where did the isbell staff attend college university n.
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Where did the ISBELL staff attend college/university? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where did the ISBELL staff attend college/university?

Where did the ISBELL staff attend college/university?

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Where did the ISBELL staff attend college/university?

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  1. Where did the ISBELL staff attend college/university?

  2. Southeastern Oklahoma State University is located in Durant, Oklahoma. It is 15 miles from the Oklahoma – Texas border. There are about 4,000 students that attend SOSU. One of our first grade and second grade teachers attended SOSU. Who are they?

  3. Mrs. Mantzey- 1st GradeMrs. Sutherland -2nd Grade

  4. Stephen F. Austin State University is located in Nacogdoches, Texas. It is mainly a teaching and research university. One of our second grade teachers and one of our third grade teachers attended SFA. Who are they?

  5. Second Grade: Ms. WoodThird Grade: Ms. Walker

  6. ACU • One of our fourth grade teachers attended Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas. ACU is a private college with just over 4,800 students and 200 college professors. This teacher has also taught first grade. Who is she?

  7. Mrs. Mitchell

  8. One of our staff attended the University of Missouri, the home of the Mizzou Tigers. The college was founded in 1839 as the first public university west of the Mississippi River and the first state university in Thomas Jefferson's Louisiana Purchase territory. U of M also started the tradition of Homecoming in 1911. It celebrates 100 years of Homecoming this year. The teacher who went to the school is very tall and loves art work.

  9. Mr. Rimmer

  10. One of our teachers went to college in Kentucky. The University of Kentucky is home of the Wildcats. This teacher teaches second grade. Who is she?

  11. Mrs. Lewis

  12. I attended Oklahoma City University. We didn’t have a football team at our school so we cheered for Oklahoma University. Students can major in more than 70 undergraduate majors, 17 graduate degrees, including law( JD), business (MBA) and PhD in Nursing. Today I teacher Language Arts and Social Studies to fifth graders. Who am I?

  13. Mr. Walker

  14. Three of our teachers attended Texas A & M. There are 46,000 students that study at the school located in College Station, Texas. One of the teachers helps with reading. There is one first grade teacher and one third grade teacher who attended this school. Who are they?

  15. Mrs. Pruessner- ARIMs. Jones- First GradeMrs. Beathard- Third Grade

  16. I attended college in California. I went to the University of California, Davis. UCD is known for its veterinarian and agricultural programs. We all walked or rode our bikes on campus. Today the school has a state of the art music and theater hall; as well as a new engineering building. Our mascot is an aggie, just like Texas A & M. Our colors are blue and gold. At the football games they would ring a cow bell. I work in the office and with all the kids. Who am I?

  17. Mrs. Cruz - Counselor

  18. One of our kindergarten teachers attended the University of Oklahoma. The school is known for its name the Sooners and their colors are white and red. You can see her wearing her OU shirt proudly when Texas A & M play OU. Who is she?

  19. Mrs. Greenwood

  20. Belhaven University is located in Jackson, Mississippi. The school is known for its performing arts. This teachers attended the school for the teacher education program. She also played soccer for the school. Today she teaches all the students on campus how to “use the mouse”. Who is she?

  21. Mrs. Buescher - computers

  22. These teachers and administrator attended the University of North Texas. The UNT school colors are green and white. The nickname is Mean Green. The mascot is an eagle named Scrappy. One teacher teaches math and science in fifth grade. One teacher moved from kindergarten to third grade. The other teacher teaches kindergarten. Last but not least is one of our administrators. Who are they?

  23. Mrs. Denison-Kindergarten Mrs. Dwyer – 5th grade Mrs. Ridlehuber –Third Grade

  24. AND Mrs. Dodson- Assistant Principal

  25. I attended Texas Tech located in Lubbock, Texas. My degree is in Fine Arts/ Studio Art. The hardest course I took in college was statistics. The craziest course I took was rope sculpture. Our college mascot is the Red Raider. Our colors are red and black. I think the college experience is important not only for what you learn in class but for learning to live on your own and learn responsibilities. I loved living in the dorm and meeting other students from all over the country and making lifelong friends. My advice to you is set a goal and never give up – even if the classes are hard or the teachers are tough, you stick to your goal. Today I take care of the entire school. Who am I?

  26. Ms. Lemons-Principal