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  1. Unit 3 Salvation

  2. What does “salvation” mean? the state of having one’s soul saved from sin save -- set free from the eternal punishment for sin sin -- breaking of God’s laws; disobedience to God’s will revival -- a public religious event that is intended to make people more interested in Christianity 福音布道会 lamb -- young members of church flockorChristian congregation fold -- group of people with the same (usu. religious) beliefs

  3. bring the lambs to the fold bring sb. to Christ mourners’ bench “. . . when you were saved you saw a light” altar, sisters & deacons

  4. Langston Huges (1902-1967) A prolific Black American poet, novelist and dramatist.

  5. Text 1: Comprehension & Analysis Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: STRUCTURE Before I was saved. (Paras 1-2) The process of my being saved. (Paras 3-14) After I was saved. (Para 15)

  6. Para1: • When did the salvation take place? • How did I get a chance to be saved? • What was my aunt’s attitude towards this chance of salvation? • Para 2: • 4. What happened to a person when he was saved, according to my aunt? • 5. How did I feel about salvation at first?

  7. Para 3: 6. How did the meeting begin? 7. What was the effect? Paras 4-6: 8. What did the members of the church then do? 9. What was the result? 10. Who was Westley? 11. What did Westley do? Did he see Jesus?

  8. Paras 7-14: 12. What did other people do when I was left alone? 13. How did I feel at that time? 14. What did I decide to do? Why did I make such a decision? 15. What was the reaction of the whole church?

  9. Para 15: 16. What did I do at the night of my salvation? Why? What did my aunt thought why? 17. Was I really saved? 18. What was the effect on me of the false salvation? 19. What lessons did I learn from this experience? Am I really saved?

  10. Text 1: Appreciation narration • What type of writing is this text? • How is the theme of the text “salvation” strengthened? • How does the title fit the text? • What’s the function of detailed descriptions of environment? • In what style is this text written? • Any other special points? repetition ironical creating pressure informal; boy’s narration Exaggeration; parallelism; short sentences

  11. Language Study • There be + doing • escort (cf. accompany) • lonely & alone • membership (Countable & Uncountable) • moan, cry, wail, sob, weep, whimper • but • save • further • break into (cf. burst into) • hold up

  12. moan(line 14) cry(15) wail(32) weep; sob; whimper cry and weep both involve the shedding of tears; cry has the widest use and may be the result of unhappiness, joy, etc. weep is more formal than cry and can suggest stronger emotions. e.g.The child was crying because he was lost. e.g.The hostages wept for joy on their release. sob indicates crying with irregular and noisy breathing e.g.He sobbed for hours when his cat died. wail indicates long noisy crying in grief or complaint e.g.The mourners were wailing loudly. moan indicates a long low sound expressing pain or unhappiness, usually without the shedding of tears. e.g.A moan escaped the badly wounded soldier. e.g.The prisoner moaned out a prayer for mercy. whimper indicates low crying sounds. Children or little animals whimper with fear or in complaint. e.g.The sick child whimpered.

  13. ★ hold up 1. to support sth and prevent it from falling down e.g.The roof is held up by pillars. 2. (often passive) to delay someone or something e.g.The building work has been held up by bad weather. e.g.Sorry we’re late----we were held up at work. 3. to remain strong and not become weaker e.g.His physical condition held up remarkably well. 4. hold sb/sth up as =to use sb/sth as an example e.g.His son was held up as a model of hard work.

  14. Original Sin envy gluttony greed lust pride sloth anger Seven Deadly Sins

  15. a revival in Vancouver

  16. What do people usually do at a congregation? Preaching, singing, praying & shouting! congregation

  17. ★Special revival meeting for children intends to produce an early interest in Christianity and to stir up the religious faith among them. revivals for children around the world

  18. Children Praying

  19. ★ Jesus is called the Lamb of God in the New Testament (新约). sheep believers in Christianity = their children = lamps God = shepherd

  20. ★mourners’ bench-- the front row of seats at a revival meeting, reserved for those who are to make confessions of their sins. mourners’ bench

  21. ★Light & star are often used metaphorically in Christianity.

  22. sister 修女 altar 圣坛 deacon 执事

  23. a dire picture of hell moans & shouts & lonely cries in hell

  24. work-gnarled hands jet-black faces and braided hair

  25. Knickerbockers Knickerbockered-legs

  26. Holy Trinity --Holy Father --Holy Son --Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) According to Christianity, Holy Trinity is the union of three divine persons, the Father, son, and Holy Spirit, in one God.

  27. Listen, Christ, You did alright in your day, I reckon ---- But that day’s gone now. They ghosted you up a swell story, too, Called it Bible ---- But it’s dead now, The popes and the preachers’ve Made too much money from it. They’ve sold you to too many… Goodbye, Christ Jesus Lord God Jehovah, Beat it on away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no religion at all ---- A real guy named Marx Communist Lenin Peasant Stalin Worker ME ---- I said, ME ! (From Langston Huges’ “Goodbye, Christ”, 1932)

  28. Sentence translation • 1. 这个看上去饱经风霜的渔翁伸出他那由于辛劳而布满老茧的双手,开始讲述了他海上生活的艰难历程。 • Holding out his work-gnarled hands, the old fisherman with a weather-beaten face started to tell us about the hardships of his life on the sea. • 2. 小女孩显然受伤不轻。她哭了好几个小时,现在仍在呻吟。 • The little girl is apparently badly injured. She’s been crying for hours and she’s still moaning.

  29. 3. 当诺贝尔奖得主由主席陪同走上讲台时,整个大厅顿时爆发出一阵欢呼声和鼓掌声。 • As the Nobel Prize winner went into the platform escorted by the chairman, the whole hall rocked with cheers and clapping. • 4. 舞会进行到高潮时,舞厅里一片乐曲和歌声。 • When the dance party was in full swing, music and songs swirled all around the ballroom. • 5. 不知是何原因,许多大学生又表现出对中国传统戏剧如京剧和越剧的浓厚兴趣。 • For some unknown reasons, there has been a revival of strong interest in traditional Chinese drama, such as Beijing Opera and Shaoxing Opera, among the college students.

  30. 6. 由于人们成群结队地涌向街头去观看一年一度的节日庆典游行,市中心的交通一度被中断了。 • The traffic downtown was held up for a while because crowds of people swarmed into the streets to watch the annual holiday parade. • 7. 当这个小伙子看到心碎了的父母亲时,他为自己给家庭带来这么多的麻烦而深感羞愧,他跪在他们的面前乞求宽恕。 • When he saw his hearten-broken parents, the young man felt so ashamed of himself for causing so much trouble to the family that he went on his knees and begged their forgiveness.

  31. 8. 看到久别了的儿子下了船,老人激动不已,可出乎意料的是,小伙子却视而不见,转身就走。 • The old man was very excited at the sight of his son, whom he had not met for a long time, getting off the ship. But it was quite out of his expectation that his son pretended not to see him; and turning his back to his father, the young man walked off right away.

  32. 9. 这两个邻国结束了长达十年的战争,签署了和约。自那时起,两国的经济交往和双边贸易得到迅猛发展。 • The two neighboring countries stopped the decade-long war and signed a peace agreement. From then on, their economic exchange and bilateral trade developed by leaps and bounds.

  33. 10. 当这位诺贝尔物理奖获得者出现在师生面前时,全场一片欢腾。他的演讲不时被震耳欲聋的掌声所打断。 • As soon as the winner of Nobel Prize of physics appeared before the faculty and students, the hall broke intoa sea of cheers. And his speech was punctuated by deafening clapping.

  34. passage translation • Sally Smith, an astronaut, was back at last after her seventy-day voyage through outer-space. As she was escorted by her husband into their living-room, the whole room rocked with cheers and clapping. Waves of joy swept through the place. Her pupils, who were all there, leaped in the air; her father jumped from his chair; and her mother threw her arms around her. When she kneltather grandmother’s knees and took her by the hand, her grandmother broke down and burst into tears.

  35. passage translation • “Oh, you’ve really come back, Sally,” she sobbed. “How I missed you!”“I missed you, too,” Sally said. While Sally wiped the tears from her grandmother’s cheeks, music and songs swirled all around them.