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  2. Primary Partners of the Collaborative • University of New Mexico • New Mexico Highlands University – Center of Education and Study of Diverse Populations • Santa Fe Public Schools • Pojoaque Public Schools • Espanola Valley Public Schools • Las Vegas Public Schools

  3. What is ENLACE?ENLACE is a Statewideeducational initiative designed tostrengthen the educational pipeline and increase opportunities for Latinos to enter and complete college.ENLACE is funded by the State of New Mexico through the Higher Education Department.

  4. What is GEAR UP? Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs • Gear Up is a Federally funded program designed to increase the number of low income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post secondary education. • A 6 year grant that provides services to an entire cohort of students starting in the 7th grade through high school. • We are currently in year 4 of the 6 year grant.

  5. Two GEAR UP grants that serve Santa Fe • ENLACE/GEAR UP Partnership Grant • State GEAR UP grant through the NM Higher Education Department

  6. ENLACE/GEAR UP Program Objectives • To increase the academic performance and preparation for post secondary education • To increase the rates of graduation and participation in college • To increase student and parent educational expectation and knowledge of post-secondary education options and financial aid

  7. ENLACE GEAR UP – Santa Fe • Serving 674 total students grades 7-12 at • Capital High School • Santa Fe High School • De Vargas Junior High School • Ortiz Middle School • Alameda Junior High School • 186 are GEAR UP students in the 10th grade at Capital High in 08-09

  8. ENLACE/GEAR UPProgram Components • College Awareness/Preparation • EXPLORE – PLAN – ACT • College Visits & College Camps • College Preparation Portfolios • Professional Development • AP Training Incentives • AVID Training • Academic Support • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) • Tutoring/Mentoring

  9. ENLACE/GEAR UP Program Components – Cont. 4.Student Leadership • GEAR UP Student Leadership Group • HUDV 270 – Service Leadership – Los Compañeros 5. Parental Engagement • Parent Action Committee • GEAR UP Parent Nights (Pinnacle training, how to help your child succeed, career pathway opportunities)

  10. HUDV 270 – Service LeadershipLos Companeros • In 2007-2008 37 Capital High School Students completed HUDV 270 receiving dual credit • Students were trained and served as peer mentors to 350 9th grade students at CHS • Students were trained in the following areas: effective communication, conflict resolution, facilitation, accessing community resources, identifying barriers to success, college preparation, financial aid, cultural competency

  11. Mentoring Topics • Creating a vision, identifying goals • Why education? The cost of real life • How to get good grades in 10 easy steps • What can you do to prepare for college now • Early awareness of post secondary opportunities • Identity, oppression, and social justice • Effective conflict resolution


  13. The Mission of AVID AVID is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, and most especially the least served students in the middle capable of completing a college preparatory path: • will succeed in rigorous curriculum, • will enter mainstream activities of the school, • will increase their enrollment in colleges and universities and • will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.

  14. A S A M P L E W E E K I N T H E A V I D E L E C T I V E * Daily or Block Schedule T u e s d a y Thursday Monday Friday W e d n e s d a y A V I D C u r r i c u l u m T u t o r i a l s Binder Evaluation T u t o r i a l s A V I D C u r r i c u l u m F i e l d T r i p s Media Center *Combination *Combination Speakers for for Motivational Block Schedule Block Schedule A c t i v i t i e s *(within block) A V I D C u r r i c u l u m i n c l u d e s : A V I D T u t o r i a l s : • W r i t i n g C u r r i c u l u m • Collaborative Study Groups • College and Careers • W r i t i n g G r o u p s • Strategies for Success • Socratic Seminars

  15. The AVID Student Profile Students with Academic Potential • Average to High Test Scores • 2.0-3.5 GPA • College Potential with Support • Desire and Determination Meets One or More of the Following Criteria • First to Attend College • Historically Underserved in Colleges and Universities • Low Income • Special Circumstances

  16. Writing to LearnInquiryCollaborationReading

  17. AVID History 1988 -2 counties -50 HS -1 Summer Institute -Middle School Curriculum 1999 -750 Schools -13 States -1500 Teachers -2000 Tutors -3 Summer Institutes -Certification of Sites 2008 -3,500 schools -45 states -15 countries -300,000 students -6 Summer Institutes 1980 -1 HS -1 Teacher AVID Elective Staff Development School wide Reform Tutors AVID Teacher Site Team Curriculum

  18. National AVID Data 95% of AVID graduates reported enrolling in college 77% of AVID seniors have enrolled in four year institutions and 17% in community colleges. This is a four year college-going rate three times higher than the California state average. The national average for four-year college enrollment is 35%.

  19. AVID students are staying in college once they enroll; 89% of those who start are in college two years later. Mehan et al, Constructing School Success, Cambridge University Press, 1996

  20. Program outcomes 07-08 • 152 middle school & 168 high school students successfully completed the AVID elective. • 100% were promoted to the next grade level. • 86% will continue in AVID in 08-09 • 100% of AVID seniors graduated in Spring 08 • 87% are currently enrolled in college • 33% are currently attending UNM • 66% are currently attending SFCC

  21. Program Outcomes cont. • 74 SFPS teachers & administrators completed AVID training • 42 teachers completed AP training • Advanced Placement Offerings at Capital High have doubled since AVID was implemented • Over 400 parents attend the CHS GEAR UP parent nights that focused on “strategies to help your child succeed in school”.

  22. Program Highlights • 13 AVID students received the $20,000 Simons Scholarship • 3 AVID seniors received the Daniels Scholarship • Channell Wilson Segura – CHS AVID Teacher and Coordinator received the “Teacher who Inspires” award from Partners in Education • Received $5,000 from the Chamber of Commerce to support AVID Professional Development