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Line. THE ELEMENTS OF ART. TEXTURE. FORM. LINE. SHAPE. SPACE. COLOR. VALUE. Line- a continuous moving point.

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  1. Line



  4. Line- a continuous moving point. The path of a moving point at the edge of a flat shape, or outline of a solid object. It is longer than it is wider. Lines do have some width as well as length, this is called measure. Types of line refers to straight, curvy, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zigzag, implied, and angular. Direction pertains to the movement that a line may have or seem to indicate. Location refers to the placement of a line. LINE

  5. Drawing styles using lines Hatching Cross-Hatching Stippling Blending LINE

  6. Art with line as a dominant art element:

  7. Student example of contour drawing- a contour line defines the edges of a shape and sometimes indicates form.

  8. Student art showing project focusing on expressive line with charcoal as the media and the use of pathways ( rhythm and movement) or focal point/emphasis.

  9. This is an example of:

  10. stippling

  11. This is an example of:

  12. blending

  13. This is an example of:

  14. Cross hatching

  15. All three methods use lights and darks ( value) to create the illusion of form and texture.All of the methods can be done in any color and for any subject.

  16. Cross hatching stippling or blending?

  17. Cross hatching

  18. stippling, blending or cross hatching?

  19. blending

  20. Blending, stippling or cross hatching?

  21. stippling

  22. stippling student art

  23. Pop Art by students using dots- a form of stippling.

  24. Forms-Blending Shading- using value Use of color Space- overlapping

  25. Simplicity to Complexity in terms of line . . .


  27. Draw a Picture using : straight, diagonal, curved, thick, thin, Shade by using: hatching, cross hatching, stippling, blending. Drawing Activity

  28. Barnett Newman, Dionysius, 1944, 67x49in.

  29. Barnett Newman, Yellow Painting, 1949

  30. Barnett Newman, Untitled (The Cry), 36x24in., ink on paper

  31. Giotto, Pieta(Lamentation)fresco BOLD DIAGONAL Late Gothic/ Early Renaissance from 1305

  32. CaravaggioThe Calling of St. Matthew,1599-1600

  33. Gentileschi,Judith Slaying Holofernes,1620

  34. Lines can be implied. . .

  35. IMPLIED LINES Not really there but guide the eye or organize the image

  36. Diego Rivera, The Flower Carrier, 1935, 48x48 in. Note lines implied by directional gazes

  37. Pierre-Auguste RenoirLe déjeuner des canotiers, 1880–1881Oil on canvas, 129.5 × 172.7 cm

  38. Morandi, GiorgioStill Life (The Blue Vase)1920Oil on canvas The blue lines point out . . . IMPLIED LINES

  39. Morandi, GiorgioStill Life (The Blue Vase)1920Oil on canvas implied

  40. Caravaggio, Supper at Emmaus, c.1601

  41. Kenneth Noland, Thrust, 196345 x 45 in.

  42. A VENETIAN WOMANJohn Singer Sargent (American, b.1856, d.1925)1882oil on canvas93 3/4 x 52 1/2 in. (238.1 x 133.4 cm)

  43. A VENETIAN WOMANJohn Singer Sargent (American, b.1856, d.1925)1882oil on canvas93 3/4 x 52 1/2 in. (238.1 x 133.4 cm) Lines used to create emphasis

  44. Lines can curve . . .

  45. Hokusai, KatsushikaThe Great Wave Off KanagawaFrom "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji"1823-29Color woodcut10 x 15 in.

  46. Cy Twombly, Untitled, 1970

  47. Defines an area Creates an illusion of depth (volume) This “artless” scribble

  48. Look again …

  49. Brice MardenAmerican, born Bronxville, New York, 1938Cold Mountain 2, 1989-1991Oil on linen, 108 1/8 x 144 1/4 in.

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