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Single Side Band Radio PowerPoint Presentation
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Single Side Band Radio

Single Side Band Radio

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Single Side Band Radio

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  1. Single Side Band Radio Kenwood TS-50S Transceiver Kenwood Communications introduced the first compact 100 watt HF radio, the TS-50S in 1993. Since that time thousands have been installed and are used for daily communications on cruising sail boats around the world. Measuring only 7 1/16 x 3 3/8 x 9 3/16 inches and weighing a mere 6.4 lbs.. the Kenwood TS-50S operates in the 160M TO 10M Amateur bands with 500kHz to 30MHz general coverage reception. The TS-50S transceiver has dual VFO’s, supports LSB, USB, CW AM and FM with adjustable output levels of 10, 50 or 100 watts. Menu programming, 100 user memories, AIP, RIT, IF shift, AGC and TF-set round out the features. When hooked up to a computer, the TS-50S can send and receive radio-telex messages.

  2. KENWOOD COMMUNICATIONS produces high quality consumer electronics, test and communication equipment. KENWOOD has long been known as the pacesetter in Amateur radio, providing true innovative product designs and concepts. KENWOOD Amateur radios have a proud and strong pedigree dating back to 1946. KENWOOD was the first Amateur radio manufacturer to adopt the rigorous ISO-9001 standards for design, manufacturing and engineering. Many KENWOOD Amateur products meet Mil-Spec rating standards for ruggedness in rough commercial grade conditions. Today KENWOOD products are distributed in over 120 countries throughout the world and enjoy a reputation for reliability and technological innovation. KENWOOD believes that precise technology is one of the cores of reliability and quality. KENWOOD is committed to developing and building the finest quality components with state of the art technologies to lead their customers into the 21st century. Kenwood Electronics Canada Inc.6070 Kestrel Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5T 1SB Tel: (905) 670-7211Fax: (905) 670-7248 E-mail: