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 starter activity

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 starter activity
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 starter activity

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  1. starter activity 38,000 pairs 6 million 3 months 13-15 minutes 90 x 90 cms 22-29 kilograms The numbers above are connected to the treatment of Jewish people by the Nazis during WWII. Can you imagine what they refer to?  Why did the Nazis feel this way about Jews?

  2. Note: Holocaust means ‘sacrifice’, Jewish people prefer the term ‘churban’ meaning ‘destruction’  Key word: persecute, genocide Why was the ‘Holocaust’ allowed to happen?  LOs To find out why the treatment of Jews got worse during WWII To assess who might have been to blame and why it’s important to remember

  3.  Your task A badge showing the Star of David, which all Jews were made to wear in the 1930s Study the information in ‘The Twentieth Century’ on pp.52-55. Around the picture your teacher provides, note down the different ways the Nazis persecuted Jews. Can you see any links between the methods?

  4. Wannsee, Berlin, 1942

  5. Steps to Final Solution • 1942, Nazi leaders met at Wannsee, Berlin • Planned quickest way to eliminate the remaining 11 million Jews • Concentration camps would become extermination camps • 6 major camps, including Auschwitz

  6. Gateway to Auschwitz – ‘Work makes you free’

  7.  Your task Read p.56-7 of ‘The Twentieth Century’. Imagine you a lawyer investigating war crimes. Make a list of the different people involved in the Holocaust. Who was most to blame and why? You have been asked to choose 3 pieces of evidence to prove the Nazis persecuted the Jews. Which would you choose and why?

  8.  Your task • Watch the clip from ‘The Second World War in Colour’ and think about the following points: • Why was it important for ordinary Germans to visit the camps after the war? • Why was it difficult to decide who was really responsible for the death of so many people?

  9.  Your task • Write a letter to one of the survivors of the Holocaust explaining that you have just studied the Holocaust at school. Include the following: • what you know and understand about the Holocaust • how you feel about the Holocaust • why we should remember the Holocaust Rudi Oppenheimer - survivor

  10. SATISFACTORY You describe how you feel about the Holocaust or You describe the Holocaust GETTING BETTER! You consider how you feel and why we should remember and You use some examples from today’s lesson EXCELLENT You explain what you have learned about the Holocaust using detailed examples from your notes You also explain how it has affected you and why it is important never to forget the lessons of the past

  11. UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty & security of person Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

  12.  Homework Extension. Visit the Holocaust Education Trust website and read one of the survivor’s stories. Summarise it in your notes. Have we learned the lessons from the Holocaust? Research other examples of persecution in our times. Note down when and why the tragedy happened and what life is like in the region now. Rwanda Bosnia Somalia Darfur, Sudan

  13.  Plenary • How did the Final Solution come about? • Who was most to blame? Lessons we must never forget!