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Memory Book Project

Memory Book Project

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Memory Book Project

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  1. Memory Book Project

  2. Memory Book Big Semester ProjectCommunications 12 Only I will view your project, so feel free to be candid. You will use PowerPoint to complete assignment. You need to include items outlined on the following slides. Project will be due January 10, 2008. Spend at least 1 or 2 classes a week working on this assignment. This project must be completed to get credit for this course. Only QUALITY work will be evaluated. Lousy work will not be marked and an “I” will be assigned for the course. Your Memory Book must have the following 13 sections:

  3. Memory Book Sections First Slide: Great looking Title Slide Chapter 1: “Who Am I?” (Who are you? List ten things that you want to accomplish before you are 40 years old.) Chapter 2: "My Heritage“ Write a description of your ethnic background, being sure to include both parent's genealogy. Do some research on your name or the country from which your ancestors came, etc. Do you have any stories about your parents’ homeland? Chapter 3: “Before I Was, There Were…” (Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins and siblings and anybody who may not be a relative but who has helped to pave the way for you and your family. You may wish to create a family tree.)

  4. Memory Book Sections Chapter 4: “Suddenly, I Became Me” (Earliest memories: people, places, events, all those cute things that you did when you were little that Grandmother tells you about.) Chapter 5: “Hero Worship” (Who is a hero in your life? Describe how this person influenced you, and how you feel about him/her. What would your life have been without this person? How will this influence change your future?) Chapter 6: “Fairy Tale” (As a kid everyone had a favorite fairy tale. Rewrite your favorite tale in a “modern” setting…i.e. Cinderella in New York City)

  5. Memory Book Sections Chapter 7: “Let’s Go To the Movies” (Favorite movies, actors, and actresses at different times in your life: childhood, early teen years and now…remember those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?) Chapter 8: “I am Canadian” (What does it mean to you to be Canadian? What is your interpretation of “Canada’s Identity”? Hockey…the outdoors…fishing…snow…It is up to you. Create a collage, poem or essay that addresses this theme.) Chapter 9: “”Music””: What is your favorite music? What is your favorite band? Singer? Performer? What is your favorite song? Copy out some of the lyrics. Analyze the lyrics. What is it that your like about this music? What does it say to you? How can you relate this music to your life?

  6. Memory Book Sections • Chapter 10: “School Bells – Elementary/High School” (highlights, troubles, successes, heartbreaks, friends, teachers, coaches…) • Chapter 11: ‘’Most Memorable Current Events’’ (Describe the news item that has effected you the most in your life so far. Be sure to explain the item and then highlight as to how it has effected you. Ie….Blue Jays winning World Series, Vancouver Riots, WTC and September 11…) • Epilogue: “If I Could Live My Life Over Again, I Would…” or “Why I Would Not Change Anything About My Life.”

  7. Evaluation • If your Memory Book is completed and shows some creativity and thought, your grade will be no less than 80%. The more thorough and the more creative you are in decorating your book, pages and sections with drawings, pictures, photographs, images, or videos the higher the grade will be. • Any presentation that does not contain all 13 sections will receive a lower grade regardless of how fancy it is. Any book that is “haphazardly” put together will NOT receive a grade. Late assignment will be severely penalized.