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  2. Terminology • Pass • Bump or Dig • Set • Spike • Serve • Volley • Lift • Carry • Double hit

  3. Bump or “Dig” • Use a bump when the ball is below your head. • The heels of your hands need to be together • Your forearms are referred to as your “platform” or “backboard” • When you are attempting to bump the ball… • Bend your knees • Have your arms angled towards your target • DO NOT SWING YOUR ARMS!!! • Move your feet and adjust if the ball does not come directly towards you. • Reminder:If you have to use 1 hand at any time, you must have a closed fist. • Video- How to properly dig in volleyball

  4. Set • When the ball is above your head, you want to use a set • Both hands are apart forming a triangle • Feet should be shoulder width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other. • When the ball hits your hands, transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot • As the ball hits your finger tips, push the ball forward and out towards you target • Video- How to properly set

  5. Illegal Hits • Lift- when you hit the ball with two open hands (palms facing the ceiling) underhand. • Carry- when the ball is set below head level • Double hit- When a player is trying to set the ball and their hands don’t hit the ball at the same time or simultaneously.

  6. The Serve • You can serve overhand or underhand • During the actual serve, you must start and finish behind the service line (also called the end line) • On either the underhand or overhand serve, always have your opposite foot forward • Overhand= open hand; Underhand= closed fist • How to properly serve overhand • In order to serve overhand, you must show your teacher that you can serve 5 in a row underhand.

  7. Game Play • 2 teams • 6 players on the court • The game will always start with rock, paper, scissors to determine which team serves first • Games will be played to 15 points • We will be using rally scoring: each serve results in a point for one of the teams

  8. Positions on the court • NET Left Front Middle Front Right Front Left Back Right Back (Server) Middle Back

  9. Rules of the game • Game begins with a serve (from the right back position) • The server can not step on or overthe service line • The receiving team has no more than 3 hits to send the ball back over the net • Bump, set, spike is the usual order • You can hit the ball back over the net in 1 or 2 hits

  10. Rules of the game • Out of bounds/Boundaries/Ceiling • Each court will be marked with lines • VERY IMPORTANT: THE BALL IS NOT OUT UNTIL IT HITS THE GROUND!!! • If the ball hits a line, its is considered IN • If the ball hits a side or back wall, it is automatically out • Ceiling rules • If the ball hits the ceiling and comes back down on your side, it is a playable ball. • If the ball hits the ceiling and comes back down on the other teams side, the play is over. Their point, their serve. • If the ball hits a basket, it is an automatic replay

  11. Rules of the game • The Net • If the ball hits the net at any point, it is a playable ball, EVEN ON THE SERVE • A PLAYER CAN NOT TOUCH OR GO UNDER THE NET • If this happens, it’s the other teams point and their serve