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  1. Hinemoa-(Shirley Yang)-Market Manager Ana-(Wei-Gu)-Banker Edward-(Kuo Tai-Ming)-Richest person Martin-(Yueh-Hsun-Tsou)Technology Engineer Ioane-(Shoe Lou)Famous Singer TAIWAN

  2. National Anthem San Min Chu I San-min-chu-i, Wu-tang so tsung i-chien min-kuo, i-chin ta-t'ung.Tzu erh to-shih, wei min ch'ien-feng su-yeh fei-hsieh, chu-i shih ts'ung.Shih ch'in shih yung, pi hsin pi chung i-hsin i-te, kuan-ch'e shih-chung. The Rights of the People Our aim shall be to found a free land.World peace be our stand.Lead on, comrades, vanguards ye are.Hold fast your aim, by sun and star.Be earnest and brave, your country to save.One heart, one soul, one mind, one goal !

  3. THE FLAG: The “white sun in a blue sky” portion of the ROC’s national flag was originally designed by Lu Hao-tung, a martyr of the Chinese revolution. Lu presented his design in a meeting of the Hsing-chung Hui (Society for Regenerating China) in Hong Kong on February 21, 1895. It was redesigned to include a crimson background during the years just prior to the revolution. This later design is still used today as the national emblem.

  4. TAIWAN: Taiwan is the 17th largest economy in the world.14th largest exporter and importer and the third largest holder of foreign exchanges reserves, with over US $180 billion. Taiwan is also famous for its Electronics industry. Fact file Who is in charge: Ma ying-jeou is the president of republic China including Taiwan since May 2008 • Where is Taiwan: • Taiwan is an island located in East Asia between South and East china sea. • the island group is under the government of republic china. Population: 23,046,177. Capital: Taipei Area: 34,507 sq km Language: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and Hakka dialects.

  5. Currency TAIWAN SPORTS: -Volleyball -Baseball -Basketball -Football -Rugby Union ½ cents 1 cent $ 5 $10 $20 $50 NAME OF MONEY: YUAN

  6. TAIWAN HISTORY The island of Taiwan was first populated by Austronesian people. It was colonized by Dutch in the 17th century, followed by an influx of Han Chinese including HakkaThe Spanish also built a settlement in the north for a brief period, but were driven out by the Dutch in 1642. From then, parts of Taiwan became increasingly integrated into the Ding Empire before it ceded the island to Japan in 1895 following the First Sino-Japanese war. Taiwan produced rice and sugar to be exported to Japan and also served as a base for the Japanese colonial expansion into Southeast Asia and the Pacific during World War II. Japanese imperial education was implemented in Taiwan and many Taiwanese also fought for Japan during the war.

  7. Export& Import Exports: 1.Electrical Machinery 2.Computer accessories 3.Baby and children products 4.Hardware products 5.Video equipment 6.Toys and sport goods 7.Auto parts 8.Underwear and swimwear 9.Machinery 10.Misscellanous household goods. Export Markets: United States, Japan and Hong Kong. Imports: 1.Electric Machinery 2.Mechanical appliances 3.Mineral Fuel 4Precision instrument 5.Ribbons 6.Glasses(window , cups and mirrors) Imports Markets: Japan, United States and Hong Kong.

  8. WHATS GREAT ABOUT TAIWAN: • ATTRACTIONS SPOTS: • Natural Waterfalls • Lakes & Hot springs • Temples • Morden skyscrapers • Shopping malls THE CAPITAL: TAIPEI Taipei the country’s capital, it is also hosts several world class-museums. The Taipei 101 building, is the tallest building in the world and home to numerous corporate head offices, a shopping mall and several restaurants. Great Parks: KENTING NATIONAL PARK-is known for its famous beaches lush vegetation. It is nestles at the extreme southern tip of Taiwan. SHEI-PA NATIONAL PARK- is another famous park that spans mountains and parks that makes for great hiking experience.

  9. TAIWAN CITIES: HSINCHU- is the country’s technology and one leading producers in the world. JIOUFEN- a former boom town where gold prospecting flourished, is now one of the most popular tourist destinations. HUALIEN - is one of the most appealing and breath-taking of Taiwan’s cities. TAINAN- is the oldest city in Taiwan and was capital during imperial times. It si famous for its Temples and other historic buildings.

  10. FOOD: 1.Noodles 2.shrimp rolls 3.chicken thighs 4.Soup

  11. THE END: Hinemoa Ana Martin Ioane Edward Zai-Jian = Good Bye