chapter two part two n.
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Chapter Two Part Two PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter Two Part Two

Chapter Two Part Two

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Chapter Two Part Two

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  1. Chapter Two Part Two

    What are our democractic rights? In Canada we choose people who form the government and they make decisions for us. This is called represented democracy.
  2. Magna Carta This means that everyone, no matter how important she or he is has to obey the law. The Magna Carta was really the first charter of rights
  3. How Can People Make a Difference? Volunteering to Help Others -People can volunteer to help other (building wells in Africa, being a lunch buddy) -You can make a difference for sticking up for others or by helping other less fortunate.
  4. Detecting Bias A bias is to when you have a strong opinion and are unwilling to consider another opinion or perspective. You can detect a bias by asking these questions: What is the subject about? What is the source of the information? Does the information represent all viewpoints? Does any of the information need to be checked for accuracy?
  5. Biased or Unbiased? Nine Horses Perish: Calgary Stampede Death Toll Continues to Rise. Source: PETA The Calgary Stampede touts itself as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” but animals pay a high price at the annual rodeo and exhibition.. The deadliest event in the Stampede is the chuck wagon races, in which teams of four horses pull old- fashioned wagons and race around a track at breakneck speed. Many horses have suffered and died during these races, including six in 2002 alone. There is nothing entertaining about a “sport” in which animals pay with their lives.
  6. Biased or Unbiased? Stampede Celebrating Everything Canadian Source: Calgary Sun Hundreds of thousands of Calgarians and tourists are expected to flock downtown in the morning to jockey for a curbside spot at the annual kickoff to the Calgary Stampede. The 150 entries include heavy horses, colourful floats, Treaty 7 First Nations traditional dress, mounted colour parties, pioneers and decedents in vintage rigs and on horseback, chuck wagons and outriders, stampede royalty, antique vehicles carrying dignities and local celebrities and 20 marching bands
  7. Magna Carta Https://