371 29461765. Adress: 22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils (the entrance fromtheSaules Street).

  23. The Centre of theRussian Culture (Russian House) Information about Russian religious and national traditions, Russian folklore trades and history of national costumes, as well as the Russian community history and culture in Latvia is available at the Centre of the Russian Culture. Exhibitions in Russian House: • Old Belief in Latvia; • Orthodoxy in Latvia; • PyotrHudobcenok paintings; • Gzhel front room; • Hohloma chamber. Working hours:Monday – Friday: 10am- 5pm, Saturday – Sunday – closed. Entrance: Children– 0.28 EUR, adults – 0.85 EUR. Contact information: GeroidaBogdanova, HeadoftheRussiansociety, phone: +371 6541323, e-mail:, web: Address: 14 Varsavas Street, Daugavpils.

  24. Polish Culture Centre Polish Culture Centre was established in Daugavpils by initiative of Polish citizens with support of the Daugavpils municipality in 1997. The Centre aims to promote Polish language, culture, history and Polish national heritage. Visitors of the Centre can see various exhibitions, music and theater performances, international folklore festivals and evenings of religious songs. Entrance fee: children, students, seniors, people with disabilities - 0,28 EUR; other categories – 0,71 EUR. Contacts: ZhannaStankevich, HeadofthePolishsociety, phone: +371 65433719, e-mail: Address: 30Varsavas Street, Daugavpils.

  25. TheCentre of Belorussian Culture TheCentre of Belorussian Culture istheonlyofsuchkindin Latvia.It supportsthecreativemusicanddancecollectives, organisesexhibitonsandoffersthe "BelarusianHouse" guidedtourfor students. Working hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm, Saturday:11am – 3pm, Sunday: closed. Contactinformation: ZannaRomanovska, HeadofBelorussiansociety, phone: +371 65424695, e-mail: Address:92 Smilsu Street(Daugavpils Culture Palace, 3rd floor, room 306), Daugavpils.

  26. Daugavpils Theatre Daugavpils Theatre is the only professional theatre in the Latgale region. It performs in three languages (Latvian, Russian and Latgalian). The repertoire of the theatre includes stage performances of various genres: tragicomedies, comedies, dance performances, operetta, performances for children etc. The offer of the Daugavpils Theatre:; Contact information: Dainis Melans, Marketing Service Manager, phone: +371 65426720, e-mail:, web: Adress: 22a Rigas Street, Daugavpils.

  27. «Daugavpils Tarzāns»Adventure Park Adventure Park is located at the beach of the Great Stropu Lake, which is awarded the Blue Flag. The Adventure Park is equipped with six obstacle tracks designed for both adults and children. Obstacle park is equipped with a new generation safety system of Swiss company Kanopeo. Prices: Contactinformation: Iveta Niedinga, phone:. +37127006935, e-mail: Address: Dzintaru Street and KoknesesStreetconjunction, Daugavpils. Bilde

  28. Wateractivities • "SUPup" rental of water equipment offers the rental of inflatable SUP boards for outdoor activities, and also organises SUP trekking and river rafting.Contactinformation:phone: +371 29662869, e-mail:, web: • Kayak rentals, as well as all the necessary equipment rental for outdoor activities on the water. Various routes of different difficulty levels are offered - from 4 hours to 3 days.Contactinformation: phone:+371 29839631, +371 29965098. • «Wake It» Wake Park foractiverecreation. Contactinformation: phone. +371 26399916.

  29. Bikerental • Bicycle rental service in the city centre. The opportunity to ride and explore the city, taking a bike for a couple of hours, or go on a longer trip for the whole day. Prices:1 hour - 2,50 EUR, 1 day (8:00 – 21:00) - 8,00 EUR. Contactinformation: phone: +371 65404900, e-mail:, web: • Address: Park Hotel Latgola, 46 Gimnazijas Street, Daugavpils • Additional locations of bike rental servicenear the «Ditton Nams»Shopping Centre (60 Cietoksna Street) and at the «Stropu Vilnis» beach (74 Dzintaru Street).

  30. «Beibuki» BoatRental Wooden raft, canoe boat and kayak rental, river boat ride on motorised ship «Sola» (max. 25 people) and «Dina» (max. 13 people). Opportunity to rent a guest house for up to 40 people , different bath houses (sauna) , sport and entertainment events, pontoon moorings and footbridge production, underwater works. Contact information: IlmarsLociks, SIA Beibuks director, phone: +371 29493121, e-mail: Adress: 4 Vilusi Street, Vilusi, Daugavpils district. Bilde

  31. «Beibuki» boatrental • Wooden raft rent up to 170 people - price negotiable; • Canoe and kayak rent up to 60 people - 15 EUR per day; • Rides with a motorised raft – 3 EUR for kids, 5 EUR for adults; • Log guest house for up to 15 people - 170 EUR; • Accommodation for up to 40 people - 12 EUR per person; • Authentic Latvian bath house – 50 EUR for everyone; • Latvian bath house ritual – 70 EUR per person; • Transportable bath house and heated tub – 80 EUR per day; • Area for tents, fireplace, trampoline and a volleyball court; • Event and sport game organisation outdoors with accommodation and food included; • Transportation services; • Variety of water tourism routes across Daugavasloki; • Fishing. More information:;;

  32. Daugavpils Olympic Center • Multi-sports complex was commissioned on the November 1st, 2009; • The Centre was assigned a status of a national sports base on June 30th, 2011; • 1st floor: multifunctional hall, wrestling hall, fencing hall, gymnastics hall, conference room, medicine center, cafeteria; • 2nd floor: swimming pools, sauna, steam bath, 2 massage baths, salt room, gym, aerobics hall, snooker room. Contact information: Helena Skripnicenko, Manager (Multifunctional hall, conference room), phone: +371 26640007, e-mail: TatjanaArdaseva, Manager (Sports’ facilities, advertising), phone: +371 26436056, e-mail: Address: 1 StadionaStreet, Daugavpils.

  33. TheofferoftheSports Complex Sport:volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, tabletennis, floorball, fencing,wrestling,judo, wrestling, swimming, training, swimming, badminton, fitness, gymnastics. TheCenterofferessuchfacilitesastwoswimmingpools, sauna, massagebaths, fitnessandaerobicsgyms, salt roomandsnookerroom. Additional classes: sports dance. Culture:concerts, exhibitions, themeparties. SportsMedicineCentre:medicalconsultation, physiotherapy, massage, rehabilitation. SeminarsandConferences. Pricesandaditionalinformation:

  34. Daugavpils IceHalland Sports Hostel The construction of Daugavpils Ice hall began in May 1999. The Ice hall’s arena corresponds to European standards, so international competitions may be held here. There are 1 234 seats in the Ice hall, as well as 750 standing places. Sportshostel offers a wide range of services. There are double and triple rooms available. Contact information: Leonora Kokina, Administrative Director, phone: +371 27034473, e-mail: TatjanaArdaseva, Manager (sports’ facilities and advertising), phone: +371 26436056, e-mail: Address: 45a Stadiona street, Daugavpils.

  35. Daugavpils IceHalland Sports Hostel • Sportsmen from Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and other neighboring countries choose Daugavpils Ice Hall as one of the best places for training, competitions, games and social meetings. Training camps of foreign clubs have become the daily life of the Ice Hall. • The ice arena is also used for large concerts, festivals and sports events. • Sports Hostel offers a wide range of services. There are double and triple rooms available. On the territory of the hostel there is a gym, sauna, aerobics hall, dance hall, dining room. Rooms of the hostel are equipped with wireless internet. • Prices –

  36. Accommodationin Daugavpils Hotels • Homelike Hotel*** 66 Mihoelsa Street, phone: +371 29773764, • Park Hotel Latgola***46 Gimnazijas Street, phone:+371 65404900, • Biplan hotel*** 50 18 Novembra Street, phone:+371 29999950, • Biplan City*** 21 Viestura Street, phone: +371 29999910. • GoodStayDinaburg Hotel*** 39 Dobeles Street, phone: +371 65453010, • Leo*** 58 Kraslavas Street, phone: +371 65426565, • Sanmari46 Stacijas Street, phone: +371 27072727. • Olimpija2u Valkas Street, phone: +371 65451070, • Rebir19 Vienibas Street, phone: +371 29282395.

  37. Guesthouses • Villa Ksenija 17 Varsavas Street, phone: +371 65434317б +371 20388008. • Mark Rothko Art Centreresidences3 Mihaila Street, phone: +371 22135036б +371 65430278, • Biplan GuestHouseAleksandria65/67 Stacijas Street, phone: +371 27077692. • Duets 1 2 Precu Street, phone: +371 27026227б +371 65435607. • Biplan GuestHouse Arsenāls 72a Liepajas Street, phone: +371 27077692. • Teika-D 4 Varsavas Street, phone: +371 65457547, • Plūmju 14 Plumju Street, phone: +371 29722890. • Anton 7b Vecpils Street, phone: +371 29354884, +37127042690. • Stropu vilnis 74 Dzintaru Street, phone: +371 20008940. • Paradīze 193c 18 Novembra Street, phone: +371 65451551,

  38. Hostels Daugavpils MedicalCollegeHostel3/5 Miera Street, phone: +371 65431777. • SL Nams 49 Saules Street, phone: +371 29562163. • Erfolg25a Nometnu Street, phone: +371 25912250, +371 65420019, • Hostelof Daugavpils StateClassical School 24 Saules Street, phone: +371 65420611, +371 26159884. • Daugavpils OlympicCentre Sports Hostel47a Stacijas Street, phone: +371 65457925, +371 29850374. • Dzintariņš 41 Krimuldas Street, phone: +371 65445004. • Celtnieks 7 Elgavas Street, phone: +371 65432510. Camping • Chill&Grill74 Dzintaru Street, phone:+371 26343502.

  39. DAUGAVPILS – DIVERSE TOURISM DESTINATION2017 Daugavpils City Municipality Tourism Development and Information Agency