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Memory Book

Memory Book

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Memory Book

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  1. Memory Book Gloria Tang 6C(26)

  2. Miss Chan Miss Chan is a good teacher. She is generous and funny. She teaches us English and music. When we have her lessons, we never feel bored. It is because she will tell some jokes to us to make the lesson more interesting. Last year, Miss Chan had the school picnic with us. We were very happy because she played with us happily and bought ice-cream for us.

  3. Miss Chung Miss Chung is a generous person. We always play trick on her but her never be angry. She is also a good Maths teacher. She helps me to solve the problems about Mathsand helps me to upgrade my Maths result.

  4. Mr. Chan Mr. Chan is a great Chinese teacher. His Chinese is really good. His Putonghua is very goodtoo. Therefore, we are lucky to have Mr. Chan to teach us Chinese. He likes travelling very much. He has gone to many places. He is kind since he bought a lot of postcards for us.

  5. Rachel Chong Rachel Chong is my best friend in 6C. We have been the best friends for four years. During these four years, we always quarrel but we also reconcile again with each other. I believe that we won’t forget each other even we will go to differentsecondary schools very soon.

  6. The End