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Unparalleled Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality PowerPoint Presentation
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Unparalleled Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality

Unparalleled Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality

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Unparalleled Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality

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  1. Unparalleled Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  2. The Problems With Current Technologies Manual Dialing Labor Intensive – High Cost & Low Efficiency Voice Blasters Not Permitted under the Telemarketing Sales Rule / Low Call Rate Predictive Dialers Dropped Calls by Agents & Customers Hidden Fees: Monthly License Fee, Implementation Fee, Per Minute & Long Distance Fees ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  3. What Exactly Is Refractive Dialer? Refractive Dialer is the first and only multi-line dialing system with zero delay. Manual Dialing Predictive Dialer (Industry Standard) Refractive Dialer Call Attempt Call Attempt Call Attempt Talk Time Call Attempt Call Attempt Dropped Call Call Attempt Talk Time Call Attempt Live Call Connection with NO DELAY Live Call ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  4. Why Integrate With Salesforce? Unparalleled Automation DialForce works with/without a CTI Adapter to function seamlessly with any technologies Data hosting within SalesForce allows a single area to manage security rules for multiple areas ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  5. “Benioff believes the call center is’s next billion dollar industry... it very well might be.” “Behind the Cloud: An Interview with’s CEO Benioff.” Interview by Blake Landau. 12 Jan. 2010 ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  6. © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  7. Making the Best Even Better! SFDC customers are already singing with praise, with Refractive Dialer integration… they might lose their voice! Increases in: Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Customer Retention Sales Revenue Sales Productivity Customer Acquisition Higher Customer Lead Conversion Satisfaction over other Cross-sell and Up-sell Opportunities systems Reduction of costs in sales, service, marketing, and other operations. ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  8. Agent Controls: Call Lists Contact Method Set-up Recording Templates Intuitive layout and design puts all crucial information at the agents’ finger tips for conduction Outbound Dialing. ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  9. Connected Call: Instantly as an agent is connected to a live telephone call the lead page populates with all pertinent information, activity history, and can be supplemented by Informavores call scripting. No delay or dead air inhibits the ability to develop rapport, engage, and close the deal. ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  10. Custom Disposition Logic allows management to create complicated triggers and workflow actions to streamline and control the entire back end their own unique sales process. Via workflow rules, each disposition completes a task with all fields populated, comments recorded, and attached recording. ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  11. Manage Your Call List: Intuitive interface displays crucial information per Call List. Customize: *Call List Access *Dispositions Prepay your account and refill based upon usage! Our easy to use billing engine breaks down pricing packages and calculates real time estimates with appropriate discounting. ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  12. Customizable Dashboards: Full reporting and dashboard capabilities native. Percentage penetrated per campaign, average call duration for each disposition, cost per campaign per agent… you name it, you can track it! ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  13. A Complete Solution From Start to Finish Press Dial ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  14. Seamless Solutions Other technologies are limited in their integration with Salesforce or not integrated at all. As a result, the associated business logic is limited by the tools offered by the other solutions. By working on top of Salesforce, we're able to create new precedence of Automation. Furthermore, other AppExchange products can further enhance our offerings such as scripting by Informavores. ™ © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  15. In the same time required for an agent to manually dial 1 number, an agent using Refractive Dialer dials 10! © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  16. Refractive Dialer significantly increases connectivity with LIVE customers! © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  17. Refractive Dialer is so effective it connects your agents to more live calls per hour than they can physically dial! Keep your agents busy, and your customers in contact! © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC

  18. Unparalleled Productivity, Efficiency, and Quality © 2010 Refractive Dialer, LLC