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Department of Workforce Solutions

Department of Workforce Solutions. Quarterly Project Review PCC Certified Projects April 27, 2011 Celina Bussey – Secretary Aaron Hinds – CIO Ron Martinez – Dep. CIO Paul McNally – Contract PM. Certified Projects List. UI Systems Modernization (Reed Act / ARRA) UI Tax: $26M

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Department of Workforce Solutions

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  1. Department of Workforce Solutions Quarterly Project Review PCC Certified Projects April 27, 2011 Celina Bussey – Secretary Aaron Hinds – CIO Ron Martinez – Dep. CIO Paul McNally – Contract PM

  2. Certified Projects List • UI Systems Modernization (Reed Act / ARRA) • UI Tax: $26M • UI Claims: $12M • SHARE Grants Project: $1.7M (Reed Act) • UI Mod: $3.5M (ARRA) • Overpayments: RFP (SBR)

  3. Project Status Summary

  4. UI Systems Modernization A full system replacement of the UI Systems Modernization systems. Includes UI Tax and UI Claims. Replaces legacy Mainframe and Client/Server architecture. • Phase I – UI Tax: Complete • Phase II – UI Tax: 50% Complete (Schedule/Budget) • Phase III – UI Claims– Initiation/Planning Stage

  5. Benefits: UI Systems Modernization UI Systems Modernization will: • Provide a common platform, state of the art technology. • Replace aging Legacy infrastructure. • Provide 7-day/week convenient web-based self-service functionality to employers and claimants: • improving constituent convenience • reducing workloads on DWS staff through automation • Provide an integrated information system for Tax and Claims • eliminating duplication of data, complex error-prone inter-system interfaces, enhancing the quality and consistency of data and information, and promoting coordination of business units.

  6. Budget : UI Systems Modernization

  7. Schedule : UI Systems Modernization P1 = UI Tax Phase 1: Employer Registration (10%) P2 = UI Tax Phase 2: Employer Transactions Processing & Reporting (90%) P3 = UI Claims Phase 3

  8. Benefits: SHARE Grants Project • Improve the agency’s ability to report and track federal project information related to grants and grant funding. Provide value to the agency and our federal project stakeholders. • A collaborative effort between DFA, DoIT, and DWS to successfully implement a SHARE Grants Management solution and create an “Enterprise Cookbook” that can be used for the ease of implementing Enterprise level Grants functionality for State of New Mexico Agencies. • Support the DFA Fiscal Year 2009 Strategic Plan • Implement processes to effectively and efficiently operate SHARE • Provide reliable tools to end-users of SHARE and well engineered and linked processes that produce desirable, predictable results.

  9. SHARE Grants Project • A DWS SHARE project with multi-agency stakeholders with a high level of collaboration and oversight. (DWS, DFA, DoIT) • Address configuration settings for the SHARE Grants Suite with a focus on DWS needs for managing Grants and Projects accounting to improve reporting for federal funding. • A three Phase project.  P1, Fit/Gap Analysis, has been completed. P2 is underway with configuration, testing, training, cutover & support. P3 will be project closeout • We are here today to ask for a change in schedule. The Project schedule was revised due to contract negotiation delays. The schedule change affects the deliverable due dates to PHASE 2. The revised deliverables dates reflect the priorities established by business to meet their needs. • Estimated project completion: 9/15/2011. Original PMP project completion June 1, 2010 • Funding: Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 and Section 903 of the Social Security Act, also known as the Federal Reed Act.

  10. Budget : SHARE Grants Project $1,700,000.00 $ 307,083.00 $1,392,917.00 0% Total Project Expended Encumbered % Remaining

  11. DWS SHARE: Phase II Schedule 5/23/2011 7/1/2011 8/15/2011 8/31/2011

  12. Schedule : SHARE Grants Project P-1 Start 7/1/2010 End 1/4/2011 100% Complete P-2 Start 3/9/2011 End 9/30/2011 20% complete

  13. UI Modernization ($3.5M) UI Tax, UI Claims, and Call Center improvements to legacy systems to address 5X unemployment growth leading to system overload/failure. • Mainframe / DB / Infrastructure upgrades • 877 Self-Service / Call Center • EZ Route Self-Service • Notify – Outbound Messaging • QRoute • Virtual Hold • Deliverables complete • Final invoice payments in process • Final IV&V Report delivered • Legacy system support • Proposing to close project in May 2011

  14. Benefits: UI Mod ($3.5M) • Increase Call Center Capacity • CSR licensing increased from 25 to 70 (currently at 50 CSR’s) • UI Claims Increase: 10K to 50K • Extensions Tiers: 26-weeks of benefits to 99-weeks  Increase call complexity • Reduce call wait time for the customer • Increase is staffing • Self-service • Notify • Virtual Hold • Increase in system availability for all users • E.g. Self Service 24x7 • Invitation to tour facility

  15. Budget : UI Mod ($3.5M) $3,500,000.00 $2,682,474.00 $817,526.00 23% (Invoicing/payments) Total Project Expended Balance % Remaining

  16. Schedule : UI Mod $3.5M

  17. Overpayments An SBR funded initiative to develop a data mining, business intelligence, financial auditing and reconciliation solution to audit, detect, and analyze potential overpayments in UI Claims data created through business processing and fraud. • Project placed on hold – Management Decision

  18. Benefits: Overpayments • Improve condition of UI Trust Fund • Automate manual processes • Mitigate delays in Overpayment collections • Reduce incidence of Overpayment Fraud

  19. Budget : Overpayments Certified Amount: $1,380,220 Project on hold $90,000 – Project Manager $1.29M 93.5% Total Project Expended Balance % Remaining * Requirements gathering, initial project planning, and RFP Process accomplished.

  20. Schedule : Overpayments

  21. Thank You Questions?

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