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7 Ways to Use Instagram API PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Ways to Use Instagram API

7 Ways to Use Instagram API

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7 Ways to Use Instagram API

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  1. 7 Creative Ways to Use Instagram API

  2. Usages of Instagram API • Since there are many of Instagram APIs, they can be used to serve different operations and can be integrated more with people’s needs. Though there are a number of ways to use the best features of Instagram, here is a list of exciting ways of implementing the API in a social wall on the website.

  3. 1. Tags Based Searching • With Instagram, you have the option to search and use hashtagged images. You can type the hashtag in the search box and the images which are posted on the social network by users using that particular hashtag. 

  4. 2. Picture Display on Website • With the API there is a use case where a photo stream with Instagram photos on the website can be set up on the website which is made from the user posted photos on Instagram.

  5. 3. Location Specific Photo Showcase • Instagram images and videos which are posted can be searched with Geo-tags, using the API. It is useful for the people who want to display the location-based trends in photos.

  6. 4. Display of Trending Photos • Photos which are trending and are most popular in feeds can be fetched with the use of Instagram’s API. 

  7. 5. Custom Themed Accessories • The API can help to gather entire photo feed and these photos can be used to make custom-decorated items like phones cases, eBook covers, and more.

  8. 6. Real-Time Feeds • One way it can be beneficial for event organizers is that they can create a real-time updating feed to display Instagram posts live with photos tagged with hashtags related to the event.

  9. 7. Promotion of Brands and Events • For brands and businesses, the photos fetched with Geo-tags and hashtags from the Instagram can be used to determine which things are working for them. People who own restaurant can use photos of customers having a good time at their location. • Read Article in Detail: 7 Interesting Ways to Use Instagram API