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Strategic Intelligence, Intelligent Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Intelligence, Intelligent Strategy

Strategic Intelligence, Intelligent Strategy

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Strategic Intelligence, Intelligent Strategy

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  1. Strategic Intelligence,Intelligent Strategy Hanasaari 7.9.2006 Mika Aaltonen Ph.D. (Econ.), Adjunct Professor (Foresight & Complexity)

  2. StraX – the research unit for strategic intelligence and exploration of futures • -Mika Aaltonen, Head & Chairman of the Board StraX, HUT • -Matti Alahuhta, CEO Kone, Chairman IMD, Board Member BT • -John L. Casti, President The Kenos Circle • -Rolf Jensen, Chief Imagination Officer, Dream Company • -Michael S. Loescher, CEO Copernicus Institute • -Dave Snowden, Director Cynefin Centre, Editor E:CO

  3. Intelligence Mining… • TimeAdventurers´ Club • Dream Company, Brandstory, BT Applied Research & Technology, Kaospiloterne, e-Cultura Net… • AC/UNU Millennium Project • Peter Bishop, George Gowan, Jerome Glenn, Theodor Gordon, Shinji Matsumoto… • E:CO • Peter Allen, Jeffrey Goldstein, David Snowden, Michael Lissack, Bill McKelvey, Gareth Morgan... • European Regional Foresight College • Michel Godet, Philippe Destatte, Eleanora Masini... • The Kenos Circle • John Naisbitt, John Casti, Robert Prechter, Michael Loescher, Keith Fitz-Gerald, Harry Swain… • The Royal Society of Arts • Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking...

  4. Targets • Seeing things that people did not see before – shift your perspective • Not to tell what to think, but lure people to think differently – teach people to practice possibilities • Push the boundaries, the habits and prejudices, to the limits where new ideas have to be put forward • Complex, uncertain, confusing, even bizarre scenarios/possibilities, and running people through them

  5. Planes of Influence • Terrestrial. Geopolitical domains of air, sea, undersea, and land, as well as physical concentrations of wealth. • Space. The world of satellites and future space platforms. • Spectral. Eletromagnetic spectrum, frequency management, and sensing. • Virtual. The global world of networks and connectivity. • Psychological. Media and conduits used to influence the hearts and minds of people.

  6. Insights • Starlight: the role and nature of time in analysis • Sanctuary: the propensity to hide in an open world • Small stuff: software, bio, nano • Veracity: the challenge of truth and knowledge • Herds: people and ideas on move • Wealth: moving past money • Power: clout and who or what has it • A Parallel Universe: from networks to cyber life • Bedfellows: the significance of teaming

  7. Interaction Between Entity and World remembering imaginating thinking perception action PASTS PRESENT FUTURES

  8. Challenges • Knowing the changing global strategic landscape • Increasing IQ as competitive advantage in the knowledge economy • Improving capacity to decide • Ubiquitous computer constant decision changes • Improving your improvement system • Developing strategic consciousness (not just strategic plans) • Personal information management

  9. IQ as Competitive Advantage (I) • Responding to feedback - ICT and ubiquitous computing • Personal Information management, and guessing journals • Consistency of love and diversity of environment • Stimulate the brain by being around intelligent people (including in cyberspace too) and playing intellectual games • Company memes (intelligence is sexy) • Improved nutrition, studying logic, philosophy, futures research • Nootropics, brain-computer and other bionic enhancements • Physical exercises from yoga and martial arts to juggling

  10. High Concept: Detect patterns Create emotional beauty Craft satisfying narrative Combine unrelated ideas High Touch: Empathize with others Understand human interaction Elicit joy in others Pursuit purpose and meaning IQ as Competitive Advantage (II)

  11. Conclusion • What was the most important idea • that came to your mind?