gain insights of your business with intelligence reporting n.
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Business Intelligence Service, Intelligence Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Intelligence Service, Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Service, Intelligence Reporting

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Business Intelligence Service, Intelligence Reporting

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  1. Gain Insights of Your Business with Intelligence Reporting

  2. To take effective decisions in running a business successfully, an accurate picture of the performance of the business in terms of business, customers as well as your sales and marketing teams is needed on a regular basis. Managers and executives are prone to take poor decisions if they do not get a correct picture through incomplete or inaccurate information and data. Hence intelligence reporting becomes a necessary, rather inevitable, business tool helping managers get intelligent insights needed for devising  decisive strategies and solutions. Almost all businesses have automated their key areas like sales and marketing by deploying intelligent Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM), to build and nurture professional relationships with their customers, prospects, and their employees as well. The intelligent CRM systems have many features, withintelligence reporting as one of the most important tool through which valuable data is delivered in the form of structured reports. It is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives and managers take informed business decisions.

  3. How are intelligence reports generated ? Big and small business enterprises use many systems, tools and methodologies for providing better service to their customers, enhancing their sales, and maintaining relationships with their clients, while at the same time monitoring and managing various processes in their organization by keeping track of the performance of their employees and teams. Over the years, a large amount of data is created and stored in various platforms of the enterprise, which takes enormous proportions as the company grows in terms of reach and sales. Intelligence reports are created with this regular inflow of data from internal systems and external sources, by preparing it for analysis, and making the analytical results available to corporate decision makers as well as operational workers within the organization. Advantages of Intelligence Reports Intelligent reports of nearly every significant aspect can be generated, including sources of lead  generation, conversion status, opportunity listing, account wise response, status at various stages etc., which help managers for taking informed decisions. You can get instant overview of sales and marketing activities' status of the organization, as well as of team and project, on the dashboard itself, to analyze team performance in just a few seconds. In fact, by these reports, you can see all that is going on at your work place in real time, in terms of numbers, which can be used to take actions as per the situations for deriving maximum benefits.  Opportunities can be recognized in advance, and can be capitalized upon by taking actions as per the indications projected by these intensive reports. 

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