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Colleges of the month

Colleges of the month

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Colleges of the month

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  1. Colleges of the month Ursinus/kean


  3. URSINUS COLLEGEMr. WONDERLIN "I loved my time at Ursinus.  I was drawn in by the small class sizes and the beauty of the campus, and made friends there that I will have for the rest of my life.  The history department taught me a great deal about how to study and debate history, and participating on the tennis team was an excellent opportunity to play tennis at a higher level against opponents from around the world."

  4. URSINUS COLLEGEMRS.HENGEL "I fell in love with Ursinus College the minute I went for my tour of campus. My four years there taught me so much that prepared me for my future career, graduate school and for life in general. It is a small school that gave me the opportunity to meet so many great students from all over, live on my own for the first time and gain a tremendous sense of independence and maturity that took me further than I ever imagined."


  6. Kean universityMr. winfield “A big part of what you learn in college, you will learn in dorms. You will learn how to handle everything from what to do in the case of roommate conflicts, to the pros and cons of all night cram sessions. In addition, you will share significant growing experiences with people who are going through the same things as you., creating bonds that often last well after your college dorm life years are finished.”