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UFC Updates

UFC Updates. David Hart, UFC AD SDSC TG Round Table 11/6/2008. UFC Updates. New PY4 activities page in Wiki: “UFC” http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=UFC Moving to 3 monthly calls UFC-OPS (tbd, next week) UFC-RP (tbd)

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UFC Updates

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  1. UFC Updates David Hart, UFC AD SDSC TG Round Table11/6/2008

  2. UFC Updates • New PY4 activities page in Wiki: “UFC” • http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=UFC • Moving to 3 monthly calls • UFC-OPS (tbd, next week) • UFC-RP (tbd) • UFC-DEV, last Tuesday of the month (8am PT/10am CT) • Wiki page organized along these lines • And aligns with PY4 plans and objectives

  3. December 2008 TRAC • 69 submissions for 160M SUs • 10 AUS requests • 113M SUs on Ranger, 12M on Kraken • For comparison, last December, we had • 80 requests for 32M SUs

  4. Startup: Initial Experience Survey • Released in Aug 2008 • 31 completes thus far How did you find the process? Needed help to complete Whydid you request a Startup? A little confused, took too long Other Curiosity A bit of a struggle, but okay Test/evaluate codes Classroom instruction Small allocation, ongoing Easy and timely Small alloc, specific project Prepare for larger allocation

  5. Startup: Follow-up Survey • Also initiated Aug 2008 • 23 completes thus far • Results in general show that • users complete their objectives (in full or in part), and • find TeraGrid helpful (or at worst neutral) to their work. What are your plans? Other Not sure Finished with TG Renew this startup Get larger-scale allocation

  6. UFC Operational Changes • Deprecating pops-alloc@teragrid.org and allocations@teragrid.org for user help requests • All requests should go to help@teragrid.org • POPS now handles standard functions that previously required email to allocations. • Thanks to Help Desk for providing first-line help for allocations requests (notably POPS password issues) • New pops-notify list being used by POPS to notify staff (incl. Startup reviewers) about incoming requests. • NOT a discussion list (so far)

  7. UFC Dev – Recent Updates • POPS-AMIE transition • POPS-TGUP authentication passthrough and “phase 1” improvements • Accounting • AMIE tarball • tgusage • Resource Description Repository (RDR) • WebSphere

  8. POPS-AMIE • Continued to finalize POPS-AMIE transition • Most significant issue: Existing users on existing projects not carried over automatically to new resources. • This had been done manually by Vicki in the past. • Working on portal updates to allow PIs to handle these special cases with only a few clicks and without TG Staff intervention. • Other issue identified in TGUP presentation of allocations and users • Arose in part because we had new allocations in TGCDB 3 weeks earlier than in the past. • Added Staff projects meeting to POPS to enable support for Staff projects explicitly.

  9. POPS PY4 “phase 1” enhancements • POPS-TGUP authentication passthrough being deployed next Tuesday (11/12) • Support for Advances • Currently using a workaround • Text changes to align with RAT/new policies • Auto-fill of POPS forms for renewals, supplements, justifications, progress reports

  10. Accounting • AMIE “tarball” version • Deployed in production at SDSC • Ready for other sites to deploy • Significant speedup in packet transport times • The more packets, the greater the speedup • tgusage 2.0 • Re-development effort underway • Working with CUE group to identify requirements • Targeting February release

  11. RDR Common and compute resource schemas complete RDR team at PSC working with IIS/MDS team to deploy prototype environment Represents a significantly new way of doing business, and hats off to the team for working through the issues.

  12. WebSphere • Contracts moving through channels at U Chicago • Will be working with Ascendant in the coming weeks to re-schedule training and migration plan • Will target to complete training and initial planning before Christmas • Major migration effort to begin in January • Focusing on other POPS and portal enhancements in the meantime, preparing for SCxy, etc.

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