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How to Identify Limiting Beliefts? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Identify Limiting Beliefts?

How to Identify Limiting Beliefts?

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How to Identify Limiting Beliefts?

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  1. Limiting Beliefs

  2. Have you identified your beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your GOALs and become more successful?

  3. Limiting beliefs will hold you back from leading life that you desire and deserve

  4. Did You Know these9 LIMITING BELIEFS TO AVOID?

  5. Stop believing that failure is a bad thing When you fail, you learn When you succeed, you rarely learn a damn thing It is through trial and error that the greatest accomplishments happen

  6. Stop believing that having more is being more The more things you acquire, the more things you have to maintain, store, and feel obligated to use Buy andkeep the things you love, and let go of the rest. Be free….

  7. Stop believing that everyone cares about everything you say and do The world watches few of us. Live your life, not the one you think others want you to live

  8. Stop believingthat speaking up for yourself is an act of aggression If you discover a problem or come up with a solution,speak up The longer problems go unattended, the harder they are to fix

  9. Stop believing that there will be time later to follow your dreams You only get one shot at living, so start making your dreams come true now Don’t wait for permission because it hasn't come Give yourself permissioninstead

  10. Stop believing that you must live up to your parents’ expectations Your parents’ stated or unstated expectations may not be right for you (and maybe never were) Set your own expectations, and make them doable Happiness and success breeds further happiness and success

  11. Stop believing that you don’t have time to celebrate Celebrations are important times for reflection, recognition-giving, and community-building They’re pauses that provide energy and motivation to push forward

  12. Stop believing that you must change others You can’t control what others think or do State your case and lead by example, but don’t expect others to follow the same path or maintain the same pace

  13. Stop believing that you can’t change yourself You can Change your habits and change your inner narrative START NOW


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