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Tanzania National Roads Agency PowerPoint Presentation
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Tanzania National Roads Agency

Tanzania National Roads Agency

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Tanzania National Roads Agency

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  1. TANROADS Tanzania National Roads Agency BRIEF OVERVIEW OF TANROADS Tuesday 29th March 2011 Thursday 17th June. 2010

  2. Presentation Highlight • Establishment of TANROADS • TANROADS Responsibilities • Network under TANROADS Jurisdiction • Administration Arrangements • Objective of TANROADS • The Underlying Policies for TANROADS Operations • Challenges • The Way Forward

  3. ESTABLISHMENT OF TANROADS • TANROADS was set up in July 2000; as a Semi Autonomous Agency under the Ministry of Works • Manages approx. 33,012 km of Trunk and Regional Roads. • With Staff strength of 697 comprising of • 492 Skilled staff • 205 supporting Staff

  4. TANROADS Responsibilities • Include:- • Determination of what needs to be done on the network. Carried out by ourselves or by consultants appointed by us • Planning for carrying out the required interventions. Based on priority ranking. • Engaging contractors to carry out the works • Supervising the works. Done by us or by consultants whom we employ

  5. TANROADS Responsibilities (cont…) Other functions include:- • Establishing and operating toll roads where feasible • Establishing and maintaining an appropriate databank for the national road network • Establishing and operating weighbridges and enforcing axle load control on the national road network.

  6. TANROADS responsibilities (cont…) • Carrying out / commissioning research in support of our operations when necessary • Advising the Ministry of works on standards and specifications for road works • Currently TANROADS also manages four (4) equipment hire units. (Soon to be transferred to TEMESA)

  7. Network under TANROADS • Total Length - 33,012 Km • Trunk Roads - 12,786 Km • Regional Roads - 20,226 Km Bituminous Surfaced length - 5,825 Km Trunk - 5,123 Km Regional - 702 Km NB: Bituminous surfaced length is 16% of main Road Network. The figures should be compared with the average for Sub-Sahara Africa of 30%

  8. ADMINISTRATION STRUCTURE • The agency is headed by a Chief Executive • There are six functional Directorates namely:- Maintenance, Development, Planning, Procurement, Projects and Management Services. • There are 21 regions managed by Regional Managers. The Regional Managers and heads of Legal and Internal Audit Units report directly to the CE

  9. Approved Organization Structure for TANROADS (Headquarters)


  11. ADMINISTRATION (cont…) • Currently, staff strength is 697 comprising • 199 Engineers • 287 skilled staff includes technicians, accountants, supplies officers, office supervisors • 205 supporting staff including receptions, drivers, office attendants

  12. Objective of TANROADS To support socio-economic growth and help reduce poverty through:- promotion of trade support for the economic sectors such as agriculture, mining, tourism, industry Provision of access to social services such as health, education and recreation

  13. Underlying Policies for TANROADS operations Investment must be properly made based in accepted criteria Stabilization of the network through upgrading of the trunk roads Road maintenance to be given a high priority In allocating funds for road maintenance, priority is given to roads in good condition followed by roads in fair condition

  14. Underlying Policies for TANROADS operations Strict enforcement of laws on axle load control Protection of the environment to be given due attention in all activities Road safety to be given serious consideration in all activities Encouragement of the use of labour based technology where appropriate for poverty reduction

  15. Underlying Policies for TANROADS operations (cont…) Promotion of Private sector participation in road infrastructure delivery Gender mainstreaming - the provision of equal opportunities to both genders in the agency Promotion of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in the agency and among other stakeholders

  16. Challenges: The size of Tanzania and its scattered settlement patterns. Linking these development centers with reliable road require huge capital investment. Inadequate funds for maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading. Unstable network due to small percentage of the network which is paved A huge backlog of rehabilitation

  17. Challenges: (cont…) 3. Low capacity of the local construction industry. Vandalism of Road furniture, high levels of road accidents 6. Road reserve clearance continue to attract a number of legal suits 7. Inadequate internal capacity for procurement and contract management

  18. The Way Forward Continued to ensure transparency and accountability. Continued leveraging of funds from development partners. Raising of local funds to accelerate the rehabilitation and upgrading of the trunk road network. Continued strengthening and expansion of the base of the Roads Fund.

  19. The Way Forward Continued capacity building at TANROADS in procurement and contract management. Develop clear and enforceable Road Reserve Management Guidelines