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Twitter: What do so many people have to say?

Twitter: What do so many people have to say?. March 30, 2010 April 7, 2010 April 8, 2010. Mary Zedeck Instructional Designer Twitter : www.twitter.com/mzedeck Course Resources: http://zedeck.wordpress.com/twitter/. Agenda. Access and navigate class website with Twitter resources

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Twitter: What do so many people have to say?

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  1. Twitter: What do so many people have to say? March 30, 2010 April 7, 2010 April 8, 2010 Mary Zedeck Instructional Designer Twitter: www.twitter.com/mzedeck Course Resources: http://zedeck.wordpress.com/twitter/

  2. Agenda Access and navigate class website with Twitter resources What is Twitter and how can you benefit from it? How is Twitter different from Facebook? Create Twitter account Set up and edit profile settings – why is this important? Terminology: tweet, retweet, favorite, @reply, dm, # Twitter search Why follow and favorite? Applications for teaching and learning

  3. What is Twitter? Free online service that allows you broadcast short messages to your friends and/or followers Combination of various forms of communication like e-mail, instant messenger, blogs, and RSS feeds Difference is that posts, or tweets, are restricted to 140 characters or less

  4. Twitter in Plain English How Twitter began… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddO9idmax0o

  5. Twitter Evolution • Evolved from simply answering the question, “What are you doing?” into • Shared links to interesting content on the web • Conversations around hot topics • Shared photos, videos, music • Real time accounts from people who are in midst of a newsworthy event • convention or conference • crisis or natural disaster (Haiti, Iran Elections) • everyday life

  6. Twitter Statistics – January, 2010 Twitter has 15 million active users with a average age of 39 The average number of tweets per day is almost 50 million Average number per hour is 1.13 million Thursday is the most active day for tweeting, followed by Friday and then Tuesday 10 – 11pm, busiest hour on Twitter

  7. Getting Started • Create a Twitter account (http://twitter.com) • Claim your Twitter handle (i.e. twitter.com/mzedeck) • Try to fill out your user profile as much as you can for now • At a later time… • Create a customized background • Twitter has a few templates you can choose from • Several applications you can use to create your background: http://mashable.com/2009/05/23/twitter-backgrounds/ • Promote your new social media presence • email signature • website • blog entries

  8. Start Tweetingand Following! • Create and post your first tweet • Remember that you only have 140 characters so make them count! • Choose at least two people in the class to Follow • Find People/enter Twitter name

  9. Twitter Terminology • Jargon: • Tweets = 140-character updates on Twitter • Follower = a user interested in your updates • Symbols: • @reply = public conversations • # = adding a tag to a tweet (hashtag) • RT = retweeting is sharing tweets with others • dm = direct messages (private conversations) are similar to e-mails

  10. Anatomy of a Tweet – link,@, #

  11. Anatomy of a Tweet – retweet, dm

  12. @ Reply = Public Conversation For example, @mzedeck in a tweet means you are either sending a public message to that user or you are mentioning that user in your tweet There is a linked search to your username on your Twitter homepage

  13. Retweeting or “RT” Twitter users share the best links, tweets and gems they find from others they are following Important to do in order to build community and not just appear to be putting out your own content Connect with people and let them know you’re there (gain followers!)

  14. # = hashtags (tagging tweets) • Community driven naming convention on Twitter to help spread information while also organizing it • Favorite tool of conferences and event organizers • If everyone agrees to add a certain hashtag after their tweet, it becomes easier to find that topic in search (search.twitter.com) • #hcr, #health– health care • #Easter • Create your own • #SHUcommence09 • #edtech • #pols2290

  15. Favorites Similar to a browser bookmark Click the star next to a tweet to be able to quickly go back to it later

  16. How do I build community? • Building Community with Twitter • Twitter search • Twitter directories • Twitter lists • Follow Friday • Let people know you are on twitter • email signature, blog entries, website, etc. • http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/140Learning/PLN.html

  17. Twitter Desktop Applications TweetDeck Seesmic

  18. Questions?

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