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Big Brothers, Big Sisters PowerPoint Presentation
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Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

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Big Brothers, Big Sisters

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  1. Big Brothers, Big Sisters CAS 483 – Community Project Samantha Coratti Randi Lau Kaitlin Shartle

  2. Overview of BBBS • Big Brothers, Big Sisters is an organization where volunteer adults pair up with a younger child to provide mentoring and guidance • The program is a 9-12 month commitment where the “big and little” meet at least once a week and for an hour • The “big and little” take part in fun activities that have positive impacts in the child’s life

  3. current social media & Marketing • The Big Brothers, Big Sisters website is currently under the supervision of the Youth Service Bureau agency • While searching in Google, Big Brothers, Big Sisters does not come up as one of the top 3 websites, instead a link to the YSB that has a link to BBBS website and Facebook Page • BBBS currently has their own Facebook page that they do not utilize, instead they post to the YSB Facebook page • BBBS frequently post pictures and event updates, but they do not have many videos • BBBS also weekly uploads voice recordings that updates the public on current and upcoming events • We were told that we were not going to be able to alter the website, so we decided to focus on how we could better promote the organization throughout the community other than improving their website

  4. Discussion w/ Client • Suggest making more….. • Presence online • Appearances on campus • Table in the HUB • Flyers and brochures • More involvement through social media networks • Online testimonials from past and current “bigs and littles” • Videos of “big and little” interaction and activities • Advertise their events more • Upload to volunteer website

  5. Final Thoughts • Due to many different factors we were unable to implement any of our suggestions, although we were able to give Jodi Morelli, the BBBS Program coordinator suggestions and ideas to better promote the BBBS and YSB programs • Jodi really seemed to appreciate our ideas and said that she would run it past the company that run their website so hopefully we can eventually see our ideas implemented • As of right now, all we can do is hope that they will take our ideas into consideration and promote awareness so that their organization can grow