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Anti- Gay Marriage PowerPoint Presentation
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Anti- Gay Marriage

Anti- Gay Marriage

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Anti- Gay Marriage

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  1. Anti- Gay Marriage By lama Wehbi

  2. Introduction • Gay Marriage is frowned upon by many, and if it is not regulated, it will continue to increase. • The exposure to gay clubs and the public display of affection by gays already has a large influence on society. • Gay marriage will enhance the number of gays by encouraging others to become gay. • Allowing Gay marriage to expand would harm society and alter the fundamentals that our society is based upon and that is family and marriage.

  3. Marriage • “the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc” (“marriage”). • No where in the definition of marriage does it state that a man and another man can marry nor a women and another women. • To most marriage is sacred, “Marriage is the most sacred institution in this country, and every society considers it the joining of a man and a woman” (Messerli). • Allowing Homosexuals marriage would lessen the value of what marriage is today.

  4. Marriage and Religion • Most religions find homosexuality a sin. • Homosexual marriage also weakens the definition of marriage by religious means. • Many if not all holy books, such as the Qur’an, Bible, and Torah are against it and define marriage as a man and a woman (Bazzi). • Religious leaders believe what their religion has brought upon them, they want those teachings to be followed and passed on, but their position and effect on society will be weekend if homosexual marriage is allowed

  5. AIDS • AIDS was first detected in 1931, only two years later over 3,000 had been diagnosed and 1,000 had died from the dieses. • By the end of 1990 over eight million were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. • In 2007 it was found that 71 percent of those infected with AIDS are “men who have sex with men” (MSM). • It is now infecting 33.2 million people


  7. The other side • Although there is a verse in one of the Bibles that states that same sex marriages are okay, it is not directly stated. It is stated in a manner that portrays it as being normal under certain circumstances. Also there are several Bibles so its not clear which is the absolutely correct • Homosexuals claim that their In love. However, you do not need to marry to be in love. Marriage is about more than just love, it is about procreation and supporting what is known to the “fundamental family” • Also people can love things that are objects and non-human, does that mean they should get married?

  8. Fundamental family • “The building blocks of our society and the thing that makes it strong is the traditional family of man, woman, and children” (Messerli). • Children raised in a heterosexual home will grow with more knowledge about life and its challenges. • A child needs a mothers nurturing and a fathers loving companionship.

  9. Fundamental Family cont. • A female child raised without a mother will lack feminine touches and will have a difficult time while going through puberty and the same for a male in a lesbian household. • In order for children to grow up well rounded they need both a mother and father figure. • Also children in a homosexual home will not have the chance to be raised among siblings. • “The best way to assure that children get the best possible upbringing is to require spouses to be of different genders” (Robinson).

  10. Conclusion • Gay marriage will devalue the definition and concept of marriage • It is a disadvantage for children to be raised in a homosexual home because they will lack either a mother or father, and most likely will be raised without siblings. • AIDS! AIDS! AIDS! Homosexuals have been the cause in the rise in and AIDs/HIV and the deaths accommodated with it. It is hazardous to the health of our nation. • Gay marriage should be banned, as it is already in 19 states, it is destructive towards the community, and the fundamental core that our society based itself upon; marriage and family.

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