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Favorite Places

Favorite Places

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Favorite Places

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  1. Favorite Places Evan Luton

  2. Clearwater, Florida • Clearwater started to gain reputation as a resort community in the 1890s • Near Tampa • Highest coastal bluff in Florida • Clearwater Marina is one of the best-equipped and most versatile marinas in Florida

  3. Key West • Key West is an island at the end of the chain of the Florida Keys • It is connected to the mainland by US Highway 1 which uses a series of bridges to link the islands of the chain • The third largest coral reef in the world is off the coast of Key West • All of the sand on the beaches of Key West were shipped in on barges from the Caribbean

  4. New York City • Horseheads is the first and only village in the United States dedicated to the service of the American military horse • New York has over 70,000 miles of rivers and streams • Niagara Reservation became the first state park in the United States

  5. Sacramento, California • Sacramento is the capitol of California • The Hollywood Bowl is the world's largest outdoor amphitheater • Death Valley is recognized as the hottest, driest place in the United States • California was the 31st state in the USA • As of 2000, California is the most populous state

  6. Paris, France • Paris is the capital of France, the largest country of Europe • Population is 2.234 million • Founded more than 2000 years ago, Paris is a modern and vibrant city with significant commercial, cultural, academic, scientific, administrative, business activity

  7. Florence, Italy • Florence streets can be one name at one end of the street and another name at the other end • Florence is the capital city of the province of Florence and the Italian region of Tuscany • Via Chiantigiana is the most beautiful road in all of Italy • In 1339, Florence became the first city in Europe with paved streets

  8. Brasília, Brazil • Population is 186,112,794 • Estimated Population of Brazil in 2050 is 206,751,477 • The people in Brazil speak Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French

  9. Sydney, Australia • Population is over 4.5 million people • Sydney is Australia's global city and a prime driver of the Australian economy • Sydney’s culture, lifestyle and food bring together elements from all corners of the world • Sydney shopping caters to the full range of budgets and tastes with everything from designer boutiques and arcades to street markets and second-hand stores

  10. London, England • Three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world are in London and 857 art galleries in total • There are more Languages spoken in London than in any other city in the world • 84% of Londoners think that the city's cultural scene is important in ensuring a high quality of life

  11. Moscow, Russia • Moscow occupies more than 1,000 square kilometers • The boundary of the city corresponds to the Moscow Ring Road, which is situated at 15-17 kilometers from the city center • The city extends for 42 kilometers from the North to the South and for 35 kilometers from the East to the West

  12. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam • As elsewhere in Vietnam, you can change money in banks and hotels • The exchange rate in Saigon is better than in many smaller cities • A good currency exchange is at 4C Le Loi St., right in the town center • Vietnamese drugstores are on every street corner, and they're more or less the prescribe it yourself kind

  13. Dallas, Texas • Dallas is the 9th largest city in the US and the third largest in Texas • 29.97 million domestic visitors • There are more than 30,000 hotel rooms in the city of Dallas • Dallas is located in the Central Time Zone in North Central Texas, 35 miles east of Fort Worth, 245 miles north, northwest of Houston and 300 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico

  14. New Delhi, India • International flights from all over the world fly to Delhi's international airport • Delhi has an international and a domestic airport to manage the air traffic of International and domestic flights • Business, education, IT and ITES have flourished in Delhi at a brisk rate with the graph ever increasing