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The best TV for Gaming you must have PowerPoint Presentation
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The best TV for Gaming you must have

The best TV for Gaming you must have

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The best TV for Gaming you must have

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  1. TCL India The Best TV for Gaming you Must Have Gaming is an important part of urban culture. After all, a true gamer gains a lot of strategic and tactical knowledge from gaming. Whether single player or MMORPG, each video game channelizes your geeky esprit since you become the character and play it. For an immersive experience, you need a bigger screen with awesome on-screen specs. It’s much better than PC or laptop gaming since they are constricted to smaller screens. Gaming is larger than life experience. You play a character in an open world, where he/she goes through adventures and missions, some of which are quite impossible. To enliven it a huge-screen ultra-modern television is a must. Perhaps a 4K LED Smart TV? The other day I spent quite a lot of hours playing Outlast, one of the scariest games ever made, definitely not for the faint- hearted. It's been quite a while since its release, yet the game has amazing graphics and an eerie, realistic ambience inside a huge asylum. Since the game runs in real time in mostly dark settings, I had to optimise the local dimming and brightness a bit, especially when there is a torch or a flashlight scene. This was the micro-dimming feature that reduces the halo effect so that your vision can calmly focus on the graphics without squinting or groaning. Well, there is an important factor that I missed, which I would like to add here. My TCL X4 is a QLED Android TV. QLED TV is a revolutionising high-powered TV which consists of nano-sized light emitting Quantum dots that produce colours of the most vividly vibrant hues. The 4K display is excellent; I can’t fathom words to describe how stunning the screen looks. But in gaming, you necessarily don't need the 4K experience. The more important feature is the HDR. With the High Definition Range, your games get more layers of depth which makes it look unbelievably real. Another important feature which I found quite helpful in the display department is the MEMC. You can also call it the Sports Mode. Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622

  2. TCL India During fast action-filled movements and jump-cuts, there is an overall blur, and it becomes difficult to figure out what's going on. Therefore, the MEMC brings the motion blur effect where it’s easier to understand what’s going on screen. And as video games usually vary from 30-60 FPS, the effect is more visible. With the help of Micro-dimming, I can decide how much luminosity I need for the screen. It basically analyses the entire screen into zones and presents with the most accurate whites and blacks. There is an important fact you should remember about a 4K television. While the TV is exceptional with its UHD display and provides an immersive experience, gaming doesn’t happen in 4K. Pick up any 4K TV and same is the case. But what it lacks in the UHD department, the HDR covers it vehemently. Like, the other day I was watching LOTR: The Two Towers and literally experienced the Battle of Helm’s Deep then, later on, I played Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag via my Xbox One and the difference was clear- the game screen won by greater points. It looked incredibly real. And the Quantum- dots produced unconventional colour depths take the aesthetic levels to a new high. You will never experience anything like such in a Full HD Android TV. With amazing sound production and acoustics, the Harmon Kardon speakers deserve a bow. The Dolby audio technology has the 5.1 channel Surround Sound, which makes for the perfect home theatre setup. As an Android TV, it helps you a lot in various ways which might require a thousand words of more. To conclude, the TCL X4 is the best Android LED TV according to me. It has a decent price tag as well. Go, check it out for yourself. Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622