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  1. MCT2 POWERPOINT GAME Created by: Gavin Lea and Brandon Bates START

  2. 1 Read the following sentence: Aaron expected his sister would get angry when he told her about losing her favorite book, but he knew he would have to take the bull by the horns and talk to her. In this sentence what does the idiom “take the bull by the horns” mean? Tell several half-truths Face a tough situation Handle something gently Make a great deal of noise

  3. 2 Read the following dictionary entry: Amplify (am’-ple-fi’) vt. 1. to make larger or longer 2. to develop more fully with details and examples 3. to make louder, especially by electronic means 4. to exaggerate Based on this dictionary entry above, which of the following sentences does NOT use the word amplify correctly? The flute was too quiet until the musician chose to amplify the sound The braggart had a disturbing tendency to amplify the details of his life. The teacher told the student to amplify the main idea of his first paragraph. The manager hoped this would be the only customer to amplify his purchase today.

  4. 3 Read the following sentence: The long illness had caused Jonathan to lose weight, giving him a gaunt appearance. Which of the following is an antonym for gaunt? thin plump energetic attractive

  5. 4 Which of the following statements below is an opinion? Indeed, some ideas, like one that relied on a dog to bark out a ship’s position, were silly. After this success Harrison at last presented the clock to the Board of Longitude. By royal order the British Parliament passed the Longitude Act in 1714. The difference between the local time of the ship’s location and prime meridian time would tell sailors how far east or west they had traveled.

  6. 5 Read the following sentence: Refusing to endure any disrespect in the courtroom, the judge placed the loud-mouthed suspect in a prison cell overnight. Based on this sentence, what is the meaning of the word endure? face reveal observe tolerate

  7. 6 Read the following statement of the main idea of these lines: “The contributions of Flatt and Scruggs helped to establish Bluegrass music’s place in the music world.” Lorenzo made this inference based on the statement of the main idea of these lines. “Bluegrass music would not have become popular without Flatt and Scuggs.” Is Lorenzo’s inference correct? Yes, because popular bluegrass music was used on The Beverly Hillbillies Yes, because Flatt and Scruggs were leaders in making bluegrass music popular Yes, because “Dueling Banjos” became a popular song Yes, because Flatt and Scruggs were part of a popular band called Foggy Mountain Boys

  8. 7 Which choice from a poem contains an example of onomatopoeia?: A painting/ photo Mosquitoes buzzing The glassy pond mirrors Glisten in their rich brown fur

  9. 8 What is the meaning of the word sustain? cease hurry support measure

  10. 9 Which of the following statements below is an opinion? The park system has built trails down into the bowl so that hikers can descend and explore the cinder cones up close. From the summit one can look east and see the 13,000-feet high twin peaks of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii. What makes the summit so attractive, however, is its view. The sun is intense, and when the sun is high overhead, shade is nonexistent. *next question(s) will be in MATH category

  11. 10 What is the LCM (least common multiple) of 3x^4y^2 and 7xy^3? 21x^4y^3 21x^5y^5 10xy^2 10x^5y^5

  12. 11 Which statement explains how to simplify the expression 5^7/5^3 ? Keep the common base and add the exponents Keep the common base and divide the exponents Keep the common base and multiply the exponents Keep the common base and subtract the exponents

  13. 12 Drake spent a total of $37.50 on the entrance and ride tickets at the county fair. The entrance ticket was $13.50 and the ride tickets were $1.50 each. What is the number of ride tickets Drake bought? 25 34 9 16

  14. 13 Which expression is equivalent to -3x + 4(3x + 2) ? 4x + 6 9x + 8 9x + 2 15x + 8

  15. 14 Baxter plans to build a skateboard ramp. The dimensions of a side of the skateboard ramp are shown below. x 3 ft 8 ft Which is closest to x, the length of the ramp? 9 ft 11 ft 12 ft 13 ft

  16. 15 Which number below is an element in the set of whole numbers? √64, √π, √(1/4), √6.25 √64 √π √(1/4) √6.25

  17. 16 The city built a circular playground in the park. The radius of the park is 12 feet. Which is the closest to the circumference of the playground? (Use 3.14 for π) 24 ft 38 ft 75 ft 144 ft

  18. 17 Felicity’s quiz scores in her mathematics class were: 80, 84, 91, 80, 97, 100, 99 Which measure of central tendency should Felicity’s use to best represent the data? Mean Mode Range Median

  19. 18 What is the value of this expression? 114^2 116 228 11, 856 12, 996