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Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

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Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

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  1. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Proudly Presents LARRY SMITH Corporate Trainer Millionaire Club Member $250,000 Ring Earner Platinum III Executive Director COREY ENSEY Corporate Trainer $100,000 Ring Earner Executive Director Golden App Award Winner Welcome Guests!

  2. Overview • The Company Documentation, Credibility, The Facts! • The Services What are the services? Is there a demand for them? • The Business Opportunity Is there a market? Is the market ready? • Is Pre-Paid Legal Right for You? Can you build your own business, have time freedom, and create financial independence?

  3. The Documentation!

  4. Documentation Beats Conversation! Now in SUCCESS from HOME Magazine!

  5. CREDIBILITY “ The management of Pre-Paid Legal, Harland Stonecipher and his team are doing all the right things to grow this company.” William Johnston Former President NYSE The 15 Senior Management Team Members of PPL Have Over 250 Years of Combined Experience WITH THIS COMPANY!

  6. THE FOUNDER Harland C. Stonecipher Founder, Chairman, and CEO • His Tragedy Became His Destiny-Mission Driven! • 2002 Voted Master Regional Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young! • 2003 Elected to the Board of Directors of the United States Chamber of Commerce and re-elected in 2005! • Has Been a Guest Speaker in the White House and Sat in the VIP Section at President Bush’s State of the Union Address! • Recently Voted As One of the US 100 • Most Powerful Insurance Executives!

  7. THE COMPANY • 34 Years In Business/NYSE Company (PPD) • $60 Million In Cash/Unpledged Investments to Fund the Growth • Purchased Over $222 Million-9.4 Million Shares Of Our Own Stock Since April 1999 • 12 Years Ago…..75 Employees • Today….Over 700 Employees in Ada, OK • New $32 Million 177,000 Sq Ft Corporate Office March 2, 2004

  8. Actual Growth & The Future There’s Not Enough Room On This Chart! $500 $450 $400 $350 2005 Recorded Our 13th Consecutive Year Of Record Revenue Growth! $300 $250 $200 $1 Billion! Projected In A Few Years $150 $100 2004$385 1997 $100 1998 $150 1999 $200 2000 $246 2001 $303 2002 $350 2003 $361 2005 $420

  9. Solutions to Problems… Create Business Opportunities! Lack Of Access To The Legal System The Facts! The Facts! Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Claims 27.3 Million Victims/5 Yrs 9.9 Million/Last Year (over 27,000 PER DAY!) Costing Financial Institutions Almost $48 BILLION! FBI Says, “Fastest Growing Crime In America! “More Than Half Of All Households Have A Legal Situation Right Now.” -American Bar Association “Even Law Abiding Americans Will Encounter A Potential Legal Situation An Average Of Four To Six Times Per Year!” -National Resource Center for Consumers of Legal Services

  10. PERSONAL SECURITY Identity Theft Shield $12.95/MO For Member and Spouse Or $9.95 With A Legal Plan Credit Report Through Experian Verify Your Credit Report Is Accurate! Credit Score Know How Lending Institutions View You! Federal Trade Commission states: 600 Hours of your personal time for restoration $1,500 out of your pocket in costs-per person OR Continuous Credit Monitoring Through Experian Notification By Email Of Suspicious Activity On Your Report! Identity Restoration Get The Help You Need When You Need It From A Licensed Investigator From The Leading Risk Consulting CompanyIN THE WORLD!

  11. THE PRODUCT Preventive Legal Services • Telephone Consultations For An Unlimited • Number of Personal or Business Matters • A Letter Written or Phone Call Made On • An Unlimited Number of Personal Issues • For You and Your Family • Contracts and Documents Reviewed Up To 10 Pages • Each On An Unlimited Number Of Them $26 Per Month Covers You, Your Spouse, Never Married Children Under 21, Full Time Never Married College Students Under 23, any Physically or Mentally Challenged Children Living With You Regardless of Their Age • Will Preparation And Annual Updates Included For • the Member

  12. THE PRODUCT Motor Vehicle Legal Services Effective 15 Days After Enrollment • Representation for an Unlimited Number of Moving Traffic Violations, including Teenage Drivers! • Representation For Certain Motor Vehicle Related Criminal Charges • Up To 2.5 Hours For Help With: • Suspended License • Personal Injury / Property Damage Collection Assistance Of $2,000 Or Less

  13. THE PRODUCT Trial Defense Your Provider Attorney Will Assist In The Defense Of Civil Suits And Covered Job-Related Criminal Charges. Up To 75 Hours Of Assistance The First Year, Including 17 ½ Hours Of Pre-Trial. • Benefits Increase Each Year To A Maximum Of: • 2nd Year-140 Total Hours-23 Hours PT • 3rd Year-205 Total Hours-28 ½ Hours PT • 4th Year- 270 Total Hours-34 Hours PT • 5th Year- 335 Total Hours-39½ Hours PT

  14. THE PRODUCT IRS Audit Legal Services Scheduled Benefit, Up To 50 Hours Of Professional Services From Your Provider Attorney, Including 3.5 Hours Of Pre-Trial Time. Coverage Includes The Tax Return Due On April 15th Of Your Membership Year

  15. THE PRODUCT Legal Shield Emergency Protection: 24 Hours Per Day, 7 Days Per Week If You Are Being Questioned, Detained or Arrested, Not Including Alcohol or Drug Related Matters

  16. THE PRODUCT Preferred Member Discount- 25% Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People! Divorce, Bankruptcy, DUI, Child Custody Issues, etc. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc Will Offer Our Members AT LEASTA 25% Discount On Serious Matters Like These. Would You Rather Hire A Law Firm On Your Own In A Serious Situation and Pay Full Price, Or Take Advantage Of Our Preferred Member Discount With A 34 Year Old NYSE Company?

  17. COMPENSATION You Collect $26.00 + $9.95=$35.95 + $10.00 Enrollment=$45.95 Special Promotion Price Of $49-$149! Advanced Commission Team Override Advance MORE FINANCIAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR BONUSES FOR VOLUME Director-3 Manager Teams 207.41 34.57 Plus Up To 82% More Money Through CFT Training Bonuses! Manager-3 Teams With A Sr. Assoc In Each Team 172.84 34.57 Senior Associate-After First 5 Members 138.27 34.57 69.14 Associate Residual Income Allows You to Get Paid Month After Month, Year After Year, For The Life Of The Membership! TIME FREEDOM! In 2004 Paid $119 MILLION In Commissions! In 2005 Paid $140 MILLION In Commissions!

  18. COMPENSATION The CASH FLOW Is INCREDIBLE Because WE GET PAID… EVERY DAY!!!!! Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 120589 321 East Main St. Ada, Oklahoma 74821 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 120589 321 East Main St. Ada, Oklahoma 74821 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 120589 321 East Main St. Ada, Oklahoma 74821 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 120589 321 East Main St. Ada, Oklahoma 74821 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. 120589 321 East Main St. Ada, Oklahoma 74821 Pay to the order of YOUR NAME ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Dollars 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 5 6 0 3 1 2 5 0 8 0 1 2 5 1 $100,000.00

  19. 100’s of Billions of Dollars Where Many More Millionaire Club Members Will Be Created! The Past and The Future! 63 Millionaire Club Members! 1.7%

  20. THE OPPORTUNITY • You Can’t Deny The Facts BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FACTS! How Many Companies Have You Seen That Have This Much 3rd Party Documentation? • This Trend and This Company Will Continue To Grow With Us or Without Us! • At a Cost of $49-$149, Less Than 2 Membership Commissions, Can You Afford NOT To Find Out?

  21. Protecting Families like Yours and Creating Real Opportunities!